Thursday, January 31, 2008

pvp competition 2007

Ah, I found some pictures of the pvp competition event... plus our All4One's anniversary gathering.. yay!

Monday, January 28, 2008

yellow tortoise

I never see a yellow tortoise before and this is the first time. Cute and I wish I could rear it! Put in my office or maybe my own room... cute and can make me smile =)

a4o's gathering

Editing this post. I made a sequence of this post with part 2 and part 3 with so many pictures. So, it made my whole blog heavy with pictures and slow loading. So, instead of using this method I guess I should give flickr a try.

First of all, let me say some words about this lovely gathering. It was a wonderful moment in 2008... which I won't forget forever. I had big headache at work and it was a great time to spend time with friends and give me a peace of mind. All4One a guild in Ragnarok combined from 3 big guilds Ancient Legacy, Wirawan and Enigma. We were enemy before in game then we merge and built a great guild called All4One or well known as A4O. We had many achievements including the latest one, 3rd place for 3 vs 3 PvP competition. Instead of we are good in game, we are great buddy in real life as well. We had a lot of gatherings and not to forget we are active in War. What else can be better than this with online game? Any other better one compared to Ragnarok? Nah! So, this time we went to Bukit Merah. Usually we had a smaller gathering and not going anywhere for vacation. But this time, it was different. Vacation and gathering. Even tho, I've been there for several times, but this time it was different. Lol, not to mention we talked almost everything about game. To those who know nothing about Ragnarok, it would be a great dull conversation. Thanks to organizer Azmie for collecting the money and took a great package for 4 activities which include orang utan island, eco park, sky cycle and water theme park! I enjoyed all the moment we spent together. So, here I share some pictures taken when we were there... Enjoy!

Some videos :

Saturday, January 26, 2008

Thursday, January 24, 2008

top 5 fouls

Hehe I was laughing out loud when watch this clip!


My colleague Linda, got a gift from someone and she gave it to me. Lol, ah I know it's bad in our religion... I did not keep it though, but snap some pictures coz I think it's kinda cute lol... [as long as I don't eat it rite?]

Front view... Lol... This toy really ugly =P

Lol, website on his back!

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

world cup video

One of my Ragnarok's friends post this youtube video in forum. I think it's cool and full of memories! Enjoy =)


I find this ads attractive. At first I try to figure out what is other thing falling from the sky... hehe. The picture is cool... and I do love snow!

mobile phone

Cool eh? My colleague Azali bought this E90 by Nokia recently. Ah, we don't have internet access in the office but his phone has wifi which allows me to use internet sometimes. There are many features and the price is great too -- RM4,000. If I were him, maybe I'd buy a Blackberry =P


Nothing much, just telling you this is my favorite yogurt. It has 4 flavors mango, strawberry, mix fruits and kiwi. Mango is my favorite... you should try =)

grocery shopping

Last Sunday we went to Giant shopping mall for buying grocery. As usual, it has big parking and very comfy. Ah, we bought so many things really... full trolley I'd say. I managed to buy 2 shorts for me too... hehe for home purpose only =P

We spent about RM300+ for the groceries. Don't ask me why big amount of money =P

chicken rice

Last week my youngest sister cook Chicken Rice which is my favorite! I love the chicken that they cooked with honey... yummy!

This is my plate... hehe. Taste it and you'd love it!

These are the chili sauce and soy sauce.

The soup... mmm

The chicken... tomatoes and vege!

Sunday, January 20, 2008

man utd defeated reading

It was a hard thumping moment when watching the game. Reading defense was awesome and also good tries from the strikers.

When I saw Arsenal scored 3 goals, I was thinking "Oh God, this shouldn't happen! We deserve the 1st place still..!". It was like my prayer is truly blessed and Rooney scored right after my pray, not to forget... Man Utd game without Ronaldo scoring is like a man without soul!

The big results :

Reading 0 - Man Utd 2
Fulham 0 - Arsenal 3
Birmingham 0 - Chelsea 1

Man Utd 1st, Ronaldo 1st... Glory Man Utd!

parking : bang!

Ah, this time really made me stress. I went to office... yes... overtime, and when I parked my car -- I bang the pillar [pillar that divide the car lot]. Darn!

How could I be so careless? But thing happen, so... there's no regret. I couldn't turn back time anyhow. Left some scratches on my car... Urgh!

Driving to office...

Argh! The scratches!

Stupid pillar!

Saturday, January 19, 2008

how to rig an election: confessions of a republican operative

My friend Nusaibah, gave to me this link :
If you are into politic and you follow what is happening in USA... then this would be interesting to read =)

Thursday, January 17, 2008

life made simple

Today is last episode of my favorite program Life Made Simple. I have followed this series not from beginning but still at the early episode. It was about Ah Wong who is handicap [he is perfect with physical but his brain is like a 7 years old kid] loved a woman named Ah Fung. Ah Wong had a father who is a millionaire but left him and his mother since Ah Wong was still a kid. Then they met again after 20 years. It's a long story to put here... but you can visit the link here.

