Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Bali - Dreamland

When I reached there, I was amazed by the beautiful beach and the sea. So blue!

I was speechless and just smile enjoying the scenery. Oh, I forgot to take pictures of the surfing board! You can rent the surfing board and surf there. So cool!

Too bad I did not bring my surfing pants along as we I did not plan earlier to go to this beach. But since I was on my way to the place that I will post in this blog next, so I just went there and enjoy the scenery instead jump into the water and rent the surf board! Such a waste.

Hope you enjoy the pictures.

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Bali - The Turtle Island

I guess, not many of you have visited this place? 

Why I say this? It is because Turtle Island is not like other places which are famous as Bali's signature. When people mention about Bali, those places like Tanah Lot, Paddy Terrace and Kintamani Volcano will be appeared in your mind. Not the Turtle Island.

Luckily, I read about it on internet and asked to my tourist guide.

I wanted to touch turtle since I was a little kid. My family even brought me to Rantau Abang, Terengganu to see turtle, but you can see them only if you are lucky. I was not lucky then since the turtle did not come to the beach and it was 1990 if I'm not mistaken. Dad booked the chalet at the beach and we were waited for the turtle together. Such a sweet memories.

So, I had the opportunity again. I did not miss it this time, of course.

We took the boat from the mainland to the Turtle Island. I was very happy and anxious.

You can see many boats on your way to the island. Even weird fishing boat like the green one in the picture.

Our happy face on the boat.

You can see some activities like parasailing, jet ski and many more.

I forgot to mention, our boat was a glass-bottom boat. So, we could see underwater creature and corals.

...and there you go!!! We reached the island!

The python :)

Monitor lizard

...and some birds too :)

You must try the coconut. It was huge!

It is a must thing to do if you visit Bali. The people in the island were friendly. 

It's 3:35am (Sunday) now and I got to go. I got wedding to attend later. I will write about the next place that I had visited later. I hope you enjoy the post :)

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Bali - Barong Dance

Barong is a traditional dance which is also a signature of Bali. It is actually a cultural dance for Balinese.

I talked to my tourist guide (supir) and he told me that Barong was actually exist and he heard that it is still exist. He also told me that Barong actually a human who transformed into ugly beast caused by the black magic in the martial art. If a human meet a Barong, the person will die because Barong will suck the human soul. That was what he told me even though you might find more answers about it from internet and wikipedia. You can get the whole story about this dance here.

So here are some pictures of the show. Sorry for bad quality pictures as I was late for the show, stomach ache earlier in the morning.

The Barong.

The fight.

The knife just could not go through them. Invulnerable. The kris-wielding dancers.

Overall, I enjoyed the show. I love this kind of cultural show so much. Stay tune for another cultural show that I watched in Bali :)

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