Saturday, January 31, 2009


Yesterday, there were 2 ASNB agent came to my office as the event was organized by our Pejabat Pengarah Negeri department. They were stationed at the 10th floor which is at my working floor. So, it was easy for me to ask questions and if I’m interested I can join too.

First, they gave us a piece of paper (no proper pamphlet?) with some detail about what they are going to explain. I looked at it and I guess others who came have the same thought; it was about ASB not some other unit trust like investment. I still stay there and I got a lot of questions. When I say a lot, it really a lot! (Ask my colleagues… and yes I was like an agent after that but not the one to suggest but the one against them lol).

Ok, it works like this (click on the image if you need a enlarge the view).

The money in your Account 1 (EPF) cannot be taken out until your retirement at the age of 55 years old. So, the suggestion is to take out money from there and put it in other investment under ASNB such as ASD, ASW2020, ASN2 and ASG which they are like other unit trust as example Public Mutual and CIMB schemes. The different is there is no deduction from your principle for ASD and ASW2020. For instance we take ASW2020 (which was suggested by them) and EPF statistic for comparison.

Amanah Saham Wawasan 2020 (ASW 2020) Dividend Rate Since year 1999

Year Dividend

2008 - 7.00
2007 - 8.00
2006 - 6.80
2005 - 7.10
2004 - 7.00
2003 - 6.60
2002 - 7.25
2001 - 7.25
2000 - 8.80
1999 - 10.20

and for EPF Dividend Rate

2007 5.8
2006 5.15
2005 5
2004 4.75
2003 4.5
2002 4.25
2001 5
2000 6
1999 6.84
1998 6.7
1997 6.7
1996 7.7
1995 7.5
1988 - 1994 8
1983 - 1987 8.5

Yes, you are right! If you make this comparison, ASW2020 seems promising with higher return than EPF.

How to take out your Account 1 money into ASW2020?

No, you can’t take them all out. There is a calculation for it.

We take example let say you are 27 years old. So your Account 1 must have 12,000. But if you have only 12,000 you can’t invest either. You must minus your Account 1 amount with the 12,000 which is suppose to have in Account 1. Got it? (Don’t ask me why the calculation is like that as I asked the same question to them and they answered “that is we calculate”). Then the balance of your minus has to multiply with 20%.

The minimum investment is 1,000.

So in that case, you need to have 17,000 in your Account 1 at least to have the minimum requirement.

(17,000 – 12,000) X 20%

17,000 – 12,000 = 5,000

5,000 X 20% = 1,000 (this is the minimum requirement to invest)

Well, most people look at it like this.

That 1,000 are better to be put in ASW2020 since the dividend return is 7% unlike EPF with 5%.

To me it will be good if you can take the whole amount in Account 1 but if only 20% out of the balance after you minus with the amount in the table, I don’t think it’s a good idea. Why I said so?

Take the same case as example.

If we leave the money in EPF here is the calculation.

17,000 X 5% = 850

17,000 + 850 = 17,850

and this is if you take out your money into ASW2020…

17,000 – 1,000 = 16,000 (balance in EPF)

16,000 X 4% = 640

16,000 + 640 = 16,640

1,000 (the amount you put in ASW2020) X 7% = 70

16,640 + 70 = 16,710

So, which one do you think make more money for you? As I said, it would be good if you take the whole amount but not if it’s too little.

Many of my colleagues joined this scheme but to those who asked my opinion, I showed this calculation. It’s up to you as it is your money.

By the way, since I’m talking about this I want to put statistic for ASB too just for comparison as many of you ask me which is better between ASB and ASW.

• 1993: Dividend=9.00, Bonus=4.50*
• 1994: Dividend=9.00, Bonus=4.50*
• 1995: Dividend=10.0, Bonus=3.00*
• 1996: Dividend=10.25, Bonus=3.00*
• 1997: Dividend=10.25, Bonus=1.25*
• 1998: Dividend=8.00, Bonus=2.50*
• 1999: Dividend=10.5, Bonus=1.50*
• 2000: Dividend=9.75, Bonus=2.00*
• 2001: Dividend=7.00, Bonus=3.00*
• 2002: Dividend=7.00, Bonus=2.00**
• 2003: Dividend=7.25, Bonus=2.00**
• 2004: Dividend=7.25, Bonus=2.00**
• 2005: Dividend=7.25, Bonus=1.75**
• 2006: Dividend=7.30, Bonus=1.25**
• 2007: Dividend=8.00, Bonus=1.00**

So what say you?

Friday, January 30, 2009

bluedreamer's award

I got my first award in 2009 from Bluedreamer! Thanks Blue for this cool awards even though I know my blog has lots of craps! Lol.

I really appreciate it.

So I want to pass this award to:

  1. Zara
  2. Cahaya
  3. Ted
  4. Joseph
  5. Hussaini
  6. Hasanah
  7. Ej
  8. Bluecrystaldude
  9. Rozella
  10. Mummysyafie
  11. Suituapui
  12. Berrykisses
  13. Teja
  14. Inah
  15. Green Apple
  16. Nurul
  17. Dayah
  18. Dy
  19. DrSam
  20. Wan Hidayat
  21. Tepak Sireh
  22. Qaseh
  23. Adila
  24. Tekkaus
  25. Ann
  26. Ad
  27. Wahidah
  28. Danial Ma
  29. Shemah

Must take it! Hehehehehehehehehe…

Tuesday, January 27, 2009


It has been a year since I met my dentist last. Well, you should meet your dentist every 6 months or 12 months. Am I right dentist out there? Lol.

Actually I should meet my dentist last December but with some reasons it drags me until today.

Usually I go to Chua Dental but some of colleagues suggested Rohani Dental to me.

A: Trust me, Rohani is much better than Chua. She is lovely and not as rough as Chua!

B: Rohani is very pretty!

C: The equipments there are new and she replace with new ones after using them unlike Chua simply sterilize them. You know… blood… HIV…

D: I believe in Chua, he is older and professional.

For me, I love the C and D comments. Why are they telling me these? Simply because I was the one in charge for medical before and I’m the one who are the most health conscious in the office!

