Friday, July 31, 2009

my love for you


My love for you is forever 
My love for you always grows 
My love for you is always here 
Even though the whole world knows 
My love for you won’t fade 
My love for you won’t go away 
My love for you is always here 
And nothings getting' in its way 
I know my love for you will be tested 
I know my love for you is challenged everyday 
I know my love for you will never give up 
Because my love for you is here to stay 
Now my love for you is in your heart 
And that’s where I want it to be 
Cuz' my love for you was here from the start 
It’s just now you hold the key...

Thursday, July 30, 2009


Maybe. . we were supposed to meet the
wrong people before meeting the right
one so that, when we finally meet the
right person, we will know how to be
grateful for that gift.

Maybe . . . it is true that we don't
know what we have until we lose it,
but it is also true that we don't know
what we have been missing until it

Maybe . . . the brightest future will
always be based on a forgotten past;
after all, you can't go on
successfully in life until you let go
of your past mistakes, failures and

Maybe . . you should hope for enough
happiness to make you sweet, enough
trials to make you strong, enough
sorrow to keep you human, and enough
hope to make you happy.

Maybe . . . the happiest of people
don't necessarily have the best of
everything; they just make the most of
everything that comes along their way.

Maybe .. . . the best kind of friend is
the kind you can sit on a porch and
swing with, never say a word, and then
walk away feeling like it was the best
conversation you've ever had.

Maybe . . . happiness waits for all
those who cry, all those who hurt, all
those who have searched, and all those
who have tried, for only they can
appreciate the importance of all the
people who have touched their lives.

May be . . you should do something nice
for someone every single day, even if
it is simply to leave them alone.

Maybe . . . there are moments in life
when you miss someone -- a parent, a
spouse, a friend, a child -- so much
that you just want to pick them from
your dreams and hug them for real, so
that once they are around you
appreciate them more.

Maybe … giving someone all your love
is never an assurance that they will
love you back. Don't expect love in
return; just wait for it to grow in
their heart; but, if it doesn't, be
content that it grew in yours.

Maybe .. . . you should dream what you
want to dream; go where you want to
go, be what you want to be, because
you have only one life and one chance
to do all the things you dream of, and
want to do.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

which one is your case?

Sometimes it’s hard to handle own stress. But whether you like it or not, you must learn Anger Management :)








Monday, July 27, 2009

truly madly deeply

For you.



I'll be your dream
I'll be your wish
I'll be your fantasy
I'll be your hope
I'll be your love
Be everything that you need
I'll love you more with every breath
Truly, madly, deeply do
I will be strong
I will be faithful
'cause I'm counting on

A new beginning
A reason for living
A deeper meaning, yeah

I wanna stand with you on a mountain
I wanna bathe with you in the sea
I wanna lay like this forever
Until the sky falls down on me

And when the stars are shining brightly in the velvet sky,
I'll make a wish, send it to heaven then make you want to cry
The tears of joy for all the pleasure in the certainty
That we're surrounded by the comfort and protection of

The highest power
In lonely hours
the tears devour you

I wanna stand with you on a mountain
I wanna bathe with you in the sea
I wanna lay like this forever
Until the sky falls down on me

Oh can you see it baby?
don't have to close your eyes
'Cause it's standing right before you
All that you need will surely come

hooohooo ye-eah

I'll be your dream
I'll be your wish
I'll be your fantasy
I'll be your hope
I'll be your love
Be everything that you need
I'll love you more with every breath
Truly, madly, deeply do

mmm, mmm,

I wanna stand with you on a mountain
I wanna bathe with you in the sea
I wanna lay like this forever
Until the sky falls down on me

I wanna stand with you on a mountain
I wanna bathe with you in the sea
and I want to live like this forever
Until the sky falls down over me

hooohoooo hoooooo ye-eah

oh oh

loo loo loo doo hoo yeah, hoo yeah dooo

loo loo hoo doo doo yeah, doo hoo-nooo



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god bless yasmin ahmad


This is the last song posted by her in her blog. I joined an opera in 2005 called Turandot. Turandot is one of the best masterpiece by Puccini. I was not the main actor but one of the soldiers for extra.

But that is not the purpose I write this post.

