Tuesday, March 27, 2012


This picture was taken when I was waiting for my dinner. Yes, seafood of course. Just beside the sea, where you can enjoy the sunset and listen to the sound of wave. It was very relaxing. I went there right after work.

Right now, I'm still in the process of recovering from the flu. Doctor said infection. I don't care what it is just hope it will leave me alone soon. ASAP. The fever has gone but left the stubborn cough with me. Hope it will leave me soon, too.

So, guys... take a good care of yourself. Drink more water, eat more vegetables and fruits. Diseases are attacking us now, just beware :)

See you later, I need to complete my assignments that due on 30th. Ciao!

Friday, March 23, 2012

Mabul Island, Sabah

Last month I went to Mabul Island which is located in Sabah. It was my first time to Borneo and it has been so long since I snorkeled last. I was so excited!

This trip was led by my friend. He did the budget and we just paid to him lump sum. Thanks to him!

When I reached at the jetty in Semporna, I was worried that I might get sea sick because the journey by boat would take about 45 minutes. But luckily I was in the speed boat. I realize that I won't get sea sick in the speed boat but not in the usual big boat. It happened to me when I went to Tioman Island.

I was so surprise to see the sea at Mabul Island. Let me explain through some pictures and these pictures are not edited.

Ok, this is the water gypsies kid. They came to near the chalet and ask for coin and sweet. They love sweet so much! If you plan to go there, you might bring along some sweets :)

Peace of mind to look at this beautiful and peaceful scenery.

The local kids were enjoying the scenery.

How clear is the water? Even if you drop your coin, you would be able to get it back.

See the clear water? Ok they are water gypsies. They live at the sea.

Keith is enjoying the scenery, too.

The village.

The village, the view from our chalet.

See the sea?

Saw this while I was walking through the village :)

This is the path when we walked through the village. It leads to the sea.

Ok, that's me. LOL

See the pass we were wearing? It's because we were at the border of Sipadan. We were about to snorkel at Kapalai :)



I seriously, miss this clear water!

We will come again for sure, next year! :)

Sad but we have to go back :(

Snorkeling time! I only have this picture where we were warming up in front of the chalet. I've asked from friends that got some of the pictures when we snorkel at 3 places but guess he is very busy now. I haven't gotten them :)

Sweet memory!

Ok, I'll write again. I promise :)

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