Monday, August 29, 2011

Eid Mubarak.

Selamat hari raya maaf zahir dan batin kepada semua pembaca blog ini.

Maaf jika ada tersalah kata atau menyinggung hati mana-mana pihak.

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Permanent staff and temporary staff.

I dont understand. Permanent staff can go home early today but temporary staff cant? So as conclusion, permanent staff can go home and prepare for eid mubarak tomorrow and temporary staff stay here and pretend nothing happen? Nice rule :-) *applause*

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Sunday, August 07, 2011

Bangkok (Day 2) : Tiger Temple

Gosh! It takes me ages to write another post about my vacation in Bangkok.
After I went to River Kwai, the next trip was Tiger Temple. You can read the detail about Tiger Temple here.
When we reached there, the weather there was cloudy. A hint that it was about to rain. I prayed that the weather will stay cloudy because it won’t be too hot and the most important thing no rain. Why? Because I brought along my DSLR camera and if raining, it would be hard for me to use it.
All tourist from the same van with me walked quickly to the gate and some even ran. Then, we realized that we have to walk further to the canyon!
At this point, I started to run and left my 3 friends behind as the rain started to pour.
When we reached at the canyon not many people was there. I did not realize I was at the queue and it was my turn to snap with the tiger! LOL.
The woman took my camera and I was shock. “Hey!” was the only word came out from my mouth. She told me that she will take the pictures and I must follow what she says and keep holding her hand in the canyon. I told her that my friend, Keith has no camera and whether it is possible for him to follow me. I saw Keith was waving his hand telling me that he wants to follow. She said “…later”.
Amazingly, she knew how to use my DSLR. As soon as I started to take picture with the tigers, the rain started to pour heavily. Damn it! I was worried and she was smiling happily. Haha.
After I had done taking picture, she grabbed Keith’s hand to follow her and repeat the same thing I did. Luckily, he was the last one because they stop the taking picture session for safety reason. Tigers will be VERY AGGRESIVE!

As soon as Keith finished taking picture, he passed me the camera and I hurriedly wipe the camera with the tissue. Haha.
When the rain stopped. The Tiger Temple staff told us to go to the fake cave because they wanted to take all tigers back to their home. If the tigers see us walking around they might attack us because they feel insecure. So, I walked to the cave waiting for the tigers to pass by. So many tourist were there and some waiting with the camera. I took out my iPhone instead of DSLR waiting for the best shot.
The monk brought all tigers and one of them brought the cub to the cave. I was shock as I didn’t know he was at my back. Haha.
Then, I saw some other animals running toward us. Water buffalo, deer, wild boar, cow and many others. I realized they were running here for the food.

After they had done stuffing themselves, I walked out and talked to a monk when on my way back. Oh yeah, I saw a bear in a fake cave and tall fence was around it. I wonder why the bear was in there while other wild animals were outside happily running here and there? Hmm.
The journey back to the hotel was not good. Bad traffic jam and we stuck in the jam for about 2 hours! Roughly. The van did not stop in front of our hotel but somewhere in town. I took cab to the hotel.
As soon as I reached hotel, Marcus text me. Asked me out for dinner at Somboon. A seafood restaurant. I went there with Keith and met Marcus and Marc there. The foods were awesome!
After that, we went to some good places for drinks and went back to hotel pretty late.
Great day even though it was a very tiring one.
One of the best vacation.

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