I went to this dental clinic last Saturday but the staff told me that the chair was broken and I have to make appointment on Tuesday. I agreed and chose to come at 11.30am. I was late today not because I woke up late but blame Ajil as he chatting non stop with me. Lol. Well, he will be going back to that very rural place haha so I completely understood his feeling. I don’t blame him. While chatting with him, I managed to make toast with peanut butter, warm water with honey and 2 half boiled eggs. I know… I know I’m multitasking haha!

Told you men are multitasking!!!

I reached there at 11.40am. I knew I was late. When I reached there I was so shock to see it wasn’t like a dental clinic at all but a common clinic which people go for illness like coughing, fever and cold. The chair was fully occupied and lucky me with the staff’s kindness she gave me a plastic stool. Thank you so much!

I showed her my appointment card continue waiting. Not long enough, my branch director came in. What a coincident eh? I did say hi and shake his hand. A very short conversation and I smsed Ajil and mom to kill the boredom.

About 12 noon the staff called my name.

Went in and told the dentist that it was my first time there and was suggested by some other colleagues. She smiled. Yes I tried to be nice to her so that she would do the same. Lol.

Guess what? I didn’t think she is any better than Chua or maybe the plaque was way too bad. I didn’t know how the pain from tattoo is like but this scaling thingy done by her has no different from the tattooing session. Hahahahahahaha.

She told me that I got gingivitis at the bottom part and need to see her again next month. No problem. I have made my appointment. She told me that I have to meet her and do cleaning until there is no gingivitis anymore. Only then I can go for 6 months checkup and scaling. Again, there is no problem. Eh by the way, she didn't floss me! :( Chua did...

To those who think scaling and regular check up is not important to you, look at these pictures!!!

Hahahahahaha scary isn't it?

It has been a while since I used mouthwash last. I will get one this week. You know, it feels good every time after you meet with the dentist :P

If you want a better mouth care, you can visit Dr Flossing too! Flossing is good you know... ;)

Baby you can freely kiss my very clean mouth now… lick my teeth too ok? Lol.

So this was what happens to me on the 2nd day of Chinese New Year :)


Monday, January 26, 2009

wash car

Ok today is public holiday (yes we have 2 days off till tomorrow). So I have been lazy (with cough still attached to me) with book and coffee. While reading, I smsed some of my Chinese friends with Chinese New Year greeting. I hope they like it and could bring a smile on their face.

Family went out to a wedding. I wasn’t feeling well. So, I decided to stay home and rest. I watched TV, read Amber Spyglass and enjoyed my black coffee.

TV was boring. I wanted to take my car to the car wash nearby. I knew the long queue is waiting for me as its public holiday and worse the car wash is not opened. Ok, take off my shirt and left only shorts, I went out and washed my car. It was long time ago and I couldn’t remember when the last time I washed my car.

Then Ajil smsed, telling me he is online. Chatted with him via Skype till 11pm. There was a lot of thing to talk about and to discuss. I hope the plan works.

I am not productive today but at least I got some rest. Is there any suggestion to get rid of coughing instead of telling me that the cough syrup is good?

What did you do today?

P/s: I want Yee Sang!!!

Music Monday - Huang Hun

It isn’t great when you have so many songs that related to you lately. You simply have tons of songs to put in your blog for Music Monday for their own stories! Maybe that was why I didn’t want to get involve at first lol.

Today is Sunday Jan 25 and what the heck am I waking up so early? Its 5am in the morning and the only friends that are available for a chat via YM are those who are not living in Malaysia. I did buzz a few.

After few considerations, I will write about 3 songs and make them a scheduled post. So I won’t have a spinning head anymore about which should be first, second and so on.

Let’s start with Huang Hun.

This song is pretty old but it has its schmaltzy value. Someone who was dear to me dedicated this song even though knows that I don’t speak or read Mandarin (even though I took Mandarin class when I was 22), Cantonese or even Hokkien.

The song is beguiling and without understand a word I could feel the sorrowfulness by listening to it. I could easily have soggy eyes every time I listen to this song.

It was a long time ago.

At the age of 27 (I know I will be 28 years old this year, you don’t need to jog my memory), I seek for its meaning. Now I know why the song was dedicated to me. I guess it’s not too late to summon up my old memories?

Here the direct translation I took somewhere on the net:

Huang Hun

guo wan zheng ge xia tian
After the whole summer,

you shang bing mei you hao yi dian
my sadness still did not improve.

kai che xing chi zai gong lu wu ji wu bian
Driving my car on the vast, boundless roads,

you li kai zi ji de gan jue
I feel that I’m getting out of touch with myself.

chang bu wan yi shou ge
The song that I could not finish singing,

pi juan hai sheng xia hei yan quan
Left me so tired that there are rings around my eyes.

gan qing de shi jie shang hai zai suo nan mian
It is inevitable to get hurt in the realm of love,

huang hun zai mei zhong yao hei ye
No matter how beautiful the dusk is, the dark night must follow.

yi ran ji de cong ni kou zhong shuo chu zai jian jian jue ru tie
I recall that you said, “Goodbye” with a tone of steel,

hun an zhong you zhong lie ri zhuo shen de cuo gan
I had a delusion of being burnt by the sun in the darkening dusk.

huang hun de di ping xian
The horizon at dusk,

hua chu yi ju gao bie
Drew out your line of, “Farewell.”

ai qing jing ru yong ye
Love plunges into eternal night.

yi ran ji de cong ni yan zhong hua luo de lei shang xin yu jue
I still remember the tears falling from your desolated eyes.

hun luan zhong you zhong re lei shao shang de cuo gan
In the confusion, there is an illusion of being burnt by the hot tears.

huang hun de di ping xian
The horizon at dusk,

ge duan xing fu xi yue
Severed happiness and joy.

xiang ai yi jing hui mie
Love has already been destroyed.

