Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Vacation: Muar [part 4]

Woke up around 10am. Mom and mama already wide awake. Urgh! Still sleepy. Sis still sleeping. Mom told me that the owner of one of the best Bryani Gam will send the food to our room. Can you believe this? Hahahaha. Around 11am, Pak Din came to our room with 2 big plastic bags full with foods and drinks. The price was very cheap! We got beef, chicken, dhal and penchok (Penangite simply called it kerabu or acar timun nenas) and the delicious Sirap Bandung (red syrup mixed with condensed milk)! What a breakfast! Hahaha I guess Suituapui was right, I'm going to be like him soon enough :P

Then after breakfast, I checked email and chat on ym and msn for a while (I wish I knew that we got internet connection days before :( ). Then everybody started to pack.

We called the hotel management Kak Fiza to check out late around 3pm.

We reached at the lobby at 3pm sharp ;)

Then called cab and went to mama's house. Mama asked Jumalri and Najib to buy us some keropok lekor and lychee kang. Jumal told mama that mouse at pc number 16 and 17 were not working. I went to the cc to take a look. Replaced pc 18 with mouse from pc 7 and unplug and plug pc 16 and 17. Actually pc 16 mouse was not working. We need to buy new mouse soon. Lol. I will sponsor ok? :P Its a relief to see Jumal and Najib are very responsible kids and smart too. I like Jumal very much... will buy him present next time I go there.

Spent some times at the cc playing some games and ym-ing. Till 7pm we closed the cc. At least we got some income for the day even tho we opened pretty late haha! Biz is always a biz... what is that suppose to mean? Ignore that part :P

Oh ya before that, while I was having fun in the cc and mom in charge at the server and counter my sis was busy cooking. She cooked bull-eyed eggs and sambal jawa! Sambal jawa is my favorite... a mix of bilis and cili padi (what else ar sis? kindly go to her blog ok? lol). Very delicious. A great appetizer let me tell you ;)

We ate the dinner hungrily and it was ass finger licking good! Then I took shower.

Then mama was kinda upset as we didn't manage to buy mee bandung. But around 8pm Kak Ana came with mee bandung at her hand! Muahahahahaha I was speechless! I was so happy! You know... its not complete if you don't eat mee bandung when you go to Muar! (psssst! I forgot otak-otak lah! Haiyo... rugi!). I ate lil bit as I'll be in the bus for 6 hours and the driver won't stop anywhere I want for shitting :P

Around 8.45pm we kissed and said goodbye to mama. Mama couldn't follow us to the bus station as her leg was in pain and I know how hard to walk with pain leg and worst one leg! I really pity her and wish I could help her... One day mama... sure one day. Saying goodbye wasn't easy...

Reached station around 9pm and we kissed and said goodbye to Kak Ana. She was being so helpful and great hospitality from her is appreciated. I like her cooking too! As the JPJ was bit or over react at the station chased all the cars, Kak Ana couldn't wait long and drove away. 9.15pm we could put stuff at the bus. While we were walking into the bus, Kak Ana ran to mom and passed some boiled peanuts! OMG! She was so pleasant! I told mom that if Kak Ana ever come to Penang, I will give my best hospitality to her! (mama, don't jealous ar :P).

9.30pm bus started to move.

I hate the guy who sat in front of me as he was so dumb and self-centered. He lowered his seat to my knee! I did told him about it. He moved the seat for a while and lowered it again. Lazy to quarrel, I chose to close my eyes.

We reached Penang around 4.45am (from Trolak around 1.45am, imagine how fast? remember no speed trap at night?). Sharol, my bro in law took us at the station.

Reached home round 5.30am. Sis make coffee and here I am at 6.55am. Off to eat some karipaps (curry puff, haha I know we Malay make it simpler :P).


p/s: Oh I got another post about vacation in Muar. Click here. ;)

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Vacation: Muar [part 3]

Woke up at 9am. Sit-ups as usual. Got my coffee. Editing pictures for blog. Gonna eat something for breakfast. Still got lots of foods from last night. Lol. Continue later...

Now its 12.12am. Just return to our room. Ok let me tell you what happen after the breakfast...

I rest in bed, watching House MD oon my lappy. After an hour or so battery went flat. No socket near the bed. Nevermind. I charged my lappy and filled the tub with hot water. Wait for a while, then took my book and enjoy hot tub.

After shower, we ordered asam pedas senangin and beancurd to be delivered to our room. They were yummy!

Rest in bed.

Around 8pm, everybody got ready for dinner. Haha we got surprise for my sister. Remember its her birthday? Her 18th.

Mom got plan with me.

Went down for dinner. Waited for few mins for Kak Ana and Nenek. Kak Ana bought cheese cake and put at the counter. Mom told them to arrange with me. I met one of the waiters (let me tell you, the waiters were so helpful and very friendly!) and told them the cake should be brought it after dinner and wait for my signal.

The dinner was great. I ordered sizzling mix grilled with coke float. Sis with sirloin and ice lemon tea. Mom sizzling chicken with ice chocolate. Mama with steak and kiwi juice (not the fresh kiwi tho). Nenek veggie tomyam with warm lychee. Kak Ana beancurd with plain rice and hot tea.