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

admin farewell party

Some of our friends have been listed in the reshuffle list. Our good friends... =( I was pretty sad about one of them has to be stationed at other floor and another 3 still in admin but different places. So, today... we made a farewell party for them. Not a good choice but to show we appreciate them... maybe... =(

One of my good buddies and the foods... he has to move from leave clerk to mail room clerk...

3 stooges? The left one will be sent to Investigation Department...

My Unit Boss...

Good buddy, Linda... She is very open minded!

Simple foods that we served with nice lime syrup... the food were Gulai Ikan Kering, Ulam, Ayam Masak Negro... but I'd say they were so tasty!

what newspaper says about man utd

Wenger's comment...

My lovely Ronaldo! Yesh!

Teves sucking kid's dummy... Hahaha!

Monday, January 14, 2008

indonesia vs malaysia?

I'm pretty sad to see and read what have they been doing to us. Why is this happen? Why they hate us this much? We gave them work permit, support on their music albums and also some of them get the nationality. What else then?

If this is the case, why should we still support their album? Support people who burns our flag, make fun of our country song and cursing our people?

Even our Prime Minister serves their president with good hospitality. I hope these uneducated people can learn some respects and keep harmony life. God bless!

Here I share some site :

pet shop

Around 5pm Sunday, I went to a pet shop that we used to go since years ago. So, to get rid of bored, I just snap some pictures [ah yes, I start taking pictures since I've this blog =p]

Cute little bunny? Hehe my sis really wanted to buy it but mom did not allow. Yeah, it is hard to rear a bunny... not to mention when it gets bigger!

Hehe I wrongly called it Iguana [which Iguana is uglier than this and more scary lol]. This is chameleon [which means "earth lion"].

Ok, this is a kitten. She kept meow-ing at me =P

Guess what? Yes you're right... A python! Nice skin color eh?

Hamster... I love looking at them. They're as busy as ant... er maybe a little lazy... Lol

The Big Dog who guard the animals. Big and lazy... Every time I go there, she surely sleeping.

how to fight against scam?

Lately, there are so many website that offer us no work with income, work at home for better income and so on. But how true is this? Some people will alert about this and take a very careful step to trust and check the company. But some people just get too excited and jump into conclusion, worse-to-worse join the company by bank in some amount of money. If you get lucky, you get the right one. If you don't, then it's a big mistake and regret.

So, here I share a blog telling you more about this :

Sunday, January 13, 2008

japanese spa

Lol, careful next time =D

wedding dance?

I found a funny video which made me laughed out loud!

man utd return to the top

"What a game!" That's the best to describe Man Utd game early this morning =) The 1st half was quite boring and frustrating with good try by Rooney but no luck. The 2nd half was awesome. Ronaldo with 3 goals, Teves with 2 goals and Ferdinand with a goal. Man Utd won 6-0 defeated New Castle badly and this result put mn Utd back to the top chart. Not to forget, with this hatrick, Ronaldo has confirmed himself as the top scorer still. Glad that Arsenal just draw with Birmngham [ah! some big mouth Arsenal fan in the office were so confident that Arsenal will win EPL? dream on.. ok? =P]

Here I share some pictures of the match :

what i did yesterday?

Lol, do I look like 70's? Ok this is pic of me start driving to office. Great sunny day but I was so lazy to drive to town. Yeah, my office in town.. Sigh.

Ok, I was bored... So I took some pics of keychains given by my colleague and boss. Cute eh?

Ok... this is my Man Utd poster! It gives me a smile whenever I feel stress or in anger =P

This is cute lil xmas teddy... sis bought it and put it in my car =D

Ok this is me again, drove to Infinity a cyber cafe opposite Bukit Jambul Complex. Usually I play at home but this time Andy, my Ragnarok's friend came down to Penang visiting his grandpa. Sorry Andy, no pic of you =( Forgot to take... Btw, why I look chubby? In fact, I'm so thin now! Focus on my shirt... Haha.. To All4One member, you know what is that right?

Ok these are some of the screen shots of the war... Hehehe =P

Guess what is this? Hahaha many of you sure think it's just a common laksa... but the truth is it's not! This is Laksa Lemak... It's like curry a lil bit but still the same ingredient like you cook a normal laksa. My sis the youngest one cooked the normal one which you called Laksa Asam and my younger sister cooked this one Laksa Lemak. Look nice? Taste it and I know you will like it... Because I have brought it to my office and everybody loved it =D

Tamparuli Bridge (Tuaran, Sabah)

Tamparuli is a small town and a sub-district of Tuaran on the west coast of Sabah, Malaysia. It is populated mainly by native Dusuns, while ...