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Sunday, January 25, 2009

An Amazing Story

To those who have followed my blog either bloggers or silent readers surely knew that I won a book give away contest last year (click here and here). I got the book a week after I got A Mighty Heart by Mariane Pearl (click here). So, while finishing that book my colleague wanted to read this An Amazing Story by Carlo Gabbi after reading it’s synopsis behind the book. I agreed and lend her the book for a week. I managed to finish A Mighty Heart in a week or so and continue reading this book. To me I like the beginning of the story and the climax is in the middle of the story. I don’t really quite like the ending as it is a simple happy ending while the jungle part is quite boring.

The beginning of the story is awesome with Dolores struggling in her life at the age of 14 or so living with her mom and step father who is a sex maniac. Instead of having kinky sex with his wife, he is also a pedophile. He took Dolores for a bath everyday and end up he asked Dolores to satisfy his sex desire by making him shoot his load without sexual intercourse until one night he raped Dolores by an incident.

Dolores ran away to Australia with her dancing team. After a while she found out through a friend that the manager had manipulated them for his own benefit. So she quitted and she wanted to go back to Brazil where she belongs but she has no money left. Last resort, she accept the job to be a prostitute. Dolores knew with her beauty she could attract any man easily. Yes she was right and she became a hit within a month. The purpose still the same, she wanted to go back to Brazil and start a new life.

When the time was getting near, she tried to explore Australia more, relaxed near the sea and enjoyed the wonderful scenery. There he met Thomas and the love started from there. Dolores had low self esteem as she knew she was just a prostitute and not like any other woman who has good job and better life than her. But Thomas insisted to know her better.

When the time comes, she went back to Brazil but at the same time missed Thomas a lot. She started her new life successfully.

Thomas couldn’t live without her and seek for her in Brazil with a great plan. The plan was exploring the Amazon forest. From there the love became deeper.

It is not fair if I tell you the whole story including the ending but I must say that Carlo Gabbi is a making-love best writer. The best part I like about him is the way he describes the love making beautifully.

Thanks Jossette for this great gift.

Intel cuts to affect up to 6,000 workers

Chipmaker to cut production at 2 U.S. plants, shut 3 facilities in Asia.

NEW YORK ( -- Chipmaker Intel Corp. announced Wednesday that it will be cutting production at two U.S. silicon wafer facilities and closing three facilities in Asia, affecting between 5,000 and 6,000 workers. (This isn't a great news to my friends who work in Intel)

Intel, in a news release, said some of the workers could be offered positions at other facilities.

"The fact that they're taking action rather quickly to rightsize production" is encouraging, said Doug Freedman, analyst at research firm Broadpoint AmTech.

Intel, like other chipmakers, needs to scale production to a level that matches demand, according to Freedman.

The No. 1 maker of microprocessors said production will be halted at the Fab 20 facility in Hillsboro, Ore., and the D2 facility in Santa Clara, Calif.

Operations are being shut at two facilities in Penang, Malaysia, and a third in Cavite, Philippines. (Are you ready guys?)

The plant shutdowns are slated to occur between now and the end of the year, according to Intel.

The company said the reduction in manufacturing capacity will not affect the production of its new 45-nanometer and 32-nanometer chips.

Last week Intel posted a 90% decline in fourth-quarter earnings, as demand for computer components declined through the last part of 2008. Because of the uncertain economic climate, the company refused to offer any guidance for what the first quarter will bring. (If The No. 1 maker of microprocessors has 90% decline, what about others?)

However, Intel did say that profit margins would perk back up to normal levels by the second half of the year, even though capital spending would be relatively flat, or even recede in 2009.

"When the economy gets a headache, we (the tech industry) get the flu," said Freedman.

Intel is widely viewed as a proxy for the health of the overall PC industry, since its products are a key component for most computer manufacturers.

Shares of Intel (INTC, Fortune 500) rose 1.13% to $13.41 a share in after-hours trading.

(Source: CNN)

My sister's friend who often comes to our house recently was shocked with a bad news. After few scanning, she had been told that the lump in her body has 90% possibility is cancer based on some symptoms.

As additional to her sorrow, her factory did some great retrenchment and she was involved.

I pray that it is not cancer; she is just 18 years old and still a long way to go.

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Happy Chinese New Year

Credit to yewenyi

To all my Chinese friends, Happy Chinese New Year!

I have heard a lot of bad news about the Year of Ox but don’t be upset as there is always a bright side.

Don’t forget my ang pao (red packet) and don’t forget my Mandarin orange!

Thursday, January 22, 2009

750 free WiFi hotspots for Penang in two years

GEORGE TOWN (Jan 21, 2009) : Penang will have up to 750 free WiFi hotspots in two years’ time despite protests from various anti-WiFi groups about the potential health risks of exposure to radiation.

RedTone Group MD Wei Chuan Beng demonstrates the internet
connection through the Free WiFi Wireless@Penang project to Lim
and Ooi. Looking on is RedTone CEO Lau Bik Soon.
Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng, who launched the Wireless @ Penang Penang Free WiFi test drive with RedTone-Hotgate at Komtar on this afternoon, said the state government has evaluated all evidence before continuing with the project.

"All evidence point to the fact that WiFi is safe. If not, we can’t send our children to universities too because all universities here have WiFi," he said.

Lim also said he and Jelutong MP Jeff Ooi are exposed to WiFi 24 hours a day as they have four WiFi hotspots in Komtar and in their homes.

"If WiFi is harmful, Jeff and I will be the first to get fried by radiation."

Redtone-Hotgate Consortium set up a promotional booth in Komtar for the public to test the free wireless internet services provided jointly by REDtone Telecommunications Sdn Bhd and Hotgate Technology (M) Sdn Bhd. Free WiFi booths are also set up at two other pilot sites at Queensbay Mall and Bukit Jambul Complex and the booths will be open for three days starting Wednesday.

The booths are located at the Komtar main entrance, the lower ground floor of Queensbay Mall and the ground floor of Bukit Jambul Complex.

Redtone-Hotgate Consortium will install up to 25 hotspots by the end of February and coverage will extend to 300 hotspots, including the mainland, by March 2010.

(Source: SunDaily)


Honey, I support your effort to make Penang the most high-tech and IT oriented compared to any other states but why there is no WiFi at Penang International Airport?

