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Sunday, May 25, 2008

akademi fantasia 6

ok i did not really follow this akademi fantasia 6. watched few concerts and never watch their diary. kinda fed up with the same old stories, typical. when i first watch, stacy was my favorite. none of my colleagues in the office agree with me. some chose nadia especially guys and girls chose nubhan for his cuteness. me? stick with stacy. my second favorite would be nadia of course. come on, i don't like singers because they are pretty. if i want to see pretty faces, i choose models... not singer. but malaysian especially girls [sorry, i know i'm mean but accept the fact girls!] voting by the looks not voice. not many guys into this voting thingy and suppose votes came from the girls. so no wonder many seasons won by guys. luckily this time won by girl again after mila broke the record for female.

i was happy that stacy won but upset that nadia won the 5th place. wth? she deserved 2nd place tho and 3rd should goes to riz. ok riz for the 2nd place but still 4th and 5th for nubhan and toi! urgh!

congrats to stacy for winning this competition. stay low as i believe you will do well in the future. make us malaysian proud ;)



  1. hurm...yeah i think nadia did not deserve the 5th..she suppose to het 2nd or 3rd..but as usual when everything is on voters hand...this is happen...

  2. yeah she should get the 2nd place as i wished. but nothing as beautiful as we expected. hehe luckily you did not blame me for being a brat not a gender equality :P

  3. no la i won't blame u..u got the point there,are'nt u? :)

  4. hehe thank you for not blaming me. yeah, some might agree and some might not. but i just say whatever i think and share the thought. :)

  5. sorry to say this but "MALAYSIAN VOTERS SUCKSSS !!"
    gila bodoh! nubhan suara mcm katak tu pun dpt no 3! kalahkan nadia yg suara powerful gila! haha! akademi fantasia ni mmg ntah apa2!

  6. yeaaa! i agree wif u. nadia dun deserve 5th place. WTF la nubhan dpt 3rd? i was really pissed off ysterday with the results.

    some of em just vote coz of their looks not TALENT! GRRRRRRR!!!!

    btw stacy mmg patut dpt 1st, nadia 2nd, riz 3rd, toi 4th n nubhan deserve no 5! waaaa. geramm! =(

  7. btw ili,
    nk kata depa undi based on looks pun xleh gak?! sbb nubhan bukan elok pun! :P

  8. zamir - yes agree with you. haha. but i can't say much as i didn't vote :P

    ili - hehe ili you got the point! stacy, nadia and riz have talent ;)

  9. zamir: haha! aku xkata nubhan ensem. wakakak! sora dia OUT okayh!!

    faisal: yeaa! only the 3 of em have talent. =DDD

  10. hehe... nubhan mmg tak handsome ke? but my sis and mom said he is cute :D

    not to mention my colleagues :P

  11. congrats to stacy !!!!

    suka sangat bila dia menang

  12. I don't follow the show either, but my parents and a lot of my other family members do... and well, org Sabah menang so everyone is really happy. Hehe :D

  13. lily - hehe nasib la dia menang. kalau yg lain menang... habis lah industri musik tanah air ;)

    rozella - hehe some sabahans even played fire crackers on that night ;)


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