Sunday, August 31, 2008


This time I’m going to write about things that happen to me recently.

Again it will be fully loaded with some pictures. After this I guess I won’t put so many pictures anymore. Just in the mood for snapping pictures or else… hardly snap anything.

Recently my colleague Linda went to Pet Shop and I told her before if she goes to Tobby Pet Shop let me know as I wanted to buy milk and cat food. So she called me telling me that she was there and wanted to buy those items for me. I agreed as the cat food at home almost empty. I never let them try the milk but after reading Ej’s blog, I wanted to give them a try. The result was great… they like it! @nari

The cat food

The milk...

She loves it!

Instead of put some pictures of the cat foods, I want to put some cat pictures too. I was so excited to snap their pictures after reading Maurica’s blog about her little cute Phoebe. Linda bought a kitten recently too and she kept sending me some pictures of her new kitten :) Cute aite? @sengihnampakgigi

She is not in the mood... flu

Time to sleep... na na na...

"It is warm here do you know?"

I love my teeth!

Miss me?

He he so cute!

Short and chubby :P

Twinkle twinkle little star!

Ok I guess the heat of the election has gone. It was awesome when I wrote about the election and peoples were rushing in my blog. I purposely click the print screen button of this picture :) Not my intention to brag about this but it made me smile. @senyumkenyit

I wrote about my job description had changed here. I was so busy with works until I had to take them home. But it was okay as I love challenge. It was not okay when it took away my blogging and reading time! Haha. @ketuk

At work...

At home... hu hu...

Lately, weddings were everywhere. People always take chance when there are school holidays. So I was invited to so many weddings and sorry for those who I couldn’t make it. I’m so sorry… I hope those who married recently will be blessed and last for the whole life. @raya

Simple wedding but great :)

Cute eh? It was "hantaran" from my family

My friend's wedding

I was chosen to attend a course. Stress Management Course. What do you think? Lol. Guess the boss know who to choose? I learnt a lot of thing at the course and yes as usual I guess not everybody understands why they attend a course and always get negative pictures about it. I guess some people just prefer to be uneducated than educated. I wonder why in this developing country there are still many people prefer the latter one. Sigh. This course not only taught us about how to feel relief and release your stress but also about foods for your health and foods that could help you rid of your tense. Do you know that eggs are good even no harm for you to eat them everyday! Only 5% cholesterol absorbed by the foods and 95% is produced by your liver! Haha! So guys… enjoy your eggs! :) I love the mind therapy. She used a very soft music… very relax and calm and use our imagination while we closed our eyes tight. It worked! I got 3 cds of good music (produced by nature sounds like rain, jungle and birds) but no idea where I put them! I will keep searching… @garu

The brochure...

She is a good psychotherapist & hypnotherapist!

Lol, he realized that I wanted to snap his picture!

Parking there... hehe this really release my tension!

And for the conclusion, these were what I ate recently…! Enjoy guys… @lapar

An apple a day...

Opposite Sri Malaysia Hotel...

Grape skin are good... same benefit as wine!

Homemade? Ha ha ha...

Muahahaha to Nurin... I know you are craving for this!

Till later!

P/s: Happy fasting to all Muslims :)

Friday, August 29, 2008

Puteri's Birthday (1 year old)

Warning! This post will be fully loaded with pictures.

Let start from Tuesday. Yes, here in Penang we had a public holiday. Cool isn’t it? It was a public holiday given by our Chief Minister YB Lim Guan Eng because of the Permatang Pauh’s election. I’m smiling now… :)

Peoples headed to Permatang Pauh but my family and I went to QueensBay Mall.

As soon as we reached there, we went straight to search for Puteri’s present. Why I said I love Lim Guan Eng? I didn’t have much time and when he gave us this public holiday, all of us could buy her a present and plan for her party as well!

After few hours with few considerations, these were the presents:

We brought these presents to another floor to wrap them (notice that my present was not from the same shop, so I bought and wrapped it at Borders). We managed to snap a picture while waiting the unfriendly stuff wrapping the presents.


On Wednesday, we made a surprise party for her. Bought some KFC and her favorite whip potatoes. Nurul’s mother in law bought Secret Recipe’s cake (Chocolate Indulgence! My Favorite! Hehe). She was so happy to see many peoples around which it was the first time happens at their new house. She laughed, crawled and smiled all the time. When it was time for her to blow and cut the cake. She was so happy. She laughed and looked at everybody in the house which made me smiled and happy to see she acted that way.

She went ecstasy when it was time to unwrapped the presents.

After few hours stayed there, we went home. I hope she had a good time! :)

Till later...

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