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Friday, January 09, 2009

Boyzone naked?

Do you still remember this boyband? Yes they are Boyzone. They were as famous as N'Sync, Backstreetboys, Take That and many more. Ronan, Steve, Shane, Keith and Mikey made a come back!

Astro showed their latest concert on TV and it was very good compared with Backstreetboys lately. Backstreetboys's voice wasn't the same anymore and I missed their old voice. Plus, there is no more Kevin Scott Richardson too!

Song like Words, No Mattter What, Baby Can I hold You and many more surely make you smile remembering the sweet memories. I was in secondary school during that time. Even mom likes them a lot! (mind you, mom loves music so much and even she know new songs better than me!).

Their outfits were greats. Colors like black & white and red & black really awesome. Neat and sexy (because of the tight trousers?). I am not sure they will repeat the show again after repeated for 3 times. But if you are lucky enough you can catch them again on Astro channel 808. Its a must watch for you Boyzone's fan out there!

By the way, do you know they look much better than last time too?

Now, do you believe me? *fainted*


  1. Ohhh that is porn! LOL! What happened to them? Maybe they need to sell themselves to make money again. I'm closing my eyes.

  2. suituapui7:28 AM

    Eyew...lucah!!! Blush! Blush! I like some of their songs...and I saw a bit of that comeback show that day on ASTRO.

  3. OMG..not fav boyband :(

  4. Astro-Fiesta: Boyzone..great concert from them...

  5. hahaha.. that's funny but I hate boyband..

  6. salam..errr....u fainted..jap ambik air ..ahaha

  7. Huhu. Yucks. Hope itu topi diorang. Haha. Kalau auction tu laku tak di Ebay? Haha.

  8. aisha - haha that is soft pron :P i have no idea, but before the concert in UK (forgot where was the venue), they entertained a gay club too! guess by showing off their tattoos and muscles, they will hit back the industry! lol.

    suituapui - their songs are ear soothing right? i sang along with them lol.

    inah - hehe yes its boyzone :P ever lusting boyband! lol.

    hussaini - ya ya! that channel! haha.

    faizal - har? why? :(

    - lol. sober. fuhhhhhh!

    cahaya - haha nak beli ke topi tu? :P

  9. would you look at those abs?omg!*nosebleed*
    too bad i didn't catch their performances.
    i love them to death.and do you stephen gately of boyzone?(the shortest guy)..his birthday is the same date as mine, except for the year.and i was sooo in love with him until i knew he's gay.
    why do cute guys turn out to be gays???

  10. id - haha. i'm handsome not cute. lucky! :P

    well, mark westlife is gay. one of n'sync members is gay. who else? lol. boyband. what do you expect. but steve's voice is superb i agree!

    love his voice in no matter what!

  11. wah bro..
    minat boyband ek?

  12. wa wa wa... nice body lol *runs* who is the second from the right? i like to hear their songs but didnt care on how they look though. not that crazy i guess. boyband i love the most is bsb haha

  13. abir - why not? dari grunge tak tentu pasal tu lol.

    sakura - 2nd from right? hehe is he cute? he is mikey. most people like 2nd from the left, steve ;)

  14. I'm surprised Suituapui likes Boyzone songs! Me? I also like some, but I actually only like Ronan Keating's voice. I used to like boybands when younger, but I guess no longer : )

  15. They would look hotter with the hats off! LOL

  16. asal dorg naked ar?
    sexy sgt ke?

  17. foong - haha. now they aren't boyband anymore. what about... er, porn star? lol. what about you and suituapui do like this too and post in the blog? *wink*

    farah - let see who got humongous one? ops!

    abir - nak yang mana?

  18. OMG!!! hahahaha
    i don't really care if they are naked lol cuz i never really into the singer; i love the songs only lol

    actually.. i never know how boyzone look like until you show those pictures of them LOL

    i only know faces of westlife only LOL

  19. adila - omg! you don't know them? but now are you into them? lol :P

  20. hahaa.. how come they seem hairless??

    aren't men suppose to be hairy??

    p/s: soft porn???

  21. jard - er, i'm not hairy either. what about hairy woman? they are suppose to be so smooth? lol.

  22. owh mikey o-o. good la then. let me personally have mikey. *shuh* (halau other people). lol kidding haha =P

  23. looks like a bunch of fools, to me! (sorry, ah!) :)

    that's why i prefer eastern culture... unique and harmony.

  24. Cheh. Showing off. Hahaha...

  25. diorang nie gay... uweks...!!!

  26. em, this picture seems like a fake one

  27. mcm palsu jek, hehehehhe...

  28. To be honest with you I've never really liked Boyzone. I'm more of a die hard Take That fan! Hehehe

  29. Anonymous8:57 PM

    Oppps !
    Tertengok . :P

  30. sakura - haha. lucky you :P

    lelucon - anti westerner? :P

    bcd - lol. i know you wish to do so too :P

    meo188 - gay? lol some of them already married.

    meo188 - i got this picture from UK mail. unless you can prove its a fake one ;)

    - prove it lol :P

    rozella - last night there was a concert by take that on tv ;) robbie william was one of them right? i wonder rosie why all old groups make a come back? like bsb, boyzone, take that, bon jovi and eagles. hmm hmm.

    berrykisses - saje je kan :P

  31. high request kot tu la sebabnya comeback ;)

  32. sakura - lagi sekali comeback total naked! lol

  33. this picture is like soooooo tiru johnny's entertainment. will westerners ever come up with anything that's not a copycat of us asians? sheesh.

  34. hanna - OMG! now they are copying us asian? unbelievable! lol.

  35. This comment has been removed by the author.

  36. alif - haha hot? hmm hmm.


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