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Thursday, May 22, 2008

northam hotel

Still about soccer. I did not watched alone at home. My colleagues and I have booked a room at Northam Hotel. So here I want to share some pictures of the hotel room. We made so much noise in the morning until the hotel staff came to us to make sure everything was fine. By the way the room price was RM200 only after we got government servant's discount ;)

The TV that surely shocked with our scream, shout, anger and hug -- UCL Final.

Ok here where we watched soccer together.

Small table beside the office table.

Shower room. Just beside the 2nd toilet and in the same room with jacuzzi.

Friend being retard :P

Its like a room for business. Complete with office table

Jacuzzi in the room. Can you believe it?

Big basins

The big bed -- but only one!

The 2nd toilet which located in the jacuzzi room

1st toilet which located near the entrance

When the additional time ended and it was time for penalty kick I played the Glory Man Utd's song through my cell phone and my friend played Chelsea's song on his laptop. It was a great fun! :)


  1. Aww, glad you guys had tons of fun :)

  2. hehe yes... after went through bad days for this week :)

  3. Nice looking hotel room!!! I saw all the junk food on the coffee table you guys had for snacks while watching the game. hehehe

  4. It is so cool to watch the football game in hotel. I watched the match at Indian Restaurant and enjoyed watching there as the atmosphere was more exciting.

  5. MU menang erkk..semangat tu..siap ngan shirt merah..

  6. wahhhhhhhhh!! semangat tau faisal nehh... siap check-in nk enjoy the football... cayalaaaa!!

    RM200 jerkk stay kt Northem Suites tu?? wahhhhhhh... menarik... tapi tu laa, goverment servent's dpt diskaun kann.. syok arrr mcm tu kann... :D

  7. tammy - hehe yes. i don't fancy junk foods but that night we needed them for a lot of shouting hehe ;)

    sheng loong - hehe yes agree but it was too late and some of us preferred not to go home after the game. they live in the mainland.

    mummy - hehe ya man utd menang :) hehe tu la... mmg semangat habis! seterusnnya... Euro 2008! ;)

    ej - ala discount 10% ja ej... skrng kalau pi best sebab promosi... price dia mahai tau... kalau tak silap 600+ mcm tu :)

  8. maner neh...?? tak ajak pownnn. u guys seems are having lots & tons of fun hahahah.

  9. hehe northam hotel. dalam penang jek. member nye idea... so saya ikut je la :) nak join ke untuk final euro nanti?

  10. so, u r a big football fan! I have stayed at northam a couple of times too, we actually took the presidential suite and i wouldn't say it's as impressive.

    anyway, I still owe you a tag right? will do it tomorrow, banyak tags pending tak buat lagi ni! aduhhhh!!! LOL

  11. hehe, well do not compare with kl hotels... some of my friend did compare. lol i have no idea why penang hotels are worse than kl but we have good beach and great foods :P not to forget many historical and beautiful places hehe.


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