I was with someone when I got a sms from my mom telling me that she had passed away. I was astonished. I told her and my friend Nadia about it. We were on the way to Sunset Bistro in Batu Feringghi.

We were upset. Very sad.

Good thing is we were not late for appreciating her work doesn’t matter the latest or the earlier ones. Talk about Sepet, Gubra, Mukhsin, Mualaf or even the one banned by our FINAS (Rabun), there was no other movies similar to her work in term of creativity and storyline. Her work was unique and honest.

Not to forget about her advertisement. She always came up with creative approach that involve multi racial in our country. I believe all of us will always waiting for her new advertisement especially during big festivals like Eid Adha, Eid Mubarak, Chinese New Year, Deepavali and Christmas. Full of meaning, great bond between races in Malaysia and always about friendship and relationship that will touch our heart. Short and sharp.

Now, what we can do is just to re-play all the advertisements and movies. Smile of her good works.

I believe some of us still in sorrowfulness until today. But you have to remember, she doesn’t want us to be sad as she always smile all the time. What we need to do are smile always thinking about her and keep her works in our heart, remain forever.

We love you Yasmin and we are going to miss you much.

Here I want paste Azian Irdawaty’s poem that really touch my heart:

She was  an angel
God sent us
No, he lent us
To be a storyteller
Who spun stories of
Magic, joy and enchantment
Who we often lose  sight of
Her fight was brief
Her leaving was a grief
Just like her movies
The end came too soon
But her wisdom remain
like words to a tune
That we will hold dear
Forever you will be near.
I love you Yasmin
I will miss you always.



Al-Fatihah and God bless.

Friday, July 24, 2009

pray for yasmin ahmad


KUALA LUMPUR, July 23 (Bernama) -- Prominent film director Yasmin Ahmad who collapsed while presenting a working paper at Sri Pentas, the headquarters of the TV3 television station Thursday, is in stable condition at the intensive care unit of the Damansara Specialist Hospital after undergoing emergency surgery.

According to her brother-in-law, Datuk Dr Zakaria Zahari, Yasmin suffered a stroke and hemorrhaging in the brain.

"Her heart is being supported by drugs to control blood pressure...the next few hours are extremely important but now she is stable even though she is still unconscious," he said.

The hospital has yet to issue a statement on her condition.

Meanwhile, popular singer Datuk Siti Nurhaliza and her husband Datuk Khalid Mohamad Jiwa who were also present when Yasmin was presenting the paper, said Yasmin complained of not feeling well 15 minutes into her presentation.

"She had started the presentation at 3pm and when she did not feel so good sat down and placed her head on a table.

"A few seconds later, we tried to wake her when we found she was having difficulty breathing," he told reporters when met at the hospital.

Siti said after Yasmin was laid down in a supine position, a TV3 worker contacted a panel doctor of the station who gave her the initial treatment.

She said Yasmin was then rushed to the hospital where she arrived at 3.45pm.

"Only on arriving at the hospital did Yasmin showed some response," she said.

Tan Kean Ang, a friend and managing director of the Leo Burnett advertising agency, said Yasmin had been fine the morning and had exchanged jokes with staff at the office.

"I was surprised when this happened," he said, adding that he was in discussions with Yasmin on several projects which also involved Siti and her husband.

Yasmin's movie "Sepet" won critical international acclaim and her advertisement creations have been hits among Malaysians.


(Source: Bernama)

Thursday, July 23, 2009

so, it’s that easy?

I’m looking at the computer screen thinking about the sweet memories, even though they are not as many as others. Tapping my keyboard. Not because I have writer’s blockage or boredom, but just my mind becomes blank. Empty. It’s someone leave you in a dark room. A room you never enter before. You have no idea where is bed or even you can’t tell where is the window and door.

My mind flies. To the previous moment. Past time.

I got an email from her.

“Hey, are all the document attached correct?”

I replied “No, next time please be careful”.

A few seconds after that, I got a reply again. It was fast. To me, it’s equivalent to the speed of light.

“Don’t be serious. You always look serious and scare many of us away. Honestly, I think you should smile”.

I smiled.

“Actually, all documents are correct and that was how I joke with people. Maybe in a serious way which only me find it’s funny?” I replied.

I sent another email “Let’s go for lunch. I have no mate to go with anyway. Ok?”

