Sunday, September 30, 2007

we defeated birmingham

Yesh! We defeated Birmingham 1-0 last night. I jumped up and down when C.Ronaldo scored. It was a fancy goal. I was kind of upset with Rooney, Giggs, Saha and Carrick for the bad play. No idea why Nani wasn’t in the list including Owen Hargreaves.

Great game by Arsenal too. They defeated West Ham United 1-0. As I guessed Persie surely score. Liverpool won 1-0 on Wigan and Chelsea end up with a draw game. New competitor – Manchester City did a great job by defeating New Castle 3-1.

Glory Man Utd… Glory!

sis's house 29&30th sept 2007

Back from overtime went to sis’s house. To see Puteri growing is really something fun and happy moment. I enjoyed playing with her, hold her and lifted her up :)

Do I look like a good papa? :P

As the usual routine since sis delivered, we stayed there and broke fast together. Even though there was nothing much I could do there (including no books around!), we had fun still.

Kind of upset didn’t manage to buy any of the trilogies (either Inheritance Trilogy or His Dark Material Trilogy).

Saturday, September 29, 2007

overtime 29.9.2007

I'm 100% tired right now. Did overtime. Today is Nuzul Quran and it’s public holiday for everybody and I will get paid for 1 ¾. So I will get about RM90 only for today. At least the tiredness is paid.

Total claim for this month : RM326.

Friday, September 28, 2007

friday 28.9.2007

Urgh, going to work is the last thing you want to do in your to-do list. Today is Friday and the good thing is it’s the last working day of the week (yeah, but not me – I've to do overtime tomorrow).

Tons of works as usual – never less. As we had a long lunch-break and I had no book to read, I chose to sleep. Well I slept late night before; around 2am.

Today we decorated office for the Raya celebration. It was cool but I suppose it was a bit over-do. It suppose to be an office, not a shopping mall (sorry no picture yet).

Nothing much to talk about Friday since it is also well-known as the “busiest day” (bad traffic… oh yeah).

jutawan dari planet jupiter

Today I've finished with another book title “Jutawan Dari Planet Jupiter”. Yeah, still with Azizi Ali. He’s getting attached with me lately; my idol I could say :)

This book gave me big pictures of how to save money, how to grow money, how to pay debt and how to be rich. Again he taught the simplest way. This is what I like the most.

I surely read more of his books. If anyone got any of his books and want to sell it, kindly let me know :)

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

his mom passed away

Today, my colleague came to the office and told me about what had happen in past 3 days (yeah he didn’t come to work yesterday). His mom was sick; I mean very sick.


I'm doing billing at office so I knew for the past few months his mom was sick. From one hospital to another. Luckily the company paid the bill. Doctor said there was nothing wrong with her mom.

Lately, her mom always had hallucination. She saw someone was painting the wall with yellow and someone just ruin the floor with dirt; the fact is there was no one there… no one!

Since there was no solution from the hospital even the doctors couldn’t find out what was wrong with his mom, he took some old folks advise – went to see a preacher. Back home, still no changes.

End of flashback…

Just few minutes past 8am, he was shock with news that his mom passed away. He was shiver and his face went pale. I was shock too and speechless. The office went silent. Sadness rise on everyone’s face. I know how hard to accept your lovely mom has gone even though I never experience it. We love our mom, don’t we?

We made few groups and arranged transportation to those who wanted to give a visit. I drove my own car – Firdaus and Miza followed. Donated some cash for his family. Traffic was really bad though (ah! Not to mention driving home after work today… pathetic)

Hopefully he is ok by now. Life goes on…

Monday, September 24, 2007

saturday & sunday

I went to my sister’s house on Saturday (yes I’ll stay till Sunday). This is like a routine for weekends. Yes, I’d be tired during the weekdays and fasting is and addition for my tiredness (you’re right, works in the office sucks all my energy :( ). Puteri is getting bigger now. Very cute. We had great time there.

Around 10.20pm I drove to TNB (at the factories area) for fishing. It was the 5th time I joined fishing with my office mates. Last night was the worst. Unbelievable I catch no fish :P It was a boring one – started at 10.30pm and stopped at 3am. Urgh, very tired. As soon as I reached home, I slept.

This was the scenery at my fishing place :)

Mom awoke me up at 5am for breakfast, yes fasting month. I ate and ran to the bed room and slept again. 100% tired.

I woke up around 10am and went to the laundry – took the whole family clothes. Came home and feed my cats. Rest a little while, and fetched parent heading to the pet shop at Air Itam.

Just woke up :P

The laundry

I went to pet shop to buy waste sand, food and also a new necklace-bell for my two little cutie cats. It was fun to see all the animals there such as canaries, parrots, pythons, cats, dogs, hamsters, rabbis, iguanas and tortoise. I went there with mom and dad. The owner was so happy to see my parent since they didn’t meet for so long (they knew each other since 6 years ago though).


Persian cat


Back from the pet shop, I went for a haircut. I asked her to cut really short (hehe supposed to look cute on me :P ). Yeah, the same hair salon I always go but I missed the one I used to go since I was 18 years old – Lubis Hair Salon.