Sizzling chicken for mom

Sirloin steak for sis

Sizzling mix grilled



Kak Ana

After we have done with dinner, I gave signal to the waiter and they swtich off the light. Everybody were annoyed as its just 10.30pm even tho we know they close at 11pm! Lol. Only me and mom knew the plan. Sis was annoyed too! Then came the surprise! The cake and candle. Sis was so shock and she just cried. Too happy and speechless. I managed to snap some pictures :) We were so happy and sang the birthday song for her. Oh ya! The waiter sang together :) Thanks for the good hospitality. The cake was yummy. I love cheesecake and strawberry hehe.

Then we return to our room. Mom and mama slept as soon as we reached our room. Me here writing this on notepad as the insecure connection here in the room is unstable. I don't know whose wifi is this but big thank :) Me and sis still awake. Still lots of foods to eat and this is our last night in Muar. Pretty sad to leave... but we got to go. Tomorrow night at this time we will be on the bus. Great time in Muar really...

Will be writing about tomorrow when I reached home. Guess I can't post anything when I'm on vacation as the lobby has no socket to charge my lappy. Nevermind, at least I can write about what had happen on the exact day rather than go home and forgot everything :)


Vacation: Muar [part 2]

Woke up around 10am. Mom already ordered breakfast to be delivered to our room. Sausage and baked beans with 2 half boiled eggs. Some cucur udang and bilis too! Man, I was totally full!

After breakfast, took shower and went out to meet nenek. Then went to Malacca to meet relative. After the visit we went to Hang Tuah's Well. Took some waters from the well. Drove home. Searched for satay but sadly they had not opened yet. Drove to Kak Ana's house and she took us to hotel. She bought us some johore rojak. We called it pasembor in Penang. Weird thing was its a Penang Nasi Kandar restaurant but selling different thing from Penang. I wonderred if this is a real Penang nasi kandar restaurant or they just selling the name instead of the food?

About to go ;)

Hang Tuah Well

When we put petrol, we found this... yummy you know :P

Drove to the hotel. Got ready for dinner.

Went for dinner around 9pm and we ordered Asam Pedas Pari (stingray) Johore, bean curd and cuttlefish fried with flour. A plate of noodle too. Sad thing was the stingray got smell. We couldn't even finish our small bit of it. Complaint to the hotel and they said this stingray does smell like this. Mom told us that stingray got menstrual like human and thats why sometimes we will be unlucky. Good thing was they only charge half price and we also got 10% discount for the dinner. Not bad then :) Surfing while enjoying coffee. They closed earlier than usual. Around 10.45pm we went to our room.

Asam pedas pari

Coke float

Cuttle fish

And here I am... writing using notepad haha this is so boring as we don't hhave internet connection in the room. Ok, I'm going to wish birthday to my sis!

Nite guys!

Sunday, December 28, 2008

Vacation: Muar [part 1]

On 26th Dec at 10.30pm, my mom, sis and I took bus (Mayang Sari) to Muar. The bus moved at 10.45pm and reached Butterworth at 11.30pm. Can you imagine 1 hour journey we should reach somewhere else instead of Butterworth? Around 11.45pm continued the journey.

I just closed my eyes. Enjoyed the peace...

Reached Muar around 6pm. Still blur. Took our luggage and took taxi to my mama's house. Still fresh when reached there. Mama ordered few packs of coconut rice (nasi lemak) with delicious sambal. Sis fried ommelete for us. Yummy! Then after breakfast we fell asleep. But mom and mama didn't sleep long as they woke up early to open the internet cafe. I woke up around 12pm, took shower and had a look at the internet cafe. Kak Ana sent us lunch. Guess what? Plain rice with Asam Pedas Daging Johore and ommelete! OMG! I've been craving for Asam Pedas Johore for so long. I ate a lot. Then after lunch, I went to the internet cafe room and checking email and playing some games. Internet was quite slow. Internet in southern was down? I don't know. I couldn't change players for my fantasy football too :(


The beef (tulang part :P)

The delicious asam pedas!

Closed internet cafe around 4pm and my Kak Ana took us around Muar by car. We went to one of the recreation places in Muar called Tanjung Ketapang. It was like our Botanical Garden in Penang. Full of monkeys! We even feed some monkeys there with crackers.

Then we drove to Tanjung Mas for ice cream and rojak petis. I never try rojak petis and the name is unfamilar to me :P

Went to Seri Pelangi Hotel. My sis and I went to the shopping mall nearby and to buy some snacks and drinks. Some instant coffees too. I realized that my sandals is almost tear apart. The front side. We searched around but couldn't find any that I like. Sigh.

Went back to hotel and got ready for dinner.

Went down for dinner at the hotel and I took my laptop too. Dinner while surfing. I ordered lamb chop with kiwi juice.

Mom & Mama


Plain rice & bean curd

Sizzling steak

Lamb chop

Kiwi juice & coke float




Me & sis

In the elevator :P

After dinner we went back to the hotel. Pretty tired tho. Mom and mama fell asleep as soon as we reached to our room and only me and sis stayed awake for a while. Watching tv and eating noodle. After the supper, I watched tv for a while and started dreaming. Lol. Maybe because the chinese comedy on tv was crappy haha!

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