*scratching my head*

It is embarrassing if foreigner found out about this hon…

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

To My Friend in Gaza - a support and healing project

Dear folks,

Since December 27, 2008 when the Israelis started bombing Gaza, children and women have suffered the most. Over 800,000 children have been exposed to extraordinary levels of violence and insecurity, some 1,600 have been injured and more than 300 children have died. Gazan children who have survived are experiencing unimaginable trauma every day, cowering from fear and suffering from stress-related health problems such as asthma.

Even though there is now a truce, the ordeal of the children is not over. Many are still fearful, in pain and have an uncertain future because they have lost their parents and siblings.

In trying to think what I, as a mother, could do, I came up with this idea and have teamed up with UNICEF Malaysia and +wondermilk to launch To My Friend in Gaza (Untuk Kawan Ku di Gaza) today. The basic idea is to get Malaysian children to write letters/cards/postcards or make drawings for the children of Gaza to show their support, provide encouragement and let them know that they have friends here who are thinking of them and praying for their safety.

The letters will be translated into Arabic by a team of volunteers and will then be handed over to UNICEF Malaysia to be sent to UNICEF in the Occupied Territories to be then distributed among the children in Gaza. +wondermilk designed the logo which they say "is a celebration of hope, peace, love and happiness". I think it's the absolute antithesis of aggression.:-)

I believe that knowing that someone out there cares about them will help these children heal more quickly and will make them realise that there is a world out there where violence and war is not the norm and where there is hope for peace.

I've already received my first letters when the news about this project spread via email, Facebook and word-of-mouth. The first ones came from a bunch of 4 and 5-year olds from a church in PJ. Really sweet messages that say simply 'I love you, I will pray for you'. There are many parents who are asking their schools to get their students to participate so I hope there will be many many more letters that we can send over.

If you would like to help, this is what you can do:

1. Please talk to your children, their friends and their schools and ask them to participate. All letters can be sent to:

To My Friend in Gaza, c/o 48, Jalan Terasek Dua, 59100 Kuala Lumpur.

Preferably by February 20 please.

2. If you have a blog, could you kindly display the logo and link to mine so more people will know about it?

The letters can be in any language at all. I will try and scan some and put them on this blog from time to time.

Thank you so much, folks, from me and my partners in this project and most of all, from the children of Gaza.

(Post is taken here)

Let's Read The Quran Campaign


We need your participation!

Campaign name: Let’s Read The Quran

On January 1st 2009, four friends Syed, Walski, Marina and Anas got together at Coffee-Bean Bangsar Village and decided to launch a campaign to encourage people to read and understand the Quran better.

This campaign is not only for Muslims, but also for our brothers and sisters who are Christians, Buddhists Hindus, Sikhs and those who believes in a God-Head but not so gung-ho about being in any brand of religion, too – come join us and share your ideas! You can join this campaign even if you are an atheist!

The goal of this campaign is to encourage people to read the Quran in the language they understand most and find in it areas of common values in our day to day living.

What is the Campaign all about?
Read the Quran in the language that you are familiar with.

When will the campaign start and end?
January 15th to February 14th (Happy Valentine’s Day!)

Participating blogs in the blogospheres.

So more people know what the Quran says and what the Quran does not say and to match it to what is really said in our daily lives.

Everyone who wants to – the more the merrier! If you have a Blog, Facebook, etc carry the logo/icon.

- To join the campaign, place the accompanying logo/icon at your blog.
- Write or share short articles based on the Quranic text.
- Share what you find in the Quran with family and friends.
- Ask questions about the Quranic message
- Read the Quran – eg click here ,

Peace and Thanks,

Marina Mahathir
Syed Akbar Ali
Anas Zubedy

Participating Blogs

1. 3540 Jalan Sudin
2. Anas Zubedy:
3. ARTiculations:
4. Being Human in the World:
5. Cowboy Malaysia:
6. Disquiet:
7. Jebat Must Die:
8. Lunch at the Lake Club:
10. myAsylum:
11. O.B.E.
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20. Life is too short to be ordinary:

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Monday, January 19, 2009

Music Monday - If today was your last day

This picture is taken by Joseph where a careless bus driver hit 6 motorcyclist and 1 car at Sungai Ara. It was reported that 1 person died but another story I heard 2 died. Scary scenario is you could see kid's dolphin helmet and another adult normal helmet under the bus. My sister put a video regarding this accident here.

After writing about “Are you ready to get married?” I’m thinking of writing about Music Monday instead. I’m afraid I don’t have much time if I don’t write about it now since I’m pretty free now.

What about this time? What am I going to write about? This is my second time for Music Monday and I choose a simple topic for killing out Monday Blues -- “If today was your last day”.

What is in your mind?

When I told mom about this, she asked me why lately my blog is full with wretchedness and melancholy. She prefers something astonishing, something gay (do refer dictionary if your vocabulary is limited) or something mouth watering. I told her, it’s not about sad story and things like that, but it is about we human tend to take things for granted. We neglect it when it is with us or belong to us, but we will miss it or craving for it when it is not around anymore. It can be thing or creature. After all it is simply human’s tendency.

After reading Zara’s blog, this question keeps haunting me day and night. At the same time, it motivates me not to take thing for granted and spend quality time with people that I love.

Imagine this, you have a lot of people around you who care and love you so much but with good excuse like busy working you tend to neglect them and focus only at works. Then, one day God tells you that today is your last day. What do you want to do?

Share with me your thought.

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Saturday, January 17, 2009

Are you ready to get married?

Don't ask me why I choose this picture.

Yes a big question pops up in my mind this morning. Why do you get married?

There are a lot of reasons for us to get married such as perfect age, you are getting older and need to settle down, to make parent happy, parent’s choice and inheritance.

But are you ready for this big commitment? Are you ready to take the entire burden that will occur in the future? Is your financial stable? Will you still depend on your parent if there are problems?

