Wednesday, July 22, 2009

fuck you mc donalds!



Today I was so pissed off during my lunch break. Why?

Because it was my second time this thing happen. What?

The delivery couldn’t be made. Why?

It was raining lightly. So?

So, they said they couldn’t deliver it from Prangin Mall (near KOMTAR) to IRB (near Esplanade).  Unbelievable. But today it was worse. They needed half an hour (you have to ask the fucking lazy despatch first eh?) to decide whether they could deliver us the foods that we ordered because we insisted them to deliver when the rain stop. After half an hour, they called just to tell us: “We are sorry sir, we can’t deliver them”.

Fuck you.

We didn’t order a set or two. We ordered:

1 set of grilled chicken foldover (medium)

7 pieces of pineapple pie

4 sets of Chicken Mc Deluxe (medium)

6 pieces of chicken nuggets

1 set of double cheese burger (medium)

2 set of Big Mac (medium)


Do the math.

Yet, they cancelled our order.

I have been dealing with them for 5 years and this is what I get. Thank you Mc Donalds.


  1. Ayyooo..order mcm tu punya banyak pun takleh hantar..kalo management diorg tahu sure dah kena pecat staff tu..haha..
    Sabolaa Faisal..So tak nak makan MC D dah ke ni?..hehe..

  2. ad - tak le sampai taknak makan. tapi harap2 management dorang baca ni!

    frust betol.

  3. Anonymous7:53 PM

    Err, order pizza je len kali. Xcerewet sgt. :D

    Apa pun, sabar ya. :)

  4. suituapui7:57 PM

    Boycott these foreign franchise outlets!!! Support our own! Here, just call the kedai kopi...and they will send!!! Cheap and nice!

  5. ieshagun - lepas ni memang malas nak order mc D dah.
    order pizza senang kan :)

    stp - in penang where got kedai kopi can deliver food :(

  6. Anonymous8:18 PM

    yup, especially dominos. B)

  7. iesha - suka pizza hut :P

  8. Anonymous8:36 PM

    semua kte suka actually tapi dah lama tak makan pizza hut. nak makanlaa. hehe

  9. iesha - hehe. flavor apa suka?

  10. Anonymous8:44 PM

    super supreme. yummy! :D

  11. iesha - haha! good choice.

  12. Anonymous8:54 PM

    what's your favourite pizza?

  13. go and complain with their management..serious!!

  14. inah - is there any form i could fill in?

  15. go complain!
    just ask to see the manager or something

    aiyoh.. diorg ni!! business tu leklok le~
    ade ke patut tolak pelanggan camni? issskkk~
    staff tu ptt dipecat aje~

  16. mmg mcm tu la faisal..kalo ujan sket diorang mmg tk dpt hantar...ntahaperntah..

    i prefer pi drive thru jer...hahaha...

  17. adila - tu pasal. nak gi sampai prangin semata-mata untuk complain macam not worth it pulak :(

    wahidah - sebab malas drive yang sanggup bayar delivery charge :) plus, deliver charge lagi murah dari petrol :P

  18. OMG that is one scary ad!

  19. I also have always had bad experiences with McD's delivery. Will never do it again. And sampai pun soggy je. Tak panas pun.

  20. rozie - scarier when i feel like i'm the one who wears the ronald's outfit!!!

  21. bongok nyer diorang..order banyak tuh..ish ish ish..

  22. axim - tu pasal. aku harap management dorang dapat baca post ni!

  23. Lodge a report to HQ. They sure will treat u better next time. Been there, done that.

  24. form: tribunal tuntutan pengguna..hehe...


    biasalah, kadang2 Kcy pun kena gak situasi camni..sabar je lah...

  25. aku try order last 2 days. dorang kata, delivery estimated 1 half hours. aku pissed off gak. tapi lapar nye pasal, aku kuar ngan member ofis gi drive thru.. dan aku time kan.. tak sampai 10mins da sampai..

    kesimpulan, mc d memang dah mula suck! n they think that, org akan tetap order dan makan..sebab demand is high..

    well.. kes aku senang je.. tak puas ati, call..maki la ape lagi.. after that dorang offer compliment meal, sound direct la.. ingat hadap sgt ke..

    hmm..jadik geram lepas baca ko nye entri nih..membuak2 teringat kes mc d yg sblum nih.

  26. haha...

    Buy American Last... sometime, I thought that the local food is better...

  27. nak lepak mekdi alamanda la lepas keje ari nih....lalala...


  28. cahaya - i ni kan pemalew :P

    kcy - saya akan jadi lebih bersabar :D

    giggle - tu pasal. tapi member aku yang call, aku nak maki pun nanti dia nye number lak kena. so, aku sabar je la. berlari-lari anak mencari makanan di area ofis.

  29. zam - agree. but it was raining. that was why we ordered fast food.

    yanie - free flow drink wor!

  30.'s time to turn to other delivery services? KFC? BK? Pizza? LOL :D Aiyoo...don't get mad with the,Not worth it. :D

  31. eyer! Lazy buggers! I swear they are just slacking away smoking... there was a one time, my meal came to me and it was all soggy and wet! I complained like mad! McDonald's ena rmy house was like only 5mins bike ride away! It had to take him that long to come!!

    One day I went to eat there, I found out what? The food are all packed up ready to go, but the riders are slacking smoking away outside while the food is all turning cold in the plastic bags that is tightly tied! Pffft!

  32. tekkaus - kfc doesn't has delivery service. i wonder why.

  33. lady - omg. if that is the case, no wonder they canceled my order twice :D

  34. McDonalds are losing business this way. They even refuse to deliver to our company and we order alot, especially when we have to work late and stuff... They also recently stopped delivering to my neighbourhood. Dominos is awesome, though...

  35. Penang McD is so suck, wow sorry to say.

    Imma fan of mcD, got one time they delivered wrong meal to me.

    I called them, I told them that they sent wrong burger to me, so I want my exact burger. (I am fussy in choosing food. Really fussy)

    What they do? They re-send my burger, and the 1st one they gave me consider as free. Wahahaha.

    I love Kota Kinabalu's MCD :X

  36. Anonymous8:46 PM

    cehhh.. pemalu konon... :P
    malu la sangat....

  37. terra - that is bad. yes, when people boycott them because of Israel last time, they made cheap meals so that people will still come to eat their foods. but after everything is back to normal, they just forget about everything.


    ann - what about when it's raining?

  38. anonymous - yep sangat pemalu :)

  39. I think I also pernah order mcD when its raining, but yes. They still send it to us. :D

  40. ann - last time they were ok, but now they are different. sigh.

  41. suituapui et al, I sure support these foreign franchises. They are great and I believe this is only isolated case.

  42. Huh? They don't know how to do business? Or maybe too much business already, so don't bother about your orders : )

  43. Btw, I seldom eat McD nowadays except for their sundae cone ice cream and chocotop : )

  44. Sorry Faisal, that's so upsetting.

  45. joseph - ya rite. like you buying often mc donalds? :P

    joseph - buy american first? from your head to toe, i didn't see any american stuff attached :P

    foong - actually the problem is with their despatch :)

    foong - what about mc flurry? :D

    babypose - very upsetting :(

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