She replied “Sure!”.

When we reached there, the place was crowded. It was unusual.

She chose to eat economy rice with her favorite dish – bareback fish. I still wonder why they called it that way. I didn’t care much about its name. In fact until today, I never bother to find out why. I ordered chicken fried rice. My favorite part. Thigh as usual. It has been a while since I called it thigh last time. Drumstick is more usual than awkward thigh when we talk about chicken.

We sat with other peoples in one table since the place was crowded and we didn’t have much choice. I didn’t care much.

I ate fast as I was hungry. She ate slow but not as slow as snail but she left the rice.

I asked “Why didn’t finish the rice?”.

She answered “Because there is no more fish…” while sticking out her cute tongue.

“Let me take more fish for you?” I replied.

“I’m on diet!” she murmured to avoid other people overheard the conversation.

I laughed.

That was the first laugh after I didn’t laugh for ages. Not that I didn’t find anything funny. Just that I think everything funny was just crap and not worth to focus on.


Someone is screaming to me. Calling my name.

“God! Do learn some manner will you?” I replied with shock.

“I’ve been calling your name like thousand of times! The director wants to see you now. I hope it’s a good news since you have good reputation lately” said Anna.

“Damn, see you in hell!” I replied with grimace.

While I’m walking to the director’s room my mind running wild. Not about what the director is going to say or ask. But how easy she forgets about me and our moment even though it is short.

So, it’s that easy?

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

fuck you mc donalds!



Today I was so pissed off during my lunch break. Why?

Because it was my second time this thing happen. What?

The delivery couldn’t be made. Why?

It was raining lightly. So?

So, they said they couldn’t deliver it from Prangin Mall (near KOMTAR) to IRB (near Esplanade).  Unbelievable. But today it was worse. They needed half an hour (you have to ask the fucking lazy despatch first eh?) to decide whether they could deliver us the foods that we ordered because we insisted them to deliver when the rain stop. After half an hour, they called just to tell us: “We are sorry sir, we can’t deliver them”.

Fuck you.

We didn’t order a set or two. We ordered:

1 set of grilled chicken foldover (medium)

7 pieces of pineapple pie

4 sets of Chicken Mc Deluxe (medium)

6 pieces of chicken nuggets

1 set of double cheese burger (medium)

2 set of Big Mac (medium)


Do the math.

Yet, they cancelled our order.

I have been dealing with them for 5 years and this is what I get. Thank you Mc Donalds.

glad that you’re mine

I think of you every day as I wake up
and every night as I lie down to sleep.
I miss everything about you,
miss being so close to you:
to feel your warm body against mine,
to feel your heart beat under my hand.
How could I possibly explain what I feel for you,
the depth of my emotions?
I yearn to feel your warm touch
that has made my body come alive.
The feel of your sweet kisses upon my lips
revives my very soul,
making me want you even more then before.
I love it when you put your arms around me
and whisper sweet nothings.
It feels so right to be held in your arms,
that it made me believe that I had truly found the one.
I don't need to be afraid of letting you close
and seeing my true being,
for I know you will love me for me
and never hurt me intentionally.
Every time your gaze falls upon mine,
I look back at you,
letting you see what you mean to me.
I care so much for you
I am truly happy that you are mine.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

free foods


We are serving Good Food FOR FREE from from July 20 - July 30, 2009*

*Just spend RM30 at any outlet in QBM, and submit your receipt of proof of purchase at Customer Service Desk, Ground Floor, Central Zone Queensbay Mall to stand a chance to dip for your FREE FOOD vouchers! Limited Vouchers Daily (Weekdays only)! Terms and Conditions Apply!

Hurry over to Queensbay Mall Penang!


Source: Queensbay MAll

Monday, July 20, 2009



I just love this acoustic version so much. This song might not be ear soothing for many people but the song is very meaningful. To me, I enjoy the lyric and the song too :)

Happy Music Monday!

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Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Kath I love you [part 3] – Final

To those who just follow my blog recently, please read part 1 and part 2 before read this final part.


I sat beside the road in the rain. A hot coffee in my hand. My mind was blank. Nothing, seriously. Nada.

My mind didn’t do the talk. But my heart. Deep inside of my heart, I felt sad. Every time when it is raining, my mind will just fly. Fly to nowhere but thinking of how long could I handle this? How long could I pretend that it is ok which it is not really ok?


