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Blogspot/Blogger comment notification via email


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I have figured out about this. Now, Blogger/Blogspot won’t allow any other email like before. You have to put Gmail if you want an email notification for your comment. So, it will be easier for you.

How to do it?

  1. You need to get a Gmail email account.
  2. Go to Blogger/Blogspot dashboard.
  3. Choose Setting.
  4. Choose Comment.
  5. At the bottom, there is a box to fill in your email. Use Gmail email.
  6. Hit Save Setting button.


All the best guys.

Sherlock Holmes


Ah! I bet you, peeps, know about Sherlock Holmes. Or at least, when people ask you “Who is Sherlock Holmes?”, you could answer straight away with confidence. Er, right?

If you don’t know who he is or not even know that if we mention his name; it means investigation, then you are so ignorant.

Here is the plot (source: WIkipedia):

In 1891 London, Sherlock Holmes (Robert Downey, Jr.) Dr. John Watson (Jude Law) race to prevent a human sacrifice ritual conducted by Lord Blackwood (Mark Strong). Holmes and Watson stop the sacrifice just in time and neutralize Lord Blackwood, after which the police, led by Inspector Lestrade (Eddie Marsan), arrive and arrest him.

Blackwood's hanging occurs three months later, during which Holmes has become bored without a new case. Watson prepares to leave 221B Baker Street to establish his own business, and he intends to marry Mary Morstan (Kelly Reilly). Blackwood requests Holmes' presence on the day of his execution. Holmes finds that Blackwood has seemingly mystic powers, causing one guard to be struck with a seizure and scaring the other guards and prisoners, while having written numerous occult symbols on his prison cell. Blackwood promises to Holmes that there will be three more deaths after his execution that will change the very nature of their world and that there is nothing Holmes can do about it. Later, Blackwood is executed by hanging, declared dead by Watson himself.

Holmes is re-acquainted with Irene Adler (Rachel McAdams), the only person who has managed to outwit him. She offers him a sum of money to pursue a case of a missing red-haired midget by the name of Reardon. Holmes disguises himself as a vagrant and trails Adler to a coach, within which sits a man whose face is not seen but who has a wrist mounted pistol which he uses to threaten the disguised Holmes. Three days after Blackwood's execution, his tomb is found shattered, from the inside out. A witness reports Blackwood leaving the tomb. The police open Blackwood's coffin and find the corpse of the man Adler had asked Holmes to find inside. Holmes and Watson discover a pocketwatch on the body and trace it to the midget's home, where they discover a workshop containing various chemical experiments. They escape from two arsonists and a French giant who were sent to destroy the evidence but end up being imprisoned for the unintentional property damage. Watson is soon bailed out by Ms. Morstan. Holmes is later bailed out and brought before the Temple of the Four Orders, an occult-dabbling secret society, who reveal that Blackwood was once part of their order. They ask Holmes to stop Blackwood, Holmes declines the case. While Holmes and Watson investigate, Blackwood kills the two senior members of the Order and takes control of its remaining members, outlining plans to retake the United States of America, weakened after its civil war. Blackwell gives orders to the Home Secretary, a member of the Order, for Holmes' arrest.

From traces on the corpse of the attempted arsonist, Holmes and Watson find their way to a factory slaughterhouse, including a bigger workshop. Blackwood taunts them and escapes but Holmes and Waston make a daring rescue of Adler, who has been trapped and hung on the conveyor belt about to be roasted and sliced like a pig. Watson chases after Blackwood but is caught by a tripwire, setting off an explosion; Watson is able to warn Holmes and Alder to safety but is badly injured himself in the explosion. Holmes, escaping from the law, uses clues found from the murders of the Order members to discover that Blackwood's murders are tied to the constituent animal elements—man, lion, eagle, and ox—of the sphinx, and that his last target is the English Parliament, the "lion". Holmes allows himself to be captured and taken by Lestrade, who he has convinced to act the part of a villain, to the Home Secretary. The Home Secretary inadvertently gives Holmes the clues he needs to reveal Blackwood's plans for the attack on the British parliament. Holmes escapes, diving in to the river Thames, rescued by a waiting boat.
The film's climax takes place on the unfinished Tower Bridge.