Remember, if you are a Muslim (I guess it can be used by other race and religion as well) there is few things you must consider before getting marry. The things are:

  1. You must be healthy. Healthy here means you have no sexual problem (such as erectile dysfunction for male). Making love is the basic thing in marriage which most people don’t take it serious about it and neglect. I know some people; even put it as the first priority which sex (when the action is not based on love anymore, we simply called it sex and I would rather call it plain vanilla sex -- it’s dull) is the purpose of marriage. That is absolutely wrong. You must know how to balance it. So, there is always romance in making love.
  2. You must be wealthy. Wealthy here doesn’t mean you must be rich. It is important for the husband to be able to support financially in the marriage. This doesn’t mean wife can be happy with her saving without care the husband’s financial at all. This can be discussed and toleration is always the best. But if the wife doesn’t allow the husband to use her money that means husband can’t touch her money at all. But it is a responsible for him to provide the necessary things for living like food and shelter. For male, if you can’t even live on your own and always have an empty account every month end, how do you think you can provide food and shelter for you and your wife, worse your family? (I know most people don’t have family planning and in this modern era (not to forget economic downturn) it’s very bad if you simply make kids without any consideration).

I see many friends and colleagues struggle in their marriage because of the second point. Most people get married young with a good excuse that they can see the kid grows be an adult when they are old. Well, good common sense there but based on the second point, are you financially ready? I see them apply personal loans for the wedding and at the same time apply for housing and car loans for the marriage preparation. After get married they are facing with great financial problem and start to borrow money from friends and more personal loan from bank. For the financial wise view, any loan that brings you negative cash flow to your account is a bad loan, bad debt. If you can’t even survive with just you and wife, do you think you can survive with kid in the family? Time flies very fast. It is like a blink, and you see things are different and time has past by. Kid need to grow and live. You need money for their shelter, food and education. Raising a kid is not an easy task but since you choose to get married and have kid then I assume you are already stable in financial.

It is not hard for you to get married. Get yourself a cute woman or handsome muscular guy and end up with marriage. But that’s not the important thing in marriage. The important thing is after the wedding. I feel weird why some people like to spend so much on the wedding which usually happens only for one day. Most people like to make it as grandest as they could to make friends and colleagues jaw dropped and the grape vine communication spread around. But do you think it is worth it?

My conclusion is the question these days should be “Are you ready to get married?” instead of “When do you want to get married?”

P/s: To women out there, find yourself a financial stable man and remember everyone will be ugly when they are old.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Man Utd 3 - Chelsea 0

Sunday, Jan 11.

Because of this game I slept at 3am. I know the game finished earlier but when I get excited, my eyes simply wide opened like caffeine inoculation into my blood vessel.

I was writing Music Monday when watching this match. At the same time I was busy replying text message with Axim and Acai. Two bloggers who are die hard Chelsea fan (guys, I know this is the heartbroken moment!)

Honestly, for England league the last four giants (Manchester United, Chelsea, Liverpool and Arsenal) will always be at the top of the league even though at the beginning of the league some other teams seem strong.

The first half was tedious with both team tried to play clean and defensive. Before the first half end, Vidic managed to score a goal which made me smile.

The second half was great with Rooney and Berbatov netted the second and third goal. My colleague texted me “Is this Chelsea or Hull City?”. I laughed out loud!

So, to Chelsea fan… sayonara!

Monday, January 12, 2009

Music Monday - Happy Ending

This is the first time, I join Music Monday after had been invited by Rozella and Bluecrystaldude weeks ago (or months ago?). Rozella did ask me why it took me so long to join. I have few reasons but let me put them in my closet ;)

Ok, what I wanna talk in Music Monday as a novice? :)

Let's talk about Honesty is the best policy?

It has been more than a year since I started blogging and I could see good and bad things around. Well, at least for me. You know, you can't assume what is good for you good for others and otherwise.

I got to know someone who used to read my blog, be my fan and ended up my long distance lover. At least, so I expected.

We talked on the phone, exchanging pictures via MMS and Yahoo Messenger. Talked about blog, news, us and not to forget about soccer as well. I had believed every single word from her and even believe the whole her. She even got MySpace which also caught my attention. I spoke to myself "Ya Allah, what a beautiful creature You have created! A model!".

She called me everyday and everynight. Hours. I mean Hours.

I got jealous when I read comment on her blog. Lovely ones from other bloggers. I was overwhelmed. Sometiemes I thought did she just play around with me which happen so to others as well? I erased the thought.

Then all in sudden she disappeared from blogsphere and no call or even text message. I wondered if she was ok. I did left her few text messages.

I was surprised with a bad news. She met with an accident which the car turned turtle. I was shock and speechless. After few days, she texted me. Told me that she was fine but pain was everywhere.

Then she started to disappeared again. By this time I had a feeling that she was not interested in me anymore. Days before that, she kept calling me and wanted to know whether I do love her. Sometimes even at 3am in the morning. Honestly, I was kinda annoyed. But for the respect of love, I did entertain her.

After weeks, then she called me again. Then, I found out that she was attached with someone else who happen to be a blogger too. I was devastated.

Months went by, I could smell some weird things between her and another fellow blogger. Things like -- both got few houses in Damansara and parent went for Haj. I started my own investigation until the true color appeared. Even all the pictures are fake.

Now, I know the true color, the real thing. The good thing is she conffessed about the lie. I have forgiven her and I take this as my lesson in life.

Lets listen to a song to kill the Monday Blues...

This is the way you left me,
I'm not pretending.
No hope, no love, no glory,
No Happy Ending.
This is the way that we love,
Like it's forever.
Then live the rest of our life,
But not together.

Wake up in the morning, stumble on my life
Can't get no love without sacrifice
If anything should happen, I guess I wish you well
A little bit of heaven, but a little bit of hell

This is the hardest story that I've ever told
No hope, or love, or glory
Happy endings gone forever more
I feel as if I'm wasted
And I'm wastin' every day

This is the way you left me,
I'm not pretending.
No hope, no love, no glory,
No Happy Ending.
This is the way that we love,
Like it's forever.
Then live the rest of our life,
But not together.

2 o'clock in the morning, something's on my mind
Can't get no rest; keep walkin' around
If I pretend that nothin' ever went wrong, I can get to my sleep
I can think that we just carried on

This is the hardest story that I've ever told
No hope, or love, or glory
Happy endings gone forever more
I feel as if I'm wasted
And I'm wastin' every day

This is the way you left me,
I'm not pretending.
No hope, no love, no glory,
No Happy Ending.
This is the way that we love,
Like it's forever.
Then live the rest of our life,
But not together.