As I always do when I know I lose or frustrated. Just a simple sigh. No grumbling. No mumbling. Or even no frown on my sweet cheeky long face. I prefer to hide my feeling beneath my heart. No one should know. No. Not even my family. I don’t care if they want to think that I am self centered or idiot. Or any of thousands word they could use from the dictionary that can best describe about me.

I thought of Kath.

Yes, about her. She was still in Taiwan. On vacation with her lover even though she claimed that she has no feeling anymore toward him. I trusted her of course. If I didn’t, how could I be with her till now? Knowing that I’m sharing my lover with another person. It was a heartache. Painful. Pain that you can’t bear with a virgin heart. Mine was mended.

I had been busy with my work. My study. My activities. I did many things to keep me alive and not to think about her so much. Not that I wanted to ignore her. But just that I didn’t want to think or say thing that I don’t mean.

I love her.

I looked at my paper cup that filled with coffee. The coffee was already cold. It just leaked through my finger as the rain kept pouring into the cup. I threw it away. I was totally soaked. I didn’t care.

I looked up to the sky and murmured:

“God, I know my relationship now is forbidden. But I love her so much and I want her to grow old with me till my last breath”.

Sighed. This time it was heavy.

She will arrive at the airport at 11pm. I will fetch her. I wanted to solve this problem for the last time. One last time. No regret. No more pain. Even though I have to live like a corpse with no soul. I couldn’t bear the pain anymore. I didn’t want my mended heart been torn again. No Kath… No.

It was 11pm.

I waited for her at the airport. She walked through the arrival door. She smiled at me. I waved my hand. I smiled back. Only God knows how much I miss her. Most important, how much I love her. I took her luggage and brought to my car. She followed happily. I drove to her house.

As soon as we entered the house, she kissed me. Kissed me deep. For the 20 minutes, we just let the lips did the talking. I knew, it was not the right time to ask or tell anything heartrending.

I held her hand and walked to her room.

“Angel, take off your clothes and go to the shower and I will go in in a minute”.

“Ok, but don’t take too long Sunshine” she replied happily knowing that I would showered her, rubbed her back and shampooed her silky hair.

“I love you”. A simple replied from me. My mind still running wild.

“I love you more!” she simply screamed.

I smiled.

I took off my clothes. I looked at my belly button ring and it reminds me why I did the piercing before. It was because of her. I wanted to experience what ever she has been going through. Even the pain. I didn’t care if anyone would call me faggot just because I have this piercing.

I walked to the shower room. Opened the door and I saw a beautiful body in the shower. She smiled. She purposely splashed the water to my face. Cold water! She knew how much I hate cold water especially early in the morning and late at night.

“Hey! It’s cold!”

“Hahaha so?”. She replied naughtily.

I turned the hot water to make the shower warm. Ah…I felt good. I hugged her from the back, under the shower. Whispered “I love you angel”. She held my hand and put it around her waist. I kissed her neck. Her earlobe. She moaned. I started to caress her. She did the same. It was a hot shower session. I felt like I was in heaven. Satisfied.

She put her cream on while I lied in bed. I didn’t talk much. In fact, I didn’t talk at all since I went out of the shower. She knew there is something not right.

“Sunshine, I know it is dark now but that doesn’t mean you cannot shine at night. Moon needs you to proudly shine bright”. She said it cheekily.

“We must discuss about something important Angel. I want you to choose now, tonight, who you want to be with”. I asked her while I looked down on the pillow on my thigh.

“Sunshine, I already told him that I choose you and we broke up. It was a hard decision to make and it even harder for him to chew”.

I was shock. I stayed silent for few minutes.

“Sunshine, you ok?” she asked.

“I’m so happy Angel! Very happy! Tomorrow I want us to celebrate. We will go somewhere for the champagne. Ok?” I replied.

“Sure Sunshine… with you is always my pleasure”.

“Angel, I want to grow old with you. I want to be with you till the end of my life. I really do!” my heart beats was fast like I was going to get a heart attack.

“But how if I don’t like your wrinkles?” she grinned.

“Then I must make sure I can afford plastic surgery!” I replied back while pinching her cute cheek and pulled her close to me. I kissed her deep with my eyes closed tightly.