Holmes, Watson, and Adler sneak into a tunnel below Parliament and find a machine, based on the experiments of the red-haired midget, set to release a cyanide derivative into the Parliament chambers triggered by a remote signal, killing all the Lords except those Blackwood had secretly given the antidote. Fighting off Blackwood's men, the three manage to dislodge cylinders containing the cyanide chemical; Adler takes the cylinders and races though the sewers to the top of the unfinished Tower Bridge[5] followed by Holmes and Blackwood, aware his mechanism has failed. Blackwood eventually knocks Adler off onto a lower platform, but Holmes tricks Blackwood into becoming entangled in the ropes and chains; Holmes explains all of Blackwood's seemingly mystic powers as simple application of science. Holmes intends for Blackwood to stand trial but, tangled in ropes, Blackwood falls and is hanged by the chains. Holmes handcuffs Ms. Adler and insists she explain her motives in becoming involved with the case. She explains that the mysterious caped man in the carriage is one Professor Moriarty. Adler warns Holmes that Moriarty "is just as brilliant as he is, and infinitely more devious". Holmes drops the key to the cuffs in Adler's bosom and leaves her, returning to Watson to explain how Blackwood managed to fake his death in the interest of his reputation. The police then enter informing Holmes of a murder of one of their own officers. Holmes learns that Moriarty is behind the murder and that he allowed Holmes to battle Blackwood as a distraction to steal an important remote control component of the machine. The film ends with Holmes accepting the case.

Plot end.

I’d rate this movie 5/5 even though my friend said it was boring, and even fell asleep.



Maybe I have no right to write a review about it. I was late, for a reason. Started from woke up late, everything went late as well. My dear was late to wet market and nothing much left, especially prawns and squids. Then dear drove to Sunshine Square, didn’t want to miss anything good for the fried rice ingredients. Then, we rushed to the kitchen.

Ok, enough folks about why I was late.

When I went in, Jake Sully was struggling to survive from a big animal (dinosaur if you ask me). At first, I was so curious about a human which looks like monkey with flat nose and a tail. Plus, they were blue.

After a while, I understand exactly what was the movie about.

Here is the plot (source: Wikipedia):

In 2154, the RDA corporation is mining Pandora, a lush, Earth-like moon of the planet Polyphemus, in the Alpha Centauri system.[16] Parker Selfridge (Giovanni Ribisi), the administrator, employs former marines as mercenaries to provide security. The humans aim to exploit Pandora’s reserves of a valuable mineral called unobtanium.

Pandora is inhabited by the Na’vi, a paleolithic species of sapient humanoids with feline characteristics.[17] Physically stronger and taller than humans, the indigenes have sparkling blue skin and live in harmony with Nature, worshipping a mother goddess called Eywa.

Humans cannot breathe Pandora’s atmosphere. In order to move about Pandora, human scientists have created human-Na’vi hybrids called avatars, which are controlled by genetically matched human operators. Jake Sully (Sam Worthington), a paraplegic former marine, arrives on Pandora to replace his murdered twin brother, an avatar operator. Dr. Grace Augustine (Sigourney Weaver), the head of the Avatar Program, considers him an inadequate replacement for his brother, relegating him to a bodyguard role.

While Jake escorts Augustine and biologist Norm Spellman (Joel David Moore) on an exploratory mission in their avatar forms, the group is attacked by a large predator, and Jake becomes separated and lost. Attempting to survive the night in Pandora’s dangerous jungles, he is rescued by Neytiri (Zoë Saldaña), a female Na'vi. Neytiri brings Jake back to Hometree, which is inhabited by Neytiri’s clan, the Omaticaya. Mo'at, (C. C. H. Pounder), the Na'vi shaman and Neytiri's mother, instructs her to teach him their ways.

Colonel Miles Quaritch (Stephen Lang), leader of the security forces, promises Jake his "real legs" back in exchange for intelligence about the natives and what it will take to make them abandon Hometree, which rests above a large deposit of unobtanium.

Over three months, Jake grows close to Neytiri and the Omaticaya and begins to prefer the life he lives through the avatar. Jake's attachment erodes his loyalty toward the humans, and when he is initiated into the Omaticaya, he and Neytiri choose each other as mates. Jake's change of loyalty is revealed when he disables a bulldozer's cameras as it destroys the tribe's sacred Tree of Voices. Col. Quaritch disconnects Jake from his avatar and presents Selfridge and Augustine with a vlog in which Jake admits that his mission is fruitless; the humans have nothing the Omaticaya desire, and the latter will never abandon Hometree. Selfridge is convinced that negotiations will fail and orders Hometree's destruction.

