Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Counting days…

My USM gang is counting days for the final exam. I’m counting days for something else. LOL.

What eh?

Tuesday, March 29, 2011


If you have in mind that by having a daughter she might help you in the kitchen when you grow older and she grows bigger, please stop.

You might get frustrated.

Life rambling

It was 1.25pm in the office.

I felt my head was heavy.

My head was full of what-to-do next with my work and what-to-read for exam.

*it was dark*

Now, it’s 2pm.

Oh, I fell asleep. Maybe I was too full. Fried rice with egg and fried chicken by Thaya for his marriage and Nasi Minyak Merican by Azali. Burp!

I’m still struggling with this new job description. Everything seems vague. I’m not ready for my final exam which is just around the corner. I wish I could see it.

Faisal Admar


Saturday, March 26, 2011


I had registered last week to join this competition.

Reason: To gain experience.

Some people might say, “Ah, there is no improvement, better not joining!”

But for me, who cares?

… It is better than keep defeating the same opponent which are your colleagues.

Ok, that’s worse.

Back to the topic.

It was my second time joining MAKSAK. The joined for the first time in 2004. LOL. So long time ago when I was very young.

I gave myself a try this year.

Again, we are lack of preparation and we lose again :(

It was sad but I have to accept it as part of the experience.

The boring part is, why in all competitions in Penang I see the same face? Grr!

Full with state player crap. LOL. Who cares?

I will ignore badminton until end of April to focus on my final exam :)

Good bye badminton for the time being.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Anda gila Foursquare?


Saya sekarang sangat GILA main Foursquare.

Tambahan lagi bila saya dapat tahu cara terbaik untuk main aplikasi ni.

Bagi yang aktif main Foursquare ni, anda adalah diingatkan bahawa jika anda ingin DELETE history, sila pastikan ianya tiada kaitan dengan Badge yang anda dapat. Jika anda delete, badge yang anda dapat ketika check-in akan hilang.

Jadi, hati-hati ye :)


Nota kaki: Saya memberi peringatan kerana saya sendiri dah kena tadi. Habis hilang beberapa badge saya. Bukan senang nak kumpul :(

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Earthquake & Tsunami hit Japan in 2011.

It happened again.

Earthquake and tsunami hit Japan again this year in 2011.

I’ve subscribed CNN on my iPhone and it’s very sad to get the latest news on how many people have died in this tragedy.

I hope Japan will be strong to handle this and my condolence to the victim’s families.


… and this is VERY STUPID.

It’s not funny at all and I’m speechless with those heartless and stupid peoples who think a tragedy that had killed so many peoples is a JOKE.

Shame on you!

Saturday, March 12, 2011


MOVIEGOERS in Penang can consider themselves the envy of the rest of the nation as the country’s first Beanieplex has opened in the state.

The Beanieplex, situated in TGV Cinemas’ new multiplex at 1st Avenue Mall in George Town, features funky beanbag seats. It can accommodate 40 patrons.

“Space is a premium, with legroom of 2m, allowing customers to be at full recline,” said TGV Cinemas Sdn Bhd chief operating officer Kenny Wong.

Wong said tickets for the Beanieplex seats were currently sold at an introductory price of RM26 per pair.

He had earlier, together with 1st Avenue Mall Sdn Bhd director Datuk Sonny Ho, opened the TGV multiplex in the mall which is the company’s 16th outlet in the country.

Nice and cosy: Members of the media and guests watching a movie while relaxing on the beanbags.


The multiplex has eight movie halls, including the Beanieplex, with a total seating capa-city of 1,310.

“The TGV 1st Avenue is our first outlet on Penang island and we are delighted to bring the moviegoing experience in the island to greater heights with the Beanieplex concept,” he said.

“Beanieplex patrons can snuggle comfortably into the soft, cushy beanbag seats that come in pairs, for a cosy and relaxed viewing experience,” Wong said.

On why Penang was chosen to be the first to feature the Beanieplex concept, he said Penangites were known to be prudent and wise consumers.

“If the concept works here, chances are it will work anywhere,” said Wong who is also a Penangite.

He said that response had been phenomenal since the soft launch of the Beaniplex two weeks ago.

“This is very encouraging and more Beanieplex halls will now be considered for other locations as well,” he said.

“From the extensive research we con- ducted, comfort is a big priority for our patrons and we strive to meet their needs at TGV Cinemas,” he added.

Wong said TGV planned to open another outlet on Penang island next year.

(Source: TheStar)


Note: I’ve tried it and it was so comfy! My first try was Burlesque. Awesome movie, great beanseat. Next? Hikayat Merong Mahawangsa!

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