We both laughed. Breaking the silence of the night.

please say something


What do you learn from this?

Give your comment. The longer the better.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

bon odori


Bon Odori Festival is a Japanese Buddhist observance honouring the spirits of ancestors, who return once a year to visit their families. Traditional dance is performed to entertain the spirits of the ancestors. Bon Odori 2008 attracted around 50,000 locals and tourists. Fireworks of 15 minutes will be display at 10.00pm.

Source: Penang Official Tourism Website


Period: 18th July 2009 5:00pm - 10:00pm

Venue: Esplanade

Organizer: The Consulate of Japan






common law

Don’t ask me what is Common Law. Just find out at Wiki.


By the way, I want to know why we are using different Common Law in Malaysia?

In Peninsular we are using Common Law 7th April 1956.

In Sabah we are using 1st December 1951.

In Sarawak we are using 12th December 1949.


Can’t we choose one and use it for the whole Malaysia?  I want to ask the lecturer but the warning has been given in the module since it is not in the module scope.

Monday, July 13, 2009

sparkling apple

250px-Bottle_of_Sprite  + 117576121_88fd520545

Try this.

Pour half of the glass with Sprite and another half with Peel Fresh – Apple & Aloe with crunchy aloe in it.

You tell me how is the taste like ;)


Starry, starry night
Paint your palette blue and gray
Look out on a summer's day
With eyes that know the darkness in my soul
Shadows on the hills
Sketch the trees and the daffodils
Catch the breeze and the winter chills
In colors on the snowy linen land

Now I understand
What you tried to say to me
How you suffered for your sanity
How you tried to set them free
They would not listen they did not know how
Perhaps they'll listen now

Starry, starry night
Flaming flowers that brightly blaze
Swirling clouds in violet haze
Reflecting Vincent's eyes of China blue
Colors changing hue
Morning fields of amber grain
Weathered faces lined in pain
Are soothed beneath the artist's loving hands

Now I understand
What you tried to say to me
How you suffered for your sanity
How you tried to set them free
They would not listen they did not know how
Perhaps they'll listen now

For they could not love you
But still your love was true
And when no hope was left in sight
On that starry, starry night
You took your life as lovers often do
But I could have told you Vincent
This world was never meant for one as
beautiful as you

Starry, starry night
Portraits hung in empty halls
Frameless heads on nameless walls
With eyes that watch the world and can't forget
Like the strangers that you've met
The ragged men in ragged clothes
A silver thorn on a bloody rose
Lie crushed and broken on the virgin snow

Now I think I know
What you tried to say to me
How you suffered for your sanity
How you tried to set them free
They would not listen they're not listening still
Perhaps they never will

Note: No Mister Linky yet as LJL has not uploaded the latest one :) I will update as soon as possible.

Sunday, July 12, 2009


I'm confuse about this:

Ordinance (before Independence 1946 - 1957) and Act (after Independence) which can be legislated by Parliament.
Enactment which can be legislated by Dewan Perundangan Negeri.

Those above are written law.

Laws that can be legislated known as statute.

So, are they statute?

Friday, July 10, 2009


I always pray that this will never happen but who am I to vote so when idiots won the majority for the abolition?

Hey idiots, it’s only for two subjects that will be taught in English: Mathematics and Science.

I really feel like washing their brains that have been rusty for ages.

I always feel weird when some people said that by teaching Science and Mathematics in English will give a hard time to the students and worse this great move will lead to the vanishing of Bahasa Melayu which I think purely ridiculous.

When the first time it was introduced, yes we didn’t have a beautiful chart to brag about but after some times, it became better and better each year.

Some people even complaints about there are a lot of problem to those students in the rural. Are you suggesting that we have to move backward to the rural level and stuck there until those students manage to cope with the world? If the rural students want to be success, they don’t have any other choice than to study hard and practice it. If they are entitle to continue study and will be studying abroad, do you think they will still use Bahasa Melayu in other people’s country? You wish.

Most of the reference books are in English. Do you know how hard for the students to translate English-Malay and Malay-English?

As example:

Server (English) = Pelayan (Malay)

Joystick (English) = Batang Ria (Malay)

… and you think it’s good for our future? I have to read the books, remember them in English and then I have to translate to Bahasa Melayu to answer the assignment and exam questions.

