Thursday, September 30, 2010

Hari Raya


ignore the cap lock and any grammar mistake. lol. my lazy mode is coming back. not just writing blog but also to do my assignments is like a big burden to me (even though, it is!). i got some email and private message from fb asking me about the latest updates.

ok, i feed you with old story but still it’s an update right? lol.

these are our latest pictures during last raya celebration. i got some other photos but i guess if i put them all, it will be too crowded.

oh yea, btw… i need your suggestion as i don’t know how many reader here read malay. i’m thinking of writing in malay and i know i never do that here, yet. so, do you think i should continue writing in english or change to malay and see whether it has impact, or not. what do you think?

raya celebration is for 1 month (some people say) even though the celebration is very little compared to the 1st and 2nd day, but there are still open house here and there for to stuff till bloated.

i just want to wish you Selamat Hari Raya maaf zahir batin to all of you. yes, i mean all of you… all races and religion :)

of you are looking for raya cookies and green pau, there is no more. lol.


p/s: i love you, my family.

Monday, September 13, 2010

Soccer and meeting new people

Ah, I forgot to write about this.

My apologize to Mak Itam and Pak itam.

When everybody were busy with World Cup, I was busy making friends. Meeting new people. This time I met Wanie’s relative called Mak Itam and Pak Itam together with their son.

It was Pak Itam’s birthday so we met at Restoran Kapitan in front of QueensBay Mall for dinner and celebrate his birthday.

CIMG6622 Yea, same faces.

CIMG6627… with my garlic nan and tandoori chicken.

CIMG6628Pak Itam with his foods. He really ate a lot :)

CIMG6631 After eating, I watched the game between Portugal vs Brasil

CIMG6634So, this is the cake

CIMG6636 Surprise! Chocolate Indulgence from Secret Recipe

CIMG6638Pak Itam and Mak Itam… how lovely!

image  Happy Birthday! :)

CIMG6657CIMG6659It’s time to go home :)

It was a great pleasure to meet Pak Itam and Mak Itam and I hope to meet them again in the future :)

Thursday, September 09, 2010

Happy Eid Mubarak

Ok, the I just bought the Baju Melayu and there is no picture of me wearing it, yet. So, here I guess a simply and honest words from me is more meaningful than the forwarded messages, emails and beautiful pictures or cards of me wearing nice suit of Baju Melayu :)

I’d like to wish ALL of you, HAPPY EID MUBARAK!

Forgive me for any fault that I have made whether in real life or in blog. May this year will be greater than previous ones :)


Sunday, September 05, 2010


A lot of peoples love sea.

Me too.

But when you live in an island which is of course surrounding with sea, you accidentally ignore, abandon, neglect it. How cool, if you can see it while working, isn’t it?


Friday, September 03, 2010

Harvest In

A new place found by my friend is Harvest In. It’s located at Irrawady Road which is somewhere around Citibank area. You can email me at for the direction or kindly leave message in my Facebook inbox.
The foods there are much better than JL cafe at Prangin Mall (which my friend told me exactly like Mizi’s cafe at New World Park). Only that the portion in Harvest In is smaller than them. Who cares about the portion when the taste is so delicious? At least, I do not care :)
I have been there 3 times and these were the foods that I have tasted (sorry for bad quality pictures as there were taken by my Nokia N70 phone-camera) :
My first time…
200720105091 Grilled BBQ chicken (the gravy is so delicious and the chicken is very tender)
200720105090Black pepper fried rice (delicious!)
200720105088 Soup and garlic bread (nothing special)
200720105089Juices were good!
My second time…
image  Chicken Cordon Bleu (this one confirm much better than JL!)
image Yummy black pepper steak!
… and the 3rd time,
image Chef’s choice chicken chop (I’d say so so as it was crispy enough but the gravy was so so like others)
image Delicious too :)
I’ll surely go again to Harvest In soon. What about you?

Thursday, September 02, 2010

Tao Cuisine

Any of you have been to Tao before?
I didn’t upload any picture of my first time at Tao Cuisine, E-Gate, Penang. So, the second time I went to Juru Autocity to try the food there even though I knew it’d be the same, I heard the environment is nicer. Why not, give a try right?
I went to Sunway Carnival for Espirit sales but nothing much to choose or buy. Bought some buns at Bread History for sahur later and drove out to Tao Cuisine, Juru Autocity.
Reached there pretty late around 8.30pm. As usual, I didn’t know how to go there from Sunway Carnival Mall. I text Azim and Zana but no reply. Then, Zana called me up to give the direction. Thank you Zana! :)
As soon as we reached there, the waiter suggested to try their top 10 dishes. We just nodded.
IMG_3535 Sushi. I just took this for appetizer. I was starving!
IMG_3538 1) Scallops.
IMG_35392) Abalone.
IMG_35403) Cheesy Salmon.
IMG_35424) Tempura.
IMG_35445) Some balls.
IMG_35456) Sashimi.
IMG_3546 7) Cheesy crackers
IMG_35478) Mantis prawn.
Eh, now I realize that we didn’t get all of them. I mean the 10 dishes! :) But we ordered more…
IMG_3562 9) We ordered soft shell crab but we got this instead -- small crabs and shrimps.
IMG_357910) Spicy mussels.
IMG_359311) Boiled peas.
IMG_360312) Cheesy deep fried cuttlefish
IMG_360413) Spicy clams.

All of them look delicious right? :)
I don’t lie here, they were very delicious! I feel like eating them all again, seriously.
IMG_3558 Abalone anyone?
IMG_3564See how small the crab?
imageOur drinks.
image   Our desserts. The latte was awesome! :)
I didn’t  know Juru Autocity is so cool. Never been there, but I’ll surely go there again in the future!

Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Chili crab fried rice

Just by reading the title give you watery mouth right? :)
Well, on August 31st I went to Ilyana Cafe with some friends. It was my third time been there. My first time was with my family. Second time with some friends and the third time with same friends but additional one person, Iza. We went there for breaking the fast.
I booked earlier. Aircond room. 5 persons. 5 plates of chili crab fried rice.
I reached there around 7.30pm. We drank air zam zam a bit and had a conversation.
IMG_3716IMG_3717IMG_3718IMG_3719IMG_3720 Oh yeah, at this time the food was served on our table. We were starving! Haha
IMG_3722The chili crab fried rice (not as big as before)
IMG_3723Close up! Haha :)
Thanks to Zaidi for the treat. Next time it’s ours! :)
After eating we just went back home and rest for a while before going out again for Nasi Ayam Budu!

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