A Little bit of love, little bit of love
Little bit of love, little bit of love[repeat]

I feel as if I'm wasted
And I waste everyday

This is the way you left me,
I'm not pretending.
No hope, no love, no glory,
No Happy Ending.
This is the way that we love,
Like it's forever.
To live the rest of our life,
But not together.

Come join Music Monday and share your songs with us. One simple rule, leave ONLY the actual post link here. You can grab this code at LJL Please note these links are STRICTLY for Music Monday participants only. All others will be deleted.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Agrofert Manucfacturing Sdn Bhd - Worm Fertilizer

Suppose I write about this last night (which for me its still at night as there is no sun now :P) but I was busy transfering money to this and that account (not mine :P), some calculation and discussion with mom and dad.

Ok, I couldn't sleep early last night (same went for the whole week) with coughing and itchy throat. So, I slept quite late. After took the coughing syrup, I chatted with Achik and Diana (my ex college mate) in Skype but then I was too tired to sit on the chair and took the laptop to my bed. End up, I kept falling asleep! I was nearly drop my laptop on the floor. I decided to say goodbye and went to sleep. It was about 3am? Roughly.

Like 10am in the morning mom knocked my door. I was half awaked. Open my door and mom told me dad wanna go to the talk. I was like "What???". Murmured to myself "Oh mom, you should tell me earlier!".

I didn't want to argue. Remember business opportunity really can't be missed and sleep never important (I know its important, but hey how many hours we sleep and how many hours we work to achieve our goal? Do the math).

Drank my morning sky juice. Toilet and quick shower.

Great. I had to iron my shirt as wrinkles were everywhere. Quick ironing. Then CK Eternity on me (lucky I only have 2 bottles of perfume left at home as I always have a hard time to choose, at least now only between Eternity and JPG) and out of the house.

We reached Cititel around 11.15am and did the registration. When we went in, I was curious. I thought it suppose to be a talk? But the tables were arranged like you are having an interview or applying bank loans. Lol. Oh, ok its not the talk but its more like a meeting. Ok, not bad tho. At least they can focus on us, questioning and answering session.

After few hours (6 hours to be exact?), my mom and I joined. Yes of course with some considerations and a lot of discussions between me, dad and mom.

After signing agreement and did the payment, we drove out of the hotel and seeking for foods! We were starving. Remember no breakfast (I ate 2 slices of bread with marmalade) and lunch. I took my parent to Hameed Soup. Dad and mom with ox tail soup and me with vein soup. Lol I know sound weird, but you better try! Then dad ate the nasi lemak. I ordered beef murtabak to share with dad and mom. The foods were yummy :P

Lets pray the project will be a great success ;) A good beginning for 2009 I hope.

p/s: Anyone live in or near Puchong? Please email me at

Friday, January 09, 2009

Boyzone naked?

Do you still remember this boyband? Yes they are Boyzone. They were as famous as N'Sync, Backstreetboys, Take That and many more. Ronan, Steve, Shane, Keith and Mikey made a come back!

Astro showed their latest concert on TV and it was very good compared with Backstreetboys lately. Backstreetboys's voice wasn't the same anymore and I missed their old voice. Plus, there is no more Kevin Scott Richardson too!

Song like Words, No Mattter What, Baby Can I hold You and many more surely make you smile remembering the sweet memories. I was in secondary school during that time. Even mom likes them a lot! (mind you, mom loves music so much and even she know new songs better than me!).

Their outfits were greats. Colors like black & white and red & black really awesome. Neat and sexy (because of the tight trousers?). I am not sure they will repeat the show again after repeated for 3 times. But if you are lucky enough you can catch them again on Astro channel 808. Its a must watch for you Boyzone's fan out there!

By the way, do you know they look much better than last time too?

Now, do you believe me? *fainted*

Tagged by Nurul

I've been tagged by Nurul (omg! tag fever is coming again?)

what is the most important thing in your life ?

what is the last thing you bought with your own money ?
Thing? Including food? If food, Mamak fried noodle at Jelutong. If exclude food, Converse shoes.

where do you wish to get married ?
G Hotel.

how old do you think you will get permanently owned by your lover ?
32 years old.

are you in love ?

where was the last restaurant you had dinner at ?
Kapitan in town -- Cheese Nan with Tandoori.

name the latest book you bought ?
Mighty Heart by Mariane Pearl.

what is your full name ?
Lol. What for? Too long!

do you prefer mother or father?

name a person that you really wish to meet in your real life for the first time?
Bruce Willis.

christina or britney?

do you do your own laundry ?

the most exciting place you want to go???

hugs or kisses???

point out five things about the person who tagged you??
Clumsy, talkative, good cook, eat a lot and love sleeping.

eight things i’m passionate about..Apa ye...???
1. Money
2. Books
3. Hotties
4. Interior design
5. Car
6. House
7. Places
8. Foods

eight books i have read recently???
1. Amazing story - Carlo Gabbi
2. Mighty Heart - Mariane Pearl
3. Landlord Millionaire - Azizi Ali
4. Lahirnya Seoorang Jutawan - Azizi Ali
5. Why we want you to be rich - Kiyosaki and Trump
6. Persuasion - James Borg
7. Say something nice - Dr Zaitun
8. Amber Spyglass - Philip Pullman

eight songs i’ve been listening over and over again??
1. Unchained Melody
2. Only you
3. All My Life
4. Words
5. When say nothing at all
6. Hero
7. Happy ending
8. Fuck it

eight things i learned this year???
This year? Its January! C'mon...

eight people you tag????
1. inah
2. axim
3. rozella (yuhuu! revenge is sweet hahaha!)
4. hardiyana
5. achik
6. drsam
7. quachee
8. mummyshafie

Tag from Rozella

I've been tagged by Rozella.

1. Have you ever been on TV?
Never. But people always get confused between me and Qazem Nor.

2. Have you ever sung in public?
When I was 12 at a wedding. The song was Oh Ibu by Exist. A lot of moms cried. I guess it was good.

