Sunday, February 28, 2010

Chap Goh Mei

I suppose to go to Kei Lok Si to snap some good pictures, then to Esplanade to snap some pictures of people throwing oranges. Too bad, I haven’t eaten a real meal and way too exhausted to go out again even though I’m not the one who drives.

So, instead of staying home and feel regret that I’d miss a lot of pictures and great moment, I plan to make something refreshing.

On my way back from paying RM4k to my foreman (major repair on my 10 year-old car), surveyed price for washing machine and oven and bought groceries at Sunshine, I remembered that I still have some lokam (mandarin orange) in the fridge. It’s getting very ripe now. Then, I remember that I’ve read about Lokam Juice here.

I dropped by at the grocery shop at the roadside and bought some lime and soda.

As soon as I reached home, I started peeling some lokam and cut the lime. 6 lokams with 3 limes. Then, I added some soda.


The result: It’s so bitter! (maybe because people squash it, but I use the juice maker – together with the seed)

Any good advise?

Hope you have a wonderful Chap Goh Mei :)


P/s: Salam Maulidur Rasul kepada muslimin dan muslimah.



Have you ever seen centipede before? I found this in my house yesterday. It was big but weak. I’ve no idea why. I plan not to kill, but then it’s dangerous.

So, have you seen one before? If you do, what did you do with it?

Friday, February 26, 2010

Hor Fun

hor fun

Old Town’s Ipoh Hor Fun is one of my favorite foods there. Do you like Hor Fun?

Thursday, February 25, 2010

The Lightning Thief


I bet many of you have watched this movie. I didn’t want the incident of Twilight happen to me again. Or, Inkheart. Just because I haven’t read the book, yet.

So, I decided to watch the movie and maybe read the book later.

I watched this movie last night, which the ticket had been bought on Monday. You can’t get good seat if you buy on Wednesday as it’s the cheapest price compared with other days. It’s movie day. Only RM6 per seat. So, you can use the balance of your money for the usual ticket price RM10 to buy some snacks. I like light popcorn instead of caramel. But they only give ice lemon tea combo with caramel. So, be it.

I haven’t used my birthday free ticket which can be obtained on the GSC website. So, I plan to use it this Saturday or Sunday. I’ll use the food voucher, too. I plan to watch Valentine’s Day :)

Ok, back to the topic. I was quite shock and frustrated when the movie suppose to start at 9.40pm but when I entered the cinema around 9.40pm, the movie already started. How could GSC in QueensBay Mall did that? Unfair right? When I put my ass on the seat, Poseidon was walking out of the sea. Damn!

Usually, this kind of movie, I will read first and understand the storyline. Then, I’ll compare the book and the movie, as usual. This time, I couldn’t.

The movie is about the ancient God’s kids which we called them demigod. They’re Zeus, Poseidon, Athena, Hermes, Herde and many more. Percy is Poseidon’s son which he’ll become strong whenever the water is around him. He can even heal himself with water.

I like the way they introduce all the ancient monster like minotaur, hydra, medusa and fury. Not to forget satyr and sentura. 

The storyline was good but I was hoping more magic to see.

To you, who haven’t watched this movie, grab yourself a ticket and trust me it’s worth it :)


P/s: I don’t want to be a total spoiler :)

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

9th day of Chinese New Year

Do you know that for Hokkien, 9th day of Chinese New Year is a big festival for them? Bigger than the first day, and even bigger than Chap Goh Mei (Chap Goh means 15). I’m lucky because I have a lot of Chinese friends (to be honest, my Chinese friends are more than Malay friends if you look in my friends list –- maybe because I live in Penang? ;))

I went to Weld Quay (near jetty) to see with my own eyes how they celebrate this great festival. Luckily, my Chinese friend was very helpful. He explained to me everything that I saw without asking including its history. Also, thanks for the best hospitality given by him and his family when I was at his house and his brother’s house. How lucky am I? :)

I got this from Wikipedia:

The ninth day of the New Year is a day for Chinese to offer prayers to the Jade Emperor of Heaven (天宮) in the Taoist Pantheon. The ninth day is traditionally the birthday of the Jade Emperor. This day is especially important to Hokkiens. Come midnight of the eighth day of the new year, Hokkiens will offer thanks giving prayers to the Emperor of Heaven. Offerings will include sugarcane as it was the sugarcane that had protected the Hokkiens from certain extermination generations ago. Incense, tea, fruit, vegetarian food or roast pig, and paper gold is served as a customary protocol for paying respect to an honored person.