Augustine argues that the destruction of Hometree could affect the vast bio-botanical neural network that all Pandoran organisms are connected to, and Selfridge gives Jake one hour to convince the Na’vi to leave Hometree. When he reveals his mission to the Omaticaya, Neytiri accuses him of betraying them, which results in Jake and Augustine's imprisonment. Jake’s time runs out and Quaritch’s forces destroy Hometree, killing Eytucan (Wes Studi), Neytiri's father and clan chief, and many others. Jake and Augustine are disconnected from their avatars and detained for treason along with Norm. Trudy Chacon (Michelle Rodriguez), a security force pilot who is disgusted by the violence, breaks them out but Augustine is wounded by Quaritch. With Augustine dying, Jake turns to the Omaticaya for help. To regain their trust, he tames the Toruk, an immensely powerful flying beast that only five Na'vi have ever tamed. Jake flies to the Omaticaya, who have gathered at the sacred Tree of Souls, and pleads with Mo'at to heal Augustine. They attempt to transplant her soul into her avatar, but her injuries are too severe.

With the assistance of Neytiri and Tsu'Tey (Laz Alonso), the new leader of the Omaticaya, Jake assembles thousands of Na'vi from other clans. Jake prays to Eywa to intercede on behalf of the Na'vi in the coming battle. Quaritch, seeing the Na'vi's growing strength, orders a preemptive strike on the Tree of Souls; as it is the center of Na'vi religion and culture, its destruction would leave the Na'vi too demoralized to continue resisting.

As the humans attack, the Na'vi fight back but suffer heavy casualties, among them Tsu'Tey and Trudy. As the Na'vi are on the verge of defeat, the Pandoran wildlife suddenly attacks the humans, overwhelming them. Neytiri interprets this as Eywa answering Jake's prayer.

Jake destroys the bomber before it can reach the Tree of Souls. Quaritch escapes in an AMP (Amplified Mobility Platform) suit, finds the avatar interface pod where Jake's human body is located and attacks it, exposing Jake to Pandora's atmosphere. Neytiri kills Quaritch and saves Jake, seeing his human form. With the attack repelled, Jake and Neytiri reaffirm their love.

The humans are expelled from Pandora, while Jake and his closest co-workers remain. Jake is seen wearing the insignia of the Omaticaya leader. The film ends with Jake's soul being transplanted into his Na'vi avatar.

Plot end.

I would give 5 out of 5 stars for this movie. I could feel it. I’d make the same decision if I was Jake Scully too.

I plan to watch it again in 3D at Gurney Plaza soon.

Storm Warriors


I watched this movie last week. I planned to watched it earlier but due to my busy schedule and bad comments from my colleagues, I put it on hold. I always go to the cinema 2 days earlier as I want good seats on Wednesday. People are crazy with cheap tickets, nowadays.

This movie is the sequence from Storm Riders, which was a hit few years ago.

I would expect the same storyline and effect for this one too. Better effect, but the storyline is just too weak. In fact, not much magic as I expected too… compared with Storm Riders.

Hate the ending. I won’t allow this post to be the spoiler for you, readers.

I’d rate this movie 3/5 stars.

Seth Clearwater



If you read Eclipse, you surely know who is Seth Clearwater. Remember the grey wolf fighting together with Edward against Victoria and Riley?

Yoohoo, ring a bell?




To those who don’t know what is this, it’s a book; a Twilight Saga series. The first book is Twilight, second book is New Moon and now, it’s Eclipse.

My favorite conversation in this book:

Jacob said: “He is like a drug to you, Bella. I see that you can’t live without him now. It’s too late. But I would have been healthier for you. Not a drug; I would have been the air, the sun”

Bella replied: “I used to think of you that way, you know. Like the sun. My personal sun. You balanced out the clouds nicely for me”

Jacob said: “The clouds I can handle. But I can’t fight with an eclipse”


It is well said. A heartache, to be exact. I understand exactly Jacob’s feeling, as I had experienced this before. When you think you have tried and done your best, but you know the result in the end. You will keep trying no matter how hopeless, how hard it could be.

