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Saturday, March 29, 2008


BPPC [Bulan Perkhidmatan Pembayar Cukai] is really pain in the ass for us, staff. To those who doesn't speak Malay it means Month of Tax Payer Service. We help people on how to fill in the form. We have 2 type of forms which is B and BE. B is for company and BE for individual.

I've been chosen for logistic bureau which we suppose to set up computers, networking, tables, electricity, fans, chairs and many more for tax payer comfy.

So, this month I'll be tied up with overtime [luckily we get paid] and no much time for myself in the weekend. Tiring, but that's life.

To tax payers [I bet a lot of you out there], do pay tax within the time given and submit your form. BE form should be submitted before or end of April and B is end of June. Do not get mad at us as we just do the job and remember... without tax we [Malaysian] can't develop. You should feel good when you pay tax as you pay tax only when you have good income. Do you wish to be poor instead of paying lil tax?


  1. haha...
    kerja kat LHDN ek?
    my mom officer LHDN gak..
    but she is in Cheras. Menara PGRM.

  2. Oh, yep kerja di LHDN. Suppose she is busy now with BPPC? ;)


Thank you for the comment.

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