Wednesday, May 27, 2009

how many hours we sleep?

sorry for been busy lately... too many meetings, too many competitions and too much workloads...

have you ever wonder how much time you spend on your sleep?

here is the simple calculation:

1 year = 365 days
1 day = 24 hours

8 hours = sleeping
9 hours = working

total = 17 hours

24 hours - 17 hours = 7 hours to spend with your love one

have we really appreciate our quality time with the love one in our life? how much time left? we never know when is our due date.

you can't turn back time... cherish every moment you have or else you'll regret :)

to you, thanks for the cute watch.

p/s: i haven't replied the comment in the last post. will do it as soon as possible. nite all.

Saturday, May 16, 2009

brian kinney's bracelet

God...! I just love this bracelet so much. Any idea where I can buy it? Or anyone sells this?

Found it at E-Bay but I've no gut to buy from there, in fact the only secure way is by using Paypal which I don't have an account with them and do not want to register with them.


first commenter: syaz

Friday, May 15, 2009

it has been a while

it has been while since i wrote blog last. i've been busy... and i can't explain with W & H questions. so, you better don't.

some of you even called me lazy via email and sms for not updating my blog. well, its not like what you have in mind. April was too much to take with tons of work to finish on time and the fuckin tax payer month. to tax payer out there... we hate you exactly like you hate us. we're equal ;)

ah ok, why i put this picture? this was what happen last night. helpless string... ;) i hate this racket to be honest... but since i've bought it with damn cheap price... so i guess i just need to use it till it breaks. like friend said "it's vibrate and heavy...". ok, i've chewed that. i prefer gums.

i will be involved with may, june and july competition. again, don't ask me where and when. just be patient and enjoy my blog's flow. its life isn't it?

i'm not working today and i suppose that's what the leave for? you take it when you can't munch the boss order and the shits around you in the office. lazy bums and idiots. sorry for the blunt... but that's suppose to be... ME? i just can't be a plain geek which i smile all the time and world seem to be smiling back at me 24/7. its not that way and not easy too.

not a good post after a long hiatus mode eh?

of course... i'm home and i got works to get done. like emmet said "fuck 'em all".


first commenter: ladyviral

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