The book’s content:

  1. Jacob tried his best to win Bella’s heart.
  2. Edward was very calm and willing to give way to Jacob if that is what Bella wanted.
  3. Bella lived in denial, but admitted that she is in love with both of them.
  4. Victoria died in Edward’s hand.
  5. Riley was used by Victoria but end up defeated to Seth, the 14 year-old wolf (I hate this, as I thought Seth was going to die!)
  6. 18 vampires killed by The Cullen and The Quileute.
  7. Bree who surrendered to The Cullen, which made Carlisle wanted to keep her as family even though Jasper didn’t like it; she was killed by Demetri with Jane’s ordered (I hate this too, how I wish I could simply kill Jane!!!).
  8. There was a newborn hide behind a tree and try to escape but was chased by Leah, who was cocky and stupid to prove that she was as strong as the others. Jacob pushed her away to save her which made him not ready to defend himself and end up the newborn attacked him. Luckily Sam and Paul were fast enough to ripped off that newborn.

It’s almost time for the wedding, and the suspense for the immortality! I’m currently reading Breaking Dawn.

Let’s share your thought.

Merry Christmas!


Even though it’s late, but better late than never. I would like to wish Merry Christmas to all Malaysians no matter what race or religion you are. Hohoho~

Hang Tuah failed in SPM

Ini Rindu

Oh man, this is oldie but I love it so much! Ayuh menari dong~

Useful and handy information that you probably don't know


Ants Problem : Ants hate cucumbers. Keep the skin of cucumbers near the place or ant hole.

To get pure and clean ice :
Boil water first before freezing.

To make the mirror shine :
Clean with spirit

To remove chewing gum from clothes :
Keep the cloth in the freezer for an hour.

To whiten white clothes :
Soak white clothes in hot water with a slice of lemon for 10 minutes

To give a shine to hair :
Add one teaspoon of vinegar to hair, then wash hair.

To get maximum juice out of lemons :
Soak lemons in hot water for one hour, and then juice them.

To avoid smell of cabbage while cooking :
Keep a piece of bread on the cabbage in the vessel while cooking.

To rid the smell of fish from your hands :
Wash your hands with a little apple vinegar.

To avoid tears while cutting onions :
Chew gum.

To boil potatoes quickly :
Skin one potato from one side only before boiling.

To boil eggs quickly :
Add salt to the water and boil.

To remove ink from clothes :
Put toothpaste on the ink spots generously and let it dry completely, then wash.

To skin sweet potatoes quickly :
Soak in cold water immediately after boiling.

To get rid of mice or rats :
sprinkle black pepper in places where you find mice or rats. They will run away.

Food for Thought

I got this via email. Sorry to those who don’t understand/read Malay but this is a good one to share.


Subject: MAK vs PASANGAN

Sesuatu yang baik untuk di renungkan bersama.....
Berilah yang terbaik buat ibu-ibu anda sementara ibu anda masih hidup
   Bila seronok, aku cari.... pasanganku
  -Bila sedih, aku cari..... Mak
  -Bila berjaya, aku ceritakan pada.... pasanganku
  -Bila gagal, aku ceritakan pada... . Mak
  -Bila bahagia, aku peluk erat.... pasanganku
  -Bila berduka, aku peluk erat..... Emakku
  -Bila nak bercuti, aku bawa.... pasanganku
  -Bila sibuk, aku hantar anak ke rumah.... Mak
  -Bila sambut valentine.. Aku bagi hadiah pada pasanganku
  -Bila sambut hari ibu...aku cuma dapat ucapkan "Selamat Hari Ibu"
  -Selalu.. aku ingat pasanganku
  -Selalu.. Mak ingat kat aku
  -Bila-bila.. . aku akan talipon pasanganku
  -Entah bila... aku nak talipon Mak
  -Selalu...aku belikan hadiah untuk pasanganku
  -Entah bila... aku nak belikan hadiah untuk Emak
  -"Kalau kau sudah habis belajar dan berkerja...
  -bolehkah kau kirim wang untuk Mak ?
  - Mak bukan nak banyak... lima puluh ringgit sebulan pun cukuplah".
  -Berderai air mata jika kita mendengarnya. .......
  -Tapi kalau Mak sudah tiada........ ...
  -Berapa ramai yang sanggup menyuapkan ibunya....
  -berapa ramai yang sanggup mencuci muntah ibunya... ..
  -berapa ramai yang sanggup. mengantikan lampin ibunya.....
  -berapa ramai yang sanggup..... membersihkan najis ibunya....... .
  -berapa ramai yang sanggup..... ... membuang ulat dan membersihkan luka kudis ibunya....
  -berapa ramai yang sanggup berhenti kerja untuk menjaga ibunya.....
  -Dan akhir sekali berapa ramai yang sembahyang JENAZAH ibunya......