Nothing much to say since it’s already been decided. The weird thing I don’t understand is why the oldies fighting for the abolition but the youth are against them? Do they know that this is important to the youth not to them anymore since they are counting days to leave this world soon? Maybe sooner.

Note 1: No wonder some officers in my company can’t speak or write decent English.

Note 2: Congratulation Malaysia.

two opposite suicides

opposite suicide

Wednesday, July 08, 2009


medal1I got the picture but I have been postponing writing about it for so long. Busy with work, study and also don’t feel like writing an old post but since I will write about another competition, so I guess just write about the old story instead.

Last month I joined my company for badminton competition. It’s a competition for some sports including table tennis, dart and carom other than badminton.

All doubles. No single.

There were 5 games which are veteran above 40, officers, open, mix double and woman double. In team A, there were BSN (the favorite for winning the competition), EPF, State Finance and AG. In team B, there were IRB, Customs, Rakyat Bank and Agro Bank.

The first game between IRB and Customs, we lose. Rumors had been spread about the best team in B was Rakyat Bank. So when we lose to Customs, we were upset and thinking of going home early than we expected. Customs was strong. My double loses to them. I played in open category.

Then we won against Agro Bank and believe it or not we won against Rakyat Bank too! That means we could go to the semi-final!

Everybody was so happy and we have to come for the next day for semi-final.

The unhappy part was, winner of group A going to meet runner up in B. Yes, you are right. We must defeat BSN in order to go to final. Unbelieveable.

So the heat thumping moment happen. BSN with a lot of supporters kept screaming like there is no tomorrow. They were about 30 peoples for the supporter which don’t ask how many we have other than the players itself.

I was so pressure until we won little against them in the first set and lose in the second set. So we played for rubber game.

It was just the matter of who can’t handle the pressure. I did a lot of provoking which actually works! One of the players threw the racket up to the air. I knew we were going to win!

Yes, we won as I expected which means we were going to meet Customs who won against State Finance. Damn.

Honestly, my energy drained out together with the sweat. Very tired!

In final game, I couldn’t play anymore. I couldn’t even smash. Pathetic.

We won the 2nd place and I knew I made all the gang upset. The pressure was not just about the game but also we were the hope. If we lose, the result already needs not to be told.

The best part of the competition was I got a lot of fan. I don’t want to brag about it but those who joined the competition should know about it. Ha-ha.

marinLast night I had another competition between LHDN and Marine Police. Our expectation was low. Not to say that we don’t have the courage but those uniform teams usually have their own court and they play every day and night which most of us play once a week. I play 3 times a week.

Obviously they were way too strong to be played with.

We got 5 games and we lose all. I hope my team won’t be disappointed and will keep the spirit high for the next friendly game.

I must train harder in order to be better. Now, I’m crazy of table tennis.

I’m good with games that use hand. Ha-ha!


I just think that this advertisement is very unique :) Enjoy ya!


CCTV is very important don’t you think? Not to forget, be careful when you cross the road ya.

Tuesday, July 07, 2009

i knew

When our eyes first met
How did I know?
How did I know all my love, to you, I would show

How did I know?
You would be the one to make my life complete
To fill my eyes with love
No longer with deceit

How did I know?
You would show me love in so many ways
Leaving me speechless
In ecstasy, a continuous daze

I have you to love
How can it be?
I have a part of you inside of me

How did I know?
I belonged in only your arms
With your strong hold, you keep me from all harm

How did I know?
That sexy sparkle in your eyes
Would be the cause of my daze, my desirable sighs

How did I know?
I would need you to live
To you, all my love, is what I give

How did I know?
We were destined to be
It's the passion in your eyes
The premonition I feel inside of me

How did I know?
All my thoughts would be of you
How did I know....?
My love, I knew


Monday, July 06, 2009

the moon represents my heart

Enjoy ya! ;)

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Sunday, July 05, 2009


I’m totally exhausted today. I mean, very exhausted.

I didn’t have good sleep and rest for the whole week with a lot of works in the office and some assignments to get done at home too.

Good thing is I try to find time to write here even though I’m practically fully occupied.

