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Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Penang is third in investments garnered

PENANG is number three in the country in terms of attracting investments last year.

Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng said the state attracted RM9.5bil in foreign investments up to October 2008.

He said the amount was double the figure of RM4.7bil recorded for the whole of 2007.

Let's eat: Lim (centre) savouring a steamboat meal together with members of the press and other state DAP leaders. Also present is Lim's wife Betty Chew (right)

“We have already achieved such a good result in the 10 months. Hopefully we can exceed the RM10bil mark for the year as the figures for November and December have yet to be finalised,” he said in his speech during a media night dinner hosted by DAP Bukit Mertajam division on Friday night.

He said the good result would never be achieved without the hard work and co-operation from all the relevant parties.

He said the state would continue to work hard to lure foreign investments which would indirectly create more job opportunites for Penangites. (such as retrenchment in factory and 10% cut off from the salary? not to mention about shut down for few days due to the economic crisis)

For the new year, Lim said the state would focus on strengthening the economy, fighting crime, strengthening education and good governance based on the CAT (competency, accountability and transparency) policy.

Bukit Mertajam MP Chong Eng, in her speech, said the emergence of digital media had provided the public a different perspective and wider access to the latest news and information, including alternative news and views.

She said the media had played a significant role in DAP’s historic victory in the last general election.

(source: the star)

I couldn't agree more that this is a good news for Penangite. Sad news is there's no bonus for IRB fellas. Almost half of the country resource came from tax. Remember that!


  1. some time changes are good.

  2. i'm with u DR SAM..but i'm neutral..

  3. in general, i've no concern/involvement over politics.
    but in politics, i'm against DAP (i prefer to be 'humble green' than rocketing skyhigh without true focus hehe).

  4. Berubah tu kan bagus...!!! memajukan Ummah

  5. Bravo Penang, penang is the best right? :)

  6. penang..huhuh..10% from the salary? will u be affected? i thought u're under malaysian gov..

  7. Hey Faisal,

    Thanks for leaving a comment on my blog. Looks like you always keep your blog updated. Good job! You are one of the best bloggers I have ever met online. I am looking forward to seeing you as the Penang edition of Kenny Sia, even surpass him!

    Sheng Loong.

  8. suituapui2:19 PM

    What bonus? IRB also "saya yang menurut perintah"!!! Got mah - 1 month's salary! Poor pencen people like me - not even a sen!! So kesian! Already separuh that, sure will end up eating grass and stones!!!

  9. tamau bayar tax boleh tak?

  10. oh, a penangite! tak tahu plak. sorriii...

    tapi, aku memang tak amik pusing sangat pasal politik.

    but still, since the new leaders dah tunjuk yg dia orang capable in leading penang It's a good sign. Right?

    tapi the 10% reduction, and the retrenchment statement. Tell me dude, is that really reported in the media, or that was just your cynical commentary??

    and sigh, i do pity those who're affected by that.

  11. And the coming Wimax!!!! I can't wait for that indeed. For those who oppose this project due to their paranoid over health concern, please find a metal-clad cave, far away from human civilization and stay inside for the rest of their lives.. Bravo!

  12. which state is no 1 & 2? btw with the economic slowdown, i think penang is doing good, thinking much for the people (just hope its not a media play) :)

  13. Congrats to Penang! I think Lim Guan Eng is doing a good job, I just didn't like it when he criticised Petronas and the need to have world class orchestra in KL.

  14. drsam - i agree :)

    hoodedlicious - careful :P later his wife bombs you :P

    hussaini - hehe rasa macam nak bomb ofis je :P

    lelucon - hmm is that a hint? :P

    zuer - ya betul. lama tak nampak bro? :)

    farah - nothing beats penang of course! :)

    inah - hehe i'm not affected by the economic crisis but my friend is. can you imagine someone with 4-5k salary and 10% off? ouch! please don't imagine beyond that ;)

    sheng loong - hehe thanks for the compliment. i was happy to see you in the brochure anyway! congrats once again.

    suituapui - haiyoh! where got. we are semi-government. meaning whatever government gets, it doesn't mean we surely get. we even don't have pension :(

    cahaya - hehe nak lari dari bayar sikit, kang kena bayar banyak :P

    helmi - about the 10% thingy, kindly refer to any mates who are working with factories in penang. about the retrenchment, i suppose news does broadcast about it? :)

    joseph - wimax is a good thing tho! i love it. btw, can you confirm with me about sarawak was the first state with this kind of technology? or i got the info wrong?

    quachee - i guess kl and jb? just my wild guess :D yes, i think so too. none of the mamak stalls or chinese restaurants closed yet :P

    foong - there you go with the music again haha! i have nothing against him. to me he is good and i don't get involve with politic anyway. friend told me about him affected by the economic downturn and this article caught my attention particularly on that part :D

  15. good for Penang bro.. Hopefully, Malays are equally treated in Penang. I am not a Penang people, so you know better.

    Have a nice day. Oh yeah, we just lost to Derby, hopefully second leg in Old Trafford will be better.

  16. Morning Faisal! I have a tag for you! Hehehehe

  17. yer ker uol tak dapat bonus??? kesiannyaaaa.... jangan demotivated sudah lah yer, kerja n tugas itu satu amanah n tanggungjawab... kita sempurnakan sebaik mungkin...

  18. No surprise coz' Penang is considered as one fo the big town in M'sia plus the PM is from the Island itself. I bet the top two will come from either KL, Selangor & Johor? Haven't read the news.

    Well that's for 2007 right? the govt has changed now since Mac 2008 GE. It will be interesting to see how investors responds to the changes.

    All the best to Penangite.

  19. penang is great..

    of course, i like penang as much i like chow rasta's 'jeruk'...

    hehhehe, ops out of topic...

    salam perkenalan

  20. faizal - well, i can't say much about the government now and before. still early to make a conclusion. i hope its for the better.

    yeah, we lose to derby. i hope the 2nd leg is brighter :D

    rosie - huhu. more tag? ok.

    tepak - yep. epf pun dapat. tapi epf kutip sangat ke duit? takyah kejar orang suruh bayar epf ok. tapi kami kena kejar orang bayar tax demi kesejahteraan dan kemajuan negara. target setiap tahun semakin banyak. ala, cut le bonus pun. tapi kena ingat, siapa tak suka duit? kalau cakap kerja 100% ikhlas tu tipu la kot. baik tak perlu terima gaji kan :P kalau prestasi irb turun tahun ni, you know why :)

    ismail - well, it should be kl and jb as i mentioned earlier in the comment.

    yes, nothing much to say about this new government yet. he is good, and nothing much effect us yet. it takes time, i know.

    zuhaimi - welcome bro :) yep the jeruk here is very famous. no other jeruk can beat! hehe.

  21. faisal, why can't we mix seafood and meat? Sorry not related to your blog's topic : )

  22. foong - i'm not sure but i read somewhere. maybe doc could answer? hehe. its the same thing don't drink orange juice with seafood.

  23. Anonymous4:22 PM

    I am reading this article second time today, you have to be more careful with content leakers. If I will fount it again I will send you a link

  24. anonymous - content leaker? what do you mean?

  25. Anonymous8:20 AM

    Very Interesting!
    Thank You!

  26. Anonymous11:15 AM



Thank you for the comment.

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