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Friday, January 09, 2009

Tagged by Nurul

I've been tagged by Nurul (omg! tag fever is coming again?)

what is the most important thing in your life ?

what is the last thing you bought with your own money ?
Thing? Including food? If food, Mamak fried noodle at Jelutong. If exclude food, Converse shoes.

where do you wish to get married ?
G Hotel.

how old do you think you will get permanently owned by your lover ?
32 years old.

are you in love ?

where was the last restaurant you had dinner at ?
Kapitan in town -- Cheese Nan with Tandoori.

name the latest book you bought ?
Mighty Heart by Mariane Pearl.

what is your full name ?
Lol. What for? Too long!

do you prefer mother or father?

name a person that you really wish to meet in your real life for the first time?
Bruce Willis.

christina or britney?

do you do your own laundry ?

the most exciting place you want to go???

hugs or kisses???

point out five things about the person who tagged you??
Clumsy, talkative, good cook, eat a lot and love sleeping.

eight things i’m passionate about..Apa ye...???
1. Money
2. Books
3. Hotties
4. Interior design
5. Car
6. House
7. Places
8. Foods

eight books i have read recently???
1. Amazing story - Carlo Gabbi
2. Mighty Heart - Mariane Pearl
3. Landlord Millionaire - Azizi Ali
4. Lahirnya Seoorang Jutawan - Azizi Ali
5. Why we want you to be rich - Kiyosaki and Trump
6. Persuasion - James Borg
7. Say something nice - Dr Zaitun
8. Amber Spyglass - Philip Pullman

eight songs i’ve been listening over and over again??
1. Unchained Melody
2. Only you
3. All My Life
4. Words
5. When say nothing at all
6. Hero
7. Happy ending
8. Fuck it

eight things i learned this year???
This year? Its January! C'mon...

eight people you tag????
1. inah
2. axim
3. rozella (yuhuu! revenge is sweet hahaha!)
4. hardiyana
5. achik
6. drsam
7. quachee
8. mummyshafie


  1. Get married in G Hotel? I have never been there. Must be a very nice hotel!

  2. foong - just average 5 star hotel :D

  3. oh nooo..dont tell me my name is there :(

  4. inah - c'mon you can do it haha!

  5. 32 years huh? How many more years to wait before I get my dress ready to attend your dinner reception at G Hotel? :)

  6. farah - haha :P by that time i'll be mature enough with thick pocket and big smile hahahahahahahah!

  7. oh golly been tagged haha! ok, ill consider doing this as its quite funny. btw like how u answered its jan! and on the song, is that really a song title (im blur) haha

  8. quachee - haha yes, its january how could someone expect me to learn anything in the beginning of the year? :P yes the "fuck it" song by eamon ;)


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