Note: *Speechless*

Sayonara intensive, sayonara PB

At last, I’m done with my intensive course and Peperiksaan Berterusan (PB) which had caused massive headache and morning sickness. Kidding with the morning sickness part *grin*.

Good thing about this course and exam is I can take 3 weeks off from work. You can imagine how sucks my work is when I prefer 8 subjects (microeconomics, macroeconomics, accounting, computer literature & distance education, business communication, english, commercial law and civilization) to accompany me instead of boring job task in the office. The work is a piece of cake, as easy as ABC or whatever you want to call it, but the environment is very stressful. Working with snails.

So, today is my last paper for PB. Business Communication which most of us thought it is the second easy subject to score, but we were so wrong. It was the hardest among them. I can’t be sure I can pass this subject! Imagine that. So, folks, please pray hard ya. I need good results for my PB, so that I can get good grades overall; it’s including final which is in April 2010.


051220094315 This picture was taken when we were doing discussion regarding our English presentation.


Thank you to my super hardworking and helpful group. They are my savior, my spirit and my wings. To keep me focus and discipline. I don’t think I can do good in exam or assignments without them *wink*



In the class, Microeconomics; the same night I met my form 3 secondary schoolmate.


Thank you to the lecturers that had been helping us day and night. Open door rule really help during this intensive, in fact some other time too. Just that we work and study at the same time. Big burden even though some claim it’s our choice to bear the burden. I hope that the lecturer won’t be too strict marking our paper. Keep my finger crossed.

Thank you to my family members who with patience, treat me good during these three weeks, served me good foods, bought me foods, even left me in peace for studying in my oven-like room.

Last but not least, thank you to Nudge who had helped me a lot during my stressful weeks, gave me support, gave me transport, cooked for me and even stayed up late together with me. I won’t forget that, and it gives me great strength. You know what? If I can make it in 4 years time, not more, it’s because of your support.

I’m going to miss this moment for sure.

Right now, I’m editing two Business Law assignments that need to be submitted on 22nd. After that, I can finish Eclipse! Hooray!

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Let’s move!

Let’s open new chapter in blogosphere. I'll be moving to wordpress.

Click here: Books Gila

To Blogger aka Blogspot, sayonara!

Blogger aka Blogspot, you sucks!

you deserve it!

how could you simply change like that? i want to login with my old email, not with gmail!

…and now, there is no notification in my yahoo email when people comment? you sucks!

Friday, December 04, 2009

Penang's FDI free fall due to poor leadership

Penang Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng's recent admission of turning down of an FDI (Foreign Direct Investment) worth US$3 billion due to his inability to guarantee the prospective investor 1,000 engineers is a shocking case of poor decision-making and incompetence that unfortunately has become the hallmark of the DAP-led Penang state government in the last 18 months.

In all my more than two decades of working experience in the high-tech manufacturing industry around the world, I have never seen a single instance where a state or country turned down a US$3 billion high-tech investment for such a reason.

Any other country or state would have spared no effort to fulfill the investor's every need and requirement in order to secure an investment of such importance and magnitude. What is even more alarming is the chief minister's lack of knowledge of the industry as well as the capabilities and resources available within his own state.

It is hard to comprehend how Guan Eng can allow such a once-in-a-life-time opportunity to slip away as he had numerous options to find the required number of engineers. It is inexcusable that the CM is ignorant of the fact that Penang-based companies like Intel, Altera, Renesas, AMD, Spansion, Osram, Bosch, Lumiled, Agilent, Motorola and many others employ tens of thousands of engineers. In fact, many of these companies have made Penang as their global Research and Development (R & D) centres.

