Saturday, July 24, 2010

Blog Idol Winner!


After few weeks we competed with each other, promoting and advertising Blue’s blog so that all my friends, readers and blogger friends could vote for me; now the result came out. Here is the link if you miss it.

Guess what?

Yes. I’m the winner!

I was speechless when Keith told me that I won the contest as I didn’t expect I could win. Furthermore, I didn’t expect that I’d pass to the final round at all. During the final round I was so busy with subjects registration as my second year of study just started and also I got 2 competitions -- Sepak takraw and volleyball instead of my badminton training 3-4 times a week. Imagine that!

Ok, in this entry, I’d like to put a list of peoples that I want to say thank you.

Thank you to:

1. Keith who had helped me a lot by forcing his colleagues and family members to vote for me :) I promise you a meal right? He had helped me to promote in FB and also by phone day and night as he knew I was busy with my things.

2. Family members who had helped me by forcing their friends to vote for me too instead of making their vote counted. Meal, too for you guys ya! Haha.

3. Friends who had voted for me even though some of you need to call me for guiding you on how to leave a comment with a link there (Winson, say thanks to you god bro even though his vote not counted without a link haha).

4. Blogger friends who had helped me voting, and some even leave few same comments there haha :) You guys rock!

5. My readers who some of you I do not know but still vote for me :) If I do not know you, God knows your kindness. You are such an angel :)

6. My email friends who maybe some of you might feel annoyed by getting same email often :) Thanks for the vote too!

7. Lastly, not to forget all the contestants for joining this. You guys are great… just that this time the luck was on my side. Maybe next time it’s yours :) Glad to get the opportunity to know all of you. Keep in touch ya :)

I’m so happy today! To Blue, thanks for organizing such a wonderful event. To know you is like found a pearl in the ocean… :)


Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Final round, let’s vote :)

It’s the final round friends :)

There are 2 songs for this final round. You MUST vote I’M YOURS. Hahahahahaha…

What you need to do is:

1. Click the link below or copy paste the link

2. Click on the comment, then type: I’m Yours

3. Before submitting, there are few choices you can make. If you are a blogger, you can simply use your blogger account or others. But if you are not, just choose name/url and put your name and use facebook link as your url. Got it? If you do not understand, you can just leave comment and I will reply as soon as possible :)

Your vote and help are much appreciated… :)

Love you guys!!!

Monday, July 12, 2010

A day in Cameron Highlands

On 7th of July, it was public holiday in Penang. We decided to go to Cameron Highlands after a simple discussion after volley ball on 6th. Yes, it was a last minute plan.
I slept at 1am on 7th and woke up at 2.30am watching World Cup -- Holland vs Uruguay. A tough match I’d say. Right after the game at 5am, I ran to bed and caught some sleep and woke up again at 6.30am. Got ready and Keith fetched me around 7am. Reached at Zaidi’s house (Jelutong) around 7.15am and we moved with Zaidi’s car to Zaki’s house at Seberang Jaya.
We drove straight to Simpang Pulai to meet Linda there as she drove from Ipoh (she was on leave for a week to take care of her sister who just delivered baby). All of us didn’t eat anything for breakfast yet and decided to eat somewhere around there to save time.
IMG_3040 We laughed at the name… yeah, our director’s name!
IMG_3041IMG_3044IMG_3047 Nasi lemak… the sambal was too salty
IMG_3049 My wrong choice, milky drink which was not a good idea when you’re going to use winding road!
After we finished eating, we drove straight to Cameron Highlands while enjoying the scenery. So, warning to you if you going to drive through the winding roads, please, please, please do not drink any milky drinks!
Around 1 hour drive, we reached there. We went straight to the groceries place to look what could we buy…
IMG_3056IMG_3057IMG_3058IMG_3059IMG_3061IMG_3062IMG_3064IMG_3065IMG_3067IMG_3069IMG_3070IMG_3071 It’s a good idea to sell something like this at the cold place! :)
IMG_3072IMG_3073IMG_3074The super delicious fried mushroom!
After we did some groceries shopping, we decided to eat some strawberry ice cream :) So, we found a shop which was not far away from the groceries place.
 IMG_3077 IMG_3079 IMG_3080 IMG_3083 IMG_3084 IMG_3085 IMG_3087 IMG_3088IMG_3089IMG_3091IMG_3092 IMG_3093 Look at this!!!
IMG_3095IMG_3097 Hahaha yummy!
After the ice cream session, Linda wanted us to see the tea farm view which I never been before. I went to Bharat Tea farm a few times but not Boh Tea Farm. The road to the farm was pretty far and the road was narrow. Only one car can go through at one time and at each corner you must use honk for your safety. Warning: The road is winding!
IMG_3098IMG_3101IMG_3102IMG_3103IMG_3105imageIMG_3106 Amazingly, there was a school there!
Oh, when we were at Boh Tea Farm it was raining. Then, the rain got heavy and no more pictures taken. We went again to the groceries shopping place and bought more stuff before going back.
On the way back, we saw a waterfall just beside the road. Hehehehe… so I decided to snap a picture there! Hey, it was freezing!!!
We continued our journey home right after that. It was such a great experience spending a day at Cameron Highlands. I went there a few times but never spend only a day there. After all, nothing much you can do there but seriously it can kill the stress even for one day :)
Thank you Lim Guan Eng for the public holiday…

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