Right after work on Friday, I did my exercise. You, please don’t laugh.

Then my friend and I drove to QueensBay Mall for Transformer. I bought the ticket on Wednesday since I knew it’s hard for me to get good seat if I go on the day I want to watch movie.

The movie was good! Indeed. Weird thing was my friend fell asleep. It was either he wasn’t into this movie, or simply very tired like me.

Then, I reached home around 3am and shower was needed as my hair was ruined by the hair clay.

I bet I slept soundly. Who can tell anyway? ;)

Woke up and did exercise. Sweating. I guess I did it hard.

Took shower and drove out to buy some necessary groceries. End up I bought apple juice with aloe, soda, 3 in 1 Nescafe, instant noodle and some green apples.

Rushed back home as I got badminton at 2-5pm. I reached badminton around 2.30pm. I didn’t play for almost 2 weeks but lucky I still got the stamina and hidden skills :P

I drove hurriedly to reach home as soon as possible after badminton at 5pm as I need to reach BBQ party organized by some secret organization at 7pm.

Reached home, showered and wore as simple clothes as I could.

The road was busy. You have no idea how far I have to drive from home to badminton, badminton to home and home to the beach :P but I managed to reach there around 7.30pm. Not punctual, but at least not the last one :P

The BBQ was great. I thought it’d rain but lucky for us it didn’t. So the charcoal was safe. I stuffed myself like there’s no tomorrow with a lot of foods. We grilled a lot of food likes fish, sausage, fish ball, otak-otak, chicken wing. The fruit jelly as dessert was tasty too!

I’d agree with Kirsten that next time we should have music (based on the group beside us played some music lol).

The chef :P


The girls

The guys

The grill event :)

I had a great time :) Thanks guys!

Friday, July 03, 2009

boy and apple tree

A long time ago, there was a huge apple tree.

ِِA little boy loved to come and play around it every day.

He climbed to the treetop, ate the apples, took a nap under the shadow...

He loved the tree and the tree loved to play with him.

Time went by...the little boy had grown up,

And he no longer played around the tree every day.

One day, the boy came back to the tree and he looked sad.

'Come and play with me,' the tree asked the boy.

'I am no longer a kid, I do not play around trees anymore'
The boy replied.

'I want toys. I need money to buy them.'

'Sorry, but I do not have money....

But you can pick all my apples and sell them. So, you will have money.

The boy was so excited.

He grabbed all the apples on the tree and left happily.

The boy never came back after he picked the apples.

The tree was sad.

One day, the boy who now turned into a man returned

And the tree was excited 'Come and play with me' the tree said.

'I do not have time to play. I have to work for my family.

We need a house for shelter.

Can you help me?

' Sorry',

I do not have any house. But you can chop off my branches
To build your house.

' So the man cut all the branches of the tree and left happily.

The tree was glad to see him happy but the man never came back since then.

The tree was again lonely and sad.

One hot summer day,

The man returned and the tree was delighted.

'Come and play with me!' the tree said.

'I am getting old. I want to go sailing to relax myself.

'Can you give me a boat?' 'Said the man'.

'Use my trunk to build your boat. You can sail far away and be happy.

' So the man cut the tree trunk to make a boat.

He went sailing and never showed up for a long time.

Finally, the man returned after many years.

'Sorry, my boy. But I do not have anything for you anymore.

' No more apples for you... ', The tree said.

'No problem, I do not have any teeth to bite ', The man replied.

'No more trunk for you to climb on'

'I am too old for that now' the man said.

'I really cannot give you anything....

'The only thing left is my dying root', The tree said with tears.

'I do not need much now, just a place to rest.

I am tired after all these years' the man replied..

Good! Old tree roots are the best place to lean on and rest,

Come, come sit down with me and rest.

' The man sat down and the tree was glad and smiled with tears...

This story is about YOU (boy) and your PARENT (apple tree).

Wednesday, July 01, 2009

river flows in you

I love this song so much. It touches my heart. My feeling.
I hope someday, I can play piano.
This song is one of the songs I want to play.
Not to forget Ballade Pour Adeline.

number crunching

1, 2, 6, 42, 1806, ___ ?

what is the next number?

i told you i'm smart ass in the profile @nari

Tamparuli Bridge (Tuaran, Sabah)

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