Firstly, local and foreign universities produce Electrical and Electronics (E & E) engineers by the thousands. Secondly, several thousand Penang (and Malaysian) engineers work overseas in countries like Singapore, Taiwan and the US. Many of these engineers would jump at the chance to return home and contribute to the national development and be nearer to their families and friends.

Thirdly, Guan Eng could have followed the example of some high-tech companies (for example, Siltera, Infineon, etc) by recruiting highly specialised engineers from foreign countries as an interim measure until local replacements could be found. A more competent CM would have been aware that countries such as the Philippines and India produce and export English-educated engineers who could be hired in large quantities and at an affordable cost.

Another source of technical resource are retired Japanese engineers, whom the Korean firms have used in the past with stunning effect to bridge the technological gap with their more advanced rivals in high-tech industries.

Fourthly, Guan Eng could have approached the Human Resources Ministry, public and private universities, professional bodies or even other Pakatan Rakyat-ruled states for their assistance in acquiring the necessary engineering resources.

Unfortunately, the Penang CM undertook none of the above-mentioned actions and instead he chose to go the press and lament about the loss and as usual tried to shift the blame onto his political nemeses.

Despite alleged shortcomings, the previous administration under Koh Tsu Khoon did a remarkable job in attracting high-tech FDI, transforming the state from a low-cost assembly center to a high-tech, high value-added design and manufacturing hub.

Tragically, instead of building upon the excellent foundation laid down by his predecessor, Lim Guan Eng appears to have done irreparable damage to the competitiveness of the state by poor decision-making and mismanagement in the last 18 months.

Guan Eng has been lucky that Koh's good work has resulted in a record-breaking RM10.2 billion in FDI for the year 2008. However, as I had correctly predicted, FDI for 2009 had dried up and the result for 2010 likely be gloomier still. Other states like Johor, Perak, Sarawak and even Selangor have done far better and left Penang way behind.

Guan Eng is without doubt the state leader who had made the most number of foreign visits to solicit for FDI. Sadly, he also holds the unwanted distinction of being the least productive as well. For none of these trips seems to have produced any result as we have yet to see a single significant FDI project won solely through the efforts of the new CM.

The reason is not hard to fathom - the state agencies entrusted to bring in FDI are filled with political appointees with little experience or capabilities. Most of these officials seem to be more preoccupied with politics than investment-related tasks.

In the past Guan Eng and DAP had often bitterly complained about the 'brain drain' of Malaysian professionals and skilled workers to other countries due to the lack of opportunities at home. However, in this case, Lim and his DAP themselves are guilty of contributing to the 'brain drain' by squandering such a golden opportunity.

source: malaysiakini

note: while i was seeking info for my computer literature, i saw this. brainy out there, come and give me some figures or fact that can support or against this post ;)

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new moon, awesome in cinema!


ah… uh… ah… yep i make it sounds like i’m having ejaculation. climax to be exact after watching new moon. you should know by now how crazy i am over this. who can believe now, i’m one of the big fan? i never watch twilight, until i read the book. i always have this problem whenever i know there is a book before a movie. i will end up i won’t watch it even i know people are talking about it while it is showing. another movie that i haven’t watched when it was in cinema – inkheart. i knew it has series. maybe i will find a time to squeeze, so that i can read the books, then watch. perhaps, just dvd. i don’t know :)

i’d lie to you if i say i never watch any movie before i read the book before. take example, potter, lotr and eragon. i never read them. potter is way too many sequence, which i decide only to watch rather than read it from the beginning. lotr, i’ve watched all of ‘em. what’s the good reason to  read about it when you already know the ending? hmm, i still to buy 3 books of eragon sequence as i saw brisingr still in the hot list in borders and mph. double hmm.

ah, too much of an introduction this time :) ok, let’s cut the crap and talk about the title of this post.

i went to watch new moon with nadia and keith. me and nadia, read the book, nadia has done all 4 books, which only 3rd book i’m currently reading. don’t blame me for read it slow, blame the time :P

i wonder why meyer book is getting thicker? twilight is easy to finish. but these 2 last books, damn thick.

i think for those who didn’t read the book, you guys must have difficulty to understand why this or why that. maybe its easier a bit to those who had watched the twilight. still many of my friends complaint that new moon has too many dialogues. too many eh?

for me, they cut it a lot. what’s wrong with french kiss? damn. not only that part, to those who read the book must wonder where did they got some parts which was not in the book such as:

  1. bella rode bike with stranger? which suppose she was crossing the road and stop in the middle coz of the voice.
  2. suppose she could see the image of edward? or just hearing the voice?
  3. jake suppose to be bulkier?
  4. did jake explode in front of his house when he fought paul?
  5. alice couldn’t tell edward was going to kill himself until bella and jake told her that edward was on the phone. but why she could tell in the movie?
  6. er, they were suppose to watch horror movie right? i mean, bella, jake and mike?

