Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Krabi and Trang in December 2012

I went to Krabi last December with some of my friends. I have heard about it from friends. About the beautiful islands, very relaxing and a touristic place. Well, I don't really fancy a place with so many tourist because it's hard to bargain and everything will be double from the original price. 

CAUTION: It is a very long post.

The travel had been arranged by Kak Ton, which included the transportation by van from Penang to Hat Yai. Then from Hat Yai to Krabi. We took the same agency from Hat Yai to Krabi and the same tourist guide that we loved the most, Abang Aree. The best ever! (Yes, we took the same one to Koh Samui before).

What I learned from my previous travel by van to Thailand was, you should not be at the border for custom checking and passport on SATURDAY! The place was so crowded and it took so long for us to get everything done.

We reached Krabi around 6pm and checked in at Smile Hotel, Ao Nang. If you go to Krabi, you MUST stay at Ao Nang. It's the closest place to the beach. Come on, if you go to a place like Krabi, you do not want to stay in the bushes instead of near the beach right?

The hotel was clean enough for us to stay for 2 nights. Abang Aree did the booking for hotel too. So, now you understand why I like him a lot.

This is my room.

I was laughing out loud when saw this towel decoration. Creative isn't it?

After we unpacked and took shower. We started to go out and explore Krabi a little bit. We went to the beach to see the sunset. 

We went to a famous steamboat restaurant in Krabi. I could not remember the name of the restaurant but it was full. Luckily, Abang Aree managed to book for us earlier.

It was not close to the hotel. Take about 30 minutes from the hotel to the restaurant. I was so hungry.

You can do steamboat and also grill. Exactly like Seoul Garden in Malaysia but it was local style. We stuffed ourselves like there is no tomorrow! 

After the dinner, we went back to hotel and walked at the night market just in front of our  hotel. It was very convenience. The night market was nice. I managed to bought some souvenirs here and not to forget some snack to munch in the room later.

Done with the walking after the dinner. I went to massage spa for foot, shoulder and head massage. It cost me about 240 baht.  The woman did a very good job!

After the massage I went to bed. Oh yeah, the massage spa was just beside out hotel. How lovely! 

The next day was the snorkeling. I love sea, and yes snorkeling too.

I woke up with a smile on my face and got ready as quick as possible for breakfast nearby. At the breakfast shop, I saw a very cute cat which was fat and white.

After the breakfast we went back to the room to change and bring some stuff for snorkeling.

Yes, we walked to the beach. It was very near. By the way, we did not go for Phi Phi Island and James Bond Island. We chose the 4 islands package this time because we want to go to those 2 islands in March 2013.

We waited for the boat here.

Then, the journey by boat started here. For us to see the beautiful part of Krabi.

Everybody was in the happy mood!

So blue/green isn't it?

...and I was surprise, people were crossing the sea??? 

Yes, I was so anxious to jump into the water. Clear water!

...and yes, I did!

We came to this island for lunch break.

Believe me when I say pineapple in Thailand was the best! Sweet.

The baked corn! Yummy.

After tired of snorkeling, this was my dinner. My favorite Thai food: Salad Fried Rice.

...and this was after the massage! I had a lot of fun with my travel gang.

Seriously. I really enjoyed my trip this time.

The next day we checked out the hotel and went to Trang for the Tham Le Cave exploration. 

All the happy faces when they did not know the scary moment was awaited for them soon!

We had to totally lay down in the boat, and remember a very small boat!

Again! Oh no.

It was great experience and scary nightmare at the same time. Watch this video:

I was dizzy and felt like almost passed out. Maybe because I could not breath properly and sweating so much when I was in the cave.

After this adventure, we went to Hat Yai for late lunch and bought snacks to bring home.

If you go to Krabi, remember to:

1) Stay at Ao Nang

2) Go to Tham Le Cave

More about my travel to be posted here soon. Stay tune...

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