Sunday, July 28, 2013

Mabul: I took the diving course!

Yeah, I was a bit nervous when my friend asked me whether I want to do diving. I didn't prepare like them, the suits and mentally prepared for diving. But in the end, Keith and I, agree to join them. So, 6 of us altogether. I signed for Open Water Course. I couldn't believe it but yes, I did.

It was very challenging with the quiz and exam, not to mention the lesson and skill that I needed to do for confine water and open water. I love adventure! So, yes I love it so much.

Here was the place we studied, did quiz and exam. Thank you so much Keiko for the patience :)

Prepared our stuff for diving. Keiko had been a very good instructor! 

Look at the tank. I was so excited! My dream came true.

We are ready!

The mask cleaning skill. Keiko was helping me.

Done our session. There were 4 dives that we needed to complete.

After the dive :)

Cool isn't it? I enjoyed the dive so much even though at first it was a bit scared with the pain in the ear for not equalize correctly, and the silence in the water. It was very different.

After the dive, tired but we were very happy :)

Relaxing at the chalet. Yes, we were starving after the dive haha.

My choice was perfect. Perfect place too, as I could see many sea creatures underwater which I will share with you in the next post. I had plan about taking the diving license for so long but I was busy with so many things included exam, thesis, dengue and stolen car. Glad that at last, I could make it!

If you have gut to try it out, don't hesitate to ask me more about the info. You won't regret! :)

Friday, July 26, 2013

Mabul: Let's jump!

Another day in Mabul, as I told you I couldn't resist to jump into the water and yes I did!

Ah... yes, it was so beautiful. To those who have a thought about going there, you should! It's worth a try. Nothing better than release your stress at work here! Mmm... so peaceful. I simply love the island so much and in fact, it's so addictive! It was my second time and of course I will come again for my Advance Open Water Course!

Jumping time...!!! I always feel good every time I can do a somersault. I want to learn how to do a back flip! Maybe next time. Ah... being in the water day and night really made me feel so good! I didn't care about getting dark and I always forgot to put sunblock. The result was I got sunburn badly haha!

This time I learnt how to dive with the mask. Thanks to one of the staff there for teaching me the correct way. Now, I can enjoy the snorkeling session so much because I can dive into the water and look at the corals, fish and other marine lives... :)

More story to be told in my next post especially if you want to know about Open Water Course :)

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Mabul: An evening at the island

In the evening, I did not want to miss the chance to enjoy the beautiful crystal clear water at Mabul. I just want to jump and swim!

Too bad the water was not suitable for me to jump as it was low tide.

How could you just see this crystal clear water? No way! Jump!

Love the sunset.

Thank God!

We were playing with the water gypsy. 

You can snorkel at anytime you want!

I enjoyed the time there so much and most of the time I was in the water -- swimming, snorkeling and diving. This time it was different from before, where my timetable was very tight with the diving course. Full of diving, reading, quiz and exam but I did enjoy it so much.

Such a beautiful moment and thank God for giving me this opportunity. I hope I can go there again next year :)

Saturday, July 20, 2013

Mabul: The Paradise

It was my second time to this beautiful island -- Mabul. But this time, I had different mission to accomplish. Last year, I went for snorkeling but this time I wanted something more adventurous. Guess what? Yes, correct. DIVING! I wanted to get the license for so long but because I was fully occupied with assignments, thesis to be submitted, exam, dealing with dengue fever during exam, car lost and so many things and it is going to be a long list.

I will write more about the diving in other post.

Mabul is a place that surely give you a peace of mind and the crystal clear water will just make you feel like you are in paradise!

How grateful am I? To see, touch, jump and do more things with this crystal clear water!

Very sporting sea gypsy. Thank you.

The Mabul village. You should explore it... very nice and serene.

You can even get back your 10 cents coin. Unbelievable isn't it?

I know, you would say the pictures are beautiful. 

If you plan to go there, you should visit this page: Scuba Jeff

VIP hospitality. The cheapest offer. The best!

Stay tune for more stories about Mabul :)

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