3. Have you ever dyed your hair blond?
Once. Yucks.

4. Have you ever eaten frogs' legs?

5. Have you ever received a present that you really hated?

6. Have you ever walked into a lamp post?

7. Have you ever cooked a meal by yourself for more than 15 people?
15 peoples? I found myself a bad cook. I don't like my cooking. Do you think others will like it?

8. Have you ever fallen or stumbled in front of others?
Yes. Last year at Family Day. The stupid game was about playing soccer with sarong.

9. Have you ever done volunteer work?
When I was a scout, I was 12. That's it.

Dayah, Nurul, Cahaya, Ted Baker, Bluecrystaldude and Berrykisses. You are next! ;)

Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Penang is third in investments garnered

PENANG is number three in the country in terms of attracting investments last year.

Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng said the state attracted RM9.5bil in foreign investments up to October 2008.

He said the amount was double the figure of RM4.7bil recorded for the whole of 2007.

Let's eat: Lim (centre) savouring a steamboat meal together with members of the press and other state DAP leaders. Also present is Lim's wife Betty Chew (right)

“We have already achieved such a good result in the 10 months. Hopefully we can exceed the RM10bil mark for the year as the figures for November and December have yet to be finalised,” he said in his speech during a media night dinner hosted by DAP Bukit Mertajam division on Friday night.

He said the good result would never be achieved without the hard work and co-operation from all the relevant parties.

He said the state would continue to work hard to lure foreign investments which would indirectly create more job opportunites for Penangites. (such as retrenchment in factory and 10% cut off from the salary? not to mention about shut down for few days due to the economic crisis)

For the new year, Lim said the state would focus on strengthening the economy, fighting crime, strengthening education and good governance based on the CAT (competency, accountability and transparency) policy.

Bukit Mertajam MP Chong Eng, in her speech, said the emergence of digital media had provided the public a different perspective and wider access to the latest news and information, including alternative news and views.

She said the media had played a significant role in DAP’s historic victory in the last general election.

(source: the star)

I couldn't agree more that this is a good news for Penangite. Sad news is there's no bonus for IRB fellas. Almost half of the country resource came from tax. Remember that!

Monday, January 05, 2009

Dance with me

i was curious. i was puzzled. my brain ran wild.

i took the chance. once in a lifetime.

i must prove that i do love her. that was what in my mind. nothing else. not even thinking about her husband. 4 years of relationship. but... it was just about me. and her.

i didn't know. what was right. or what was wrong.

i called the cab.

it would take about 45 minutes to reach. school holiday. the traffic was bad. i had not much time left. my heart beats faster than usual. sweat on my forehead. i was nervous. very nervous.

i paid to the driver. it should take me about 10 minutes to reach from where i ran out of the cab. i started to run. sweating? i just didn't care. ran with my bag along.

when i reached. i still could hear the music. it should be my turn at anytime. i took a peak at one of the ballroom doors. i saw her. long hair. watery eyes. i guess she thought i won't be there. be there for her. to dance with her.

it was the instinct. she knew i was there. she turned. she saw me. she smiled. i smiled back. but it wasn't a good one. i didn't know whether i should smile or i should cry instead. my heart went wild. the beats went fast. hardly breath. took a deep one.

time flied. with few blinks i was ready. held her hand in front of thousand of audience. i looked at her. she did the same.

the music started.

we started to dance. the way it used to be. the way it should be. through our pain. our memories. our feeling. hidden. ecstatic.

the audience were flabbergasted. applauded.

... all in sudden she fell. no music. no sound. we were just in silence. she looked at me. watery eyes. i could feel how frustrated she was. very frustrated. i stopped. walked to her and murmured.

"get up. its not about winning. its our time. lets dance. i wanna make the floor red..."

she smiled. took my hand and we started to dance again. it was not a classical music. no. it was just "hero" by enrique. it was great. i felt great. i knew she felt the same.

the dance ended. she looked at her husband. telling by her eyes, "what i want is to dance, please don't take it away". she looked at me. i looked at her. deep. i avoided being emotional.

and now...

here i am. all alone. should i smile?

Hero - Enrique Iglesias

Meet Ej

i hate to write when there is no inspiration :P so when i keep it too long it will just faded away. which also not a good thing to do. so here i am writing about blogger meeting again (again is not a good word tho since i only met 3 bloggers which mean 2 bloggers last year and 1 for this year).

this time i met the famous ej.

i'm sure that many of you know her better than me. some of you got my link from her. i know that too :)

actually the meeting arranged by her and my sis but since my sis was so shy (yeah right!) so she insisted me to join the meeting. fine then since i wanted to meet ej for so long but just didn't manage to do so, YET.

the venue was georgetown white coffee (as much as i thought it would be not much different from the old town white coffee just with different brand) introduced by my sis. so i drove there on my lunch break.

parked my car at prangin mall (ej asked me about why did i park there as there are many others closer ones, what about i'm not good at seeking places for parking? :P) and walked to komtar to meet my sis at the 3rd floor.

then we met ej at the entrance (don't blame me for being late, i was stuck in the bad traffic but sis was still in the office when i reached there! huhu). sorry for being late anyway.

then we ordered our foods based on the mouth watering pictures in the menu. i ordered hainanese noodle, sis with hokkien noodle and ej with plain rice and seafood curry. ej complained that the seafoods were little and most of the ingredient was the tauhu aka taukua (soy). which she is not a big fan of soy lol.

then she ordered rojak (mix fruit with black sause on top of it -- chilies, peanuts and shrimp paste) and toast with kaya and butter. not enough with that, she needs dessert -- ais kacang.

i never doubt that she can eat a lot tho based on her blog and the foods pictures. she is a real floggger! (suituapui, stop calling me flogger lol).

the meeting was great and the foods was fine. i hope to meet her again soon! ;)

p/s: off to clinic. diarrhea since yesterday... su ail kenari's fault? boo hoo. thanks ej for the treat. next time the bill is on me! ;)