… and the list goes on :)

overall, i like it. ah, don’t blame me for posting this. it’s not a spoiler at all :)

what do you think about storm warrior? i know it’s ridiculous for those comic haters :P

lemon tree


Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Run This Town

Feel it coming in the air
Hear the screams from everywhere
I’m addicted to the the thrill (I'm Ready)
It’s a dangerous love affair (C'mon)
Can’t be scaring nickels down
Got a problem, tell me now
Only thing that’s on my mind
Is who gonna run this town tonight
Is who gonna run this town tonight
We gonna run this town


We are, yeah, I said it, we are
This is Roc Nation, pledge your allegiance
Get y’all fatigues on, all black everything
Black cards, black cars, all black everything
And our girls are blackbirds, riding with they Dillingers
I get more in-depth if you boys really real enough
This is La Familia, I’ll explain later
But for now, let me get back to this paper
I’m a couple bands down and I’m tryna get back
I gave Doug a grip, I lost a flip for five stacks
Yeah, I’m talking five comma six zeroes dot zero ?
Back to running circles ’round niggas, now we squared up
Hold up


Life’s a game but it’s not fair
I break the rules so I don’t care
So I keep doing my own thing
Walking tall against the rain
Victory’s within the mile
Almost there, don’t give up now
Only thing that’s on my mind
Is who gonna run this town tonight

Heeeeeeeeey heeeeeeay

Heeeeeeeeey heeeeeeay

Who gonna run this town tonight?


We are, yeah, I said it, we are
You can call me Caesar, in a dark Caesar
Please follow the leader, so Eric B we are
Microphone fiend, it’s the return of the God, peace God
And ain’t nobody fresher
I’m in Maison, uh, Martin Margiela
On the table, screaming f@#k the other side, they jealous
We got a bankhead full of broads, they got a table full of fellas
And they ain’t spendin’ no cake
They should throw they hand in, ’cause they ain’t got no spades
My whole team got dough
So my bankhead is lookin’ like Millionaires’ Row


Life’s a game but it’s not fair
I break the rules so I don’t care
So I keep doing my own thing
Walking tall against the rain
Victory’s within the mile
Almost there, don’t give up now
Only thing that’s on my mind
Is who gonna run this town tonight

Heeeeeeeeey heeeeeeay

Heeeeeeeeey heeeeeeay

Who gonna run this town tonight?

Kanye West

It’s crazy how you can go from being Joe Blow
To everybody on your dick, no homo
I bought my whole family whips, no Volvos
Next time I’m in church, please no photos
Police escorts, everybody passports
This the life that everybody ask for
This a fast life, we are on a crash course
What you think I rap for? To push a f@#kin’ Rav 4?
But I know that if I stay stunting
All these girls only gonna want one thing
I could spend my whole life good will hunting
Only good gonna come is it’s good when I’m coming
She got an ass that’ll swallow up her G-string
And up top, uh, two bee stings
And I’m beasting, off the re-sling
And my nigga just made it out the precinct
We give a damn about the drama that you do bring
I’m just tryna change the color on your mood ring
Reebok, baby, you need to try some new things
Have you ever had shoes without shoestrings?
What’s that, Ye? Baby, these heels
Is that a May-what? Baby, these wheels
You trippin’ when you ain’t sippin’, have a refill
You feelin’ like you run it, huh?
Now you know how we feel




Heeeeeeeeey heeeeeeay

Heeeeeeeeey heeeeeeay




Heeeeeeeeey heeeeeeay

Heeeeeeeeey heeeeeeay

Who gonna run this town tonight?



Tamparuli Bridge (Tuaran, Sabah)

Tamparuli is a small town and a sub-district of Tuaran on the west coast of Sabah, Malaysia. It is populated mainly by native Dusuns, while ...