Got it? :)

So, now… enjoy the pictures ya.

IMG_0735IMG_0738IMG_0739IMG_0740IMG_0746IMG_0747 IMG_0748 IMG_0750IMG_0751 IMG_0755 IMG_0756 IMG_0757 IMG_0759 IMG_0761 IMG_0763 IMG_0765 IMG_0766 IMG_0826 IMG_0774 IMG_0781 IMG_0782 IMG_0783 IMG_0784 IMG_0785IMG_0787IMG_0788IMG_0789 IMG_0796 IMG_0807 IMG_0817 IMG_0822IMG_0823IMG_0821 IMG_0830 IMG_0832IMG_0837IMG_0840IMG_0845 IMG_0847

Monday, February 22, 2010

Happy Birthday Nadia!


Last Saturday, we threw a party to my best friend Nadia –- steamboat for dinner :) The venue was at Logan’s house at Marvista. Her birthday was on 18th. I got her this small gift and glad that she liked it so much. When she is happy, I’m happy…


Sunday, February 21, 2010

Tong Sui


Have you ever eaten this before?

Yes, Chinese called it Tong Sui. I simple label it as dessert. It’s healthy and tasty. I love it so much, and it always bring a smile on my face every time I eat this.


Wednesday, February 17, 2010



I wanted to buy this sandal for so long. Well, I know it’s not that expensive but still it’s expensive for me :) I always do comparison between necessity vs necessary. So, I guess you know why :P

I bought 1 pair for me, 1 pair for dear and 1 pair for mom. Mom told me last month that her sandal was torn. I promised her that I’d get a good sandal for her. I’m glad that she is still smiling until today with her new sandal. She said it’s very comfy and soft.

For me, it’s not much different from normal sandal unless you jump up and down haha! But there must be a reason why health conscious peoples and friends have been suggested this sandal to me :)

Do you wear Crocs? :)

Cameron Highlands [Day 2 & 3]

IMG_0241 Before we went out :) It was drizzling.

IMG_0244 IMG_0249 IMG_0252 IMG_0253 IMG_0254 IMG_0255 IMG_0256 IMG_0258 IMG_0259 IMG_0262 IMG_0263
IMG_0288  More flowers :)

IMG_0375  IMG_0271
IMG_0276 IMG_0277 IMG_0279 IMG_0280 IMG_0283
 IMG_0294 IMG_0295 IMG_0302 IMG_0296 Pictures taken at Bharat Tea, our favorite branch. The staff was so friendly and the tea was so good even though it was a bit pricey.

IMG_0303 She was so happy at the night market when we bought her full set of cold-clothing. Very cute!

IMG_0313 IMG_0318 Our breakfast :) Thanks Nurul.

IMG_0336 IMG_0335 IMG_0340 IMG_0342 This moist-dried-strawberry has been mixed with some honey. Sadly, I bought 2 packets to my office but some claim they prefer the fully-dried one, which is cheaper. Sometimes, you’ll decide not to buy anything, rather than people not appreciate it :(

IMG_0347 IMG_0350
 Do not buy this fruit! I had been lied about it. They told me it’s a Jambu Epal which means Guava Apple but actually it’s a guava that had been peel off the skin and they turn it into pickle with color! Really pissed me off as I believed them that this fruit will be harvested few times in a year only! Damn it… I bought this at KEA FARM. So, beware!
IMG_0356 IMG_0357 IMG_0358 IMG_0361 IMG_0363 IMG_0364 IMG_0365 This pile had been used to keep the money :) It’s classic.
IMG_0368 IMG_0376
IMG_0385 Don’t go to this Bharat branch. This one is the one near to Simpang Pulai. The staff there are unfriendly and the tea is not good. I’d suggest you go to the one opposite. People there called it branch 1 and 2.

Tamparuli Bridge (Tuaran, Sabah)

Tamparuli is a small town and a sub-district of Tuaran on the west coast of Sabah, Malaysia. It is populated mainly by native Dusuns, while ...