Sunday, January 04, 2009

Prison break

prison break anyone? i'm not sure how many of you have watched this but i really like the storyline seriously. the storyline is simply superb. you know series like prison break and house md really make me thing sometimes, how brilliant the producer or the one coming out with this idea. i don't know. simply amazing. with algorithm, terms, chemistry, physic etc. just very catchy. at least catch my attention. i'm watching house now after finished this prison break weeks ago. next should be numbers? (need someone with good hearted to send copies hehe).

ok. whats good with prison break? i don't follow any series on tv and i prefer to wait till the series finish and buy the series instead. like what i did with heroes. haven't watched any of the season 3 episode tho. i wanted to buy this series and been asking around about it. most of the shop and stall sells only season 2 and 3 which they told me there's no more season 1. so i wanted to buy season 1 and i was lucky enough when my colleague emailed me and wanted to lend them to me! i mean all seasons from 1 to 3. thank god. i was so happy. it took me ages to finish them anyway. you know, 1 dvd got 4 episode and there are 5-6 dvds for a season. its kinda cool when i changed my behavior then all in sudden i found out that scofield behave like me :P you know, like you talk only importat thing and keep yourself in silence most of the time. so that you can think more than talk craps.

i like the chemical formula in this movie. the strategy and even the confidence in scofield. it helps me in daily life too. it might not work with you, but it is for me.

roughly, season 1 is about how to escape. season 2 is about running and season 3 is about escaping again from the next prison. i like the quote "prison is made to be broken". haha. how true? crap. do you really think you can break a prison? but the storyline is amazine :) the fact? its like watching spiderman. do you really think spiderman exist in this real world? same goes with movie. you know, hero always win. enough said.

in this series we can also learn about love, friendship, loyalty and family. great stuff to be wondering about.

you should watch if you haven't watched it. there is no such thing as too busy :P its just the matter of you being lazy alright? ;)

till later.

p/s: thanks amru!

Saturday, January 03, 2009

Injured whale shark dies on Malaysia shore

KUALA LUMPUR, Malaysia: A rare 23-foot-long (7-meter-long) whale shark got entangled in a fishing net off Malaysia's northwest coast and was towed to shore but died due to injuries, local media reported Saturday.

Fisherman Key Chai Yang told the New Straits Times newspaper that it took two hours to tow the two-ton shark, known as a Rhincodon Typus, to land after it got entangled in his fishing net early Friday.

He said the shark was still alive when it reached shore in northern Penang state in Malaysia's northwest, but it died shortly after from the multiple cuts it suffered from the propeller blades under his boat.

"I have never seen such a gigantic shark in my 30 years as a fisherman," Key was quoted as saying.

A huge crowd turned up to see the carcass of the shark, which was later sent to the state fisheries department, the report said.

Fishery officials could not immediately be reached for comment.

The Rhincodon Typus, the largest fish in the world, can be found in warm tropical seas. The leviathan, which has distinctive white spots over its dark gray body, can grow as long as of 65 feet (20 meters) and live up to 70 years.

(source: herald tribune)


we are talking about largest fish in the world ok? its pretty sad to see or hear about animals die. to see they are dying even worse. really breaking my heart into pieces. but what to do, in this case we can't blame the fisherman though. but i'm still sad. boo hoo.

isn't she lovely?

Thursday, January 01, 2009

Crush on someone?

Do you have crush on someone?

Lets try something new. Something that you surely like. Something for certainty.

Click here. Answer honestly okay?

Lets pray the best result for all of us. Who knows you are going to get someone for new year ;)

p/s: I can't sleep since last night.

Happy New Year

Its 3.23am now. My eyes still wide awake. My black coffee beside me. Listening to Cook and Archuleta (Archuleta ruins Appologize by Timberland damn it... yet girls screaming? Sucker :P).

How I celebrated my New Year? Lol. Funny way. Around 9.30pm fetched my best friend at Bayan Lepas, then drove to the nearest petrol station. The Bayan Lepas Shell sucks to the max. Why? The credit card machine outside got problem with the pump number 1. Then I went to the cashier counter asked about it and he told me only pump number 1 got problem with the credit card. Ok, fine. Then passed him the card and filled my car. After that, he gave me the card and I signed. Then he didn't pass me the card and kept comparing the card with thhe signature. Then he said I can't use the card as the signature isn't the same. Told him its my dad's card as mine got problem (just supplement card, not entitled to own any card :P). He said he has to call the owner and I have to wait. Great! Grr.

Waited in the car for the owner aka boss. About 15mins the boss reached at the station. Then the same words repeated. I told him he could call my dad for confirmation. Then there goes a story about card, different signature and they didn't get any payment. I asked him whats the diffferent between I use the card at the credit card machine outside and in here? He replied that was why he wanted me to use the credit card machine instead of at the cashier. I told him that his damn machine is not functioning! He asked where I live and where's my dad now. Told him at home and unwell. Then he wanted to continue the old bedtime story and I simply cut it short and put my contact number and name in case he can't get the payment from the bank. He was kinda annoyed but passed the card anyway. He did say sorry... but I was pissed off. I didn't have problem with other stations like in Relau and Sg Ara. Promised to myself I won't go there in the future!

The station was not far from the airport and I reached at the car park around 10pm. Poor friend, he was starving. Walked to the Mc Donalds (in Malaysia we simply called it McD) and since I had already eaten at home, I just ordered fries, coke and choc sundae (I ordered cornetto la Ajil! lol). Thats all.

Ajil told me got wifi so I brought laptop along. Guess what? No wifi :P Luckily my blog already opened and I used save and quit mode. So, he could read my blog... and enjoy the pictures still.

Cit chatting till 12 then off to toilet. Thanks for those who sent sms to me. Very sweet :)

Drove him home and cit chatting again. Mostly we talked bout the December trip and his posting. Around 2.30pm I drove home. Watching some craps on TV for a while and here I am.

Happy New Year to everybody :) I hope we get wealth, health, faith and love altogether this year! Welcome 2009... and I'm a year older.

Tamparuli Bridge (Tuaran, Sabah)

Tamparuli is a small town and a sub-district of Tuaran on the west coast of Sabah, Malaysia. It is populated mainly by native Dusuns, while ...