My new haircut (ignore the facial soap :P )

Around 10pm we packed and went back. She was so happy that we spent time with her and family.

Not to forget, Man Utd vs Chelsea game. The game started at 10.55pm and ended at 1am. Mikel did a hard tackle on Evra and had been sent out. The first goal was from Carlos Teves, it was a good goal – great pass and fast headed from Teves. Louis Saha scored a penalty after he had been tackled roughly. The full-time result went Man Utd 2 – Chelsea 0. Glory Man Utd…!

Yes baby!

Sunday, September 23, 2007

brainless & shameless

I'm shock with people nowadays. Today I read a Finnish blog ( and it’s totally immoral. Isn’t our religion (Islam, Christian, Jewish, Buddhist, Hindu etc) has taught us moral and respect?

This kind of people is brainless and shameless.

best friend

I'm kind of forgotten what best friend is. I need a friend yes. I love a friend yes. I know he is in love but many times I felt neglected – totally ignored. Sweet old days are always good. Indeed.

Deep in my mind, I still remember the things we had done together since we were little kid. Thing was different when he moved. I miss the old him; who he really was. But I guess time does change. Maybe it’s just me the only one stuck in the past. I still can remember we were always got free movie tickets on newspapers (watching Sleeping Hollow and the best part was watching Spice World in wet – it rained and we rode a bike!), went window shopping with a lot of laugh, karaoke at my house (not to forget who could go to for the highest pitch; would be the winner :) ), went to tuition together (with Ronnie’s clown act), bought our favorite noodle (if he still remember Jalil’s Mee Goreng, badminton, played “Who can eat more” in Mc Donalds, went for birthday celebration (this isn’t happen anymore :( ) and shopping for Hari Raya (which I miss the most).

I know I have to understand he must choose what is his priority; best friend or lover. Obviously he has made his decision solid – lover for 3 years is more precious than friendship for 18 years (I never neglect him when I was in love, never).

Perhaps, I should leave him alone with his love one and find friends that have similar interest with me. Not to say that I will ignore him, but I need to move on. There’s no use looking back and wondering though.

I have my dreams to chase and others who still care for me. My wish for him – may your relationship last forever and I'm always here if you need me.

Saturday, September 22, 2007

a kid murdered

Recently, whole Malaysia was shock with many murder cases. This time it will sound a little different – they killed kids.

I’ve no idea of what happen to the world and even Malaysia itself. As I said before, what’s the meaning of Merdeka [refer Independence] if we still feel unsafe and aware of things like this. As my friend said yesterday at work “Humans these days are back to the old age, we live in a new brand world but sadly we are trapped in the old age; which they are brainless and cruel” as he referred to my another mate who was telling me some irresponsible neighbor threw down a little kitten from the 10th floor of a flat house [can you imagine this?].

Latest, it was about a girl [Nurin Jazlin Jazimin] who had been murdered tragically. She was just 8 years old. Reported missing when she went out to the night market to buy some foods and few days later this sad news was the headlines. Police later found bruise marks on her neck, suggesting strangulation, and a brinjal and a cucumber inserted in her private parts. This is out of our imagination! This is insane!

I do hope that the murderer will be found soon and no more other punishment rather than hang to death.

To read more about this kindly click here.

Wahai Tuhan ku tak layak ke syurga

MuNamun tak pula aku sanggup ke neraka Mu

Ampunkan dosa ku terimalah taubat ku

Sesungguhnya Engkaulah Pengampun dosa-dosa besar

(arabic verse)

Ila hilis tu lilfirdausi ahla

Wala aqwa alnnaril jahim

Fahabblitau batau wafir zunubi

Fainnakarob firul zanbi azim

Dosa-dosaku bagaikan pepasir di pantai

Dengan rahmat Mu ampunkan daku Oh Tuhan ku

Wahai Tuhan selamatkan kami ini

Dari segala kejahatan dan kecelakaan

Kami takut kami harap kepada Mu

Suburkanlah cinta kami kepada Mu

Akulah hamba yang mengharap belas dari Mu

Friday, September 21, 2007

my favourite book

I’ve finished read “mxe!” by Azizi Ali. Trust me folks, it’s the best self-help book I’ve ever read. Yes, I’ve read a lot of books regarding the same topic and this one is totally different. Focusing on the same matter which is money -- different exposure. His 5 keys will be my journey start from now on.

The keys are :

  1. free your mind
  2. be an extremist
  3. follow your dreams
  4. get into sales
  5. live life
Next, I want to read about investment written by him =)

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Man Utd started UEFA Champions League with victory!

I’m still sleepy and tired from not-enough sleep last night. Read book till 1am and I woke up at 2.45am for Man Utd match.

It wasn’t a waste at all. We won 1-0 on Sporting Lisbon (Portugal club which happen to be C.Ronaldo and Nani ex-club). It was an away game and Sporting Lisbon had a good reputation in the battle with English teams – never lose.

Work never less. Why I’m still hooked with it? For the sake of money (I mean it). I will do my best for a better future out of this gloomy life.

moving from friendster to blogspot

Moving from to here start from today.
A new journey and dream begin…

Tamparuli Bridge (Tuaran, Sabah)

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