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Sunday, May 11, 2008

Disabled `storm' Malaysian parliament

Kuala Lumpur, May 9: Thirty angry wheelchair-bound citizens "stormed" the Malaysian parliament to demand apologies from two members who had made remarks disparaging to the disabled while confronting Indian origin lawmaker Karpal Singh.

Members of the Malaysians Against the Discrimination of the Disabled (MADD) Thursday booed two ruling coalition members, demanded disciplinary action against them and urged that Dewan Rakyat, the country's parliament, be made "disabled-friendly".

A senior opposition leader, Singh, 68, has been wheelchair-bound after a road accident in 2005.

The two members under attack of the disabled, Bung Mokhtar Radin and Ibrahim Ali, had asked wheelchair-bound Karpal Singh to stand up and show respect to the speaker.

Ali apologised to the handicapped people and said: "I never offended the handicapped as I only had problem with Karpal Singh."

"I hope you (all) do not misunderstand. There are groups that politicised the issue and took advantage of you all. Honestly, from the bottom of my heart, I love very much all the disabled people," Ali was quoted by The Sun newspaper Friday.

Ali said he had also proposed that all the handicapped received a RM500 ($15 approx.) monthly allowance.

However, when opposition member Lim Lip Eng asked whether he would apologise to Karpal Singh, Ali said he would not. The physically challenged visitors then booed him.

The coalition representatives then decided not to accept his earlier apology.

Radin said: "It was never in my mind and heart to discredit or look down on the disabled. In my constituency, I take care of them and build houses for them, but I did not see Karpal Singh representing the disabled."

His ire was against an intervention by Singh.

"As a disabled, he should act like one, but his mouth is not like a disabled," said Radin, but added in a conciliatory tone: "I did not mean to hurt the disabled, if I am wrong, I apologise."

Note : I got this article from here and here.


Talk wise... in parliament. MP should be an example I suppose?
You earn respect after you respect others. I suppose life works that way.


  1. Sometimes people just get very emotional and lose control when debating with their adversary. But the MP should really control their temperament and respect all the other MP.

  2. Yes, when we talk with emotion... we don't talk with our brain but heart. That usually happen.

  3. i just think that tihis is the small issues but they have improvise or exxagerate that issues...thats my point of view..

  4. Respect your point of view. I was quite upset when this matter really touched my auntie who is an OKU woman -- which means... disable people too. As a MP, they should consider other's feeling too instead of just talking with emotion.

  5. slm faisal..waaa dah masuk bab politik plak nih,hehehe..kekadang manusia ni hanya pandai ckp org lain je..bila kena tang batang hidung sendiri langsung tak perasan,huhu

  6. Salam... ya betol. Bila kena batang hidung sendiri baru rasa. Kadang-kadang kita kena pertimbangkan juga orang lain dalam berkata-kata. Tapi siapa lah kita untuk mempersoalkan MP betul tak? Cuma berharap dapat dijadikan tauladan di masa hadapan.

  7. "You earn respect after you respect others. I suppose life works that way."

    Ye benar..applicable tru life.

    Papepun kena blaja control emotion (angry etc) kat public, kalo yang ni takleh control dah, how come nak control yang lg besar....

    They choose to be the MP, they have to be able to be one...


  8. Yes agree with your point. Anger Management + Public Speaking really count for a good MP.

    Sometimes I guess silent is the best thing to do :O)

  9. our parliament is like dat wan...

    learn to get use to it. hehehe..

    bout ironman, i wonder if Audi is the sponsor?! coz so many Audi cars here n there... hahahaha....

  10. Thank you for the Mother's Day wishes. That was very sweet of you.

  11. Teddy - Yes, used to it, but kinda fed up. I try to avoid Malaysia politic, but what can you do when the whole newspaper is just about politic? About Iron Man, I'm not sure about the sponsor but since they know Iron Man will be a hit, I guess no harm trying to promote their car lol :O)

    Tammy - No problem Tammy. Being mother never easy. All mothers in the world should be appreciated :O)


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