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Saturday, January 03, 2009

Injured whale shark dies on Malaysia shore

KUALA LUMPUR, Malaysia: A rare 23-foot-long (7-meter-long) whale shark got entangled in a fishing net off Malaysia's northwest coast and was towed to shore but died due to injuries, local media reported Saturday.

Fisherman Key Chai Yang told the New Straits Times newspaper that it took two hours to tow the two-ton shark, known as a Rhincodon Typus, to land after it got entangled in his fishing net early Friday.

He said the shark was still alive when it reached shore in northern Penang state in Malaysia's northwest, but it died shortly after from the multiple cuts it suffered from the propeller blades under his boat.

"I have never seen such a gigantic shark in my 30 years as a fisherman," Key was quoted as saying.

A huge crowd turned up to see the carcass of the shark, which was later sent to the state fisheries department, the report said.

Fishery officials could not immediately be reached for comment.

The Rhincodon Typus, the largest fish in the world, can be found in warm tropical seas. The leviathan, which has distinctive white spots over its dark gray body, can grow as long as of 65 feet (20 meters) and live up to 70 years.

(source: herald tribune)


we are talking about largest fish in the world ok? its pretty sad to see or hear about animals die. to see they are dying even worse. really breaking my heart into pieces. but what to do, in this case we can't blame the fisherman though. but i'm still sad. boo hoo.

isn't she lovely?


  1. Auwhhh! This is sad! News like this always gave me watery eyes. It really broke my heart into pieces.

    How such fish (largest fish in the world, okay!) end-up nearby our coast? Or is it the fisherman gone to far?

    :( She's lovely. She's beautiful.

    p/s: What they will do with the whale? Makan ke? Huhu. Ciannye.

  2. cahaya - yes its such a sad news. i guess further investigation will be made soon and we will know the cause.

    i guess the shark will be brought somewhere for further investigation or maybe put in the museum? i don't know. there are lots of fish related parks such as aquaria and fish museum.

  3. Rhincodon typus have originated about 60 million yrs ago. Such species that have been existed for such long time.

    When this happened actually?
    ~agak terpisah dgn dunie luar. hehe

  4. drsalam - yes and it can live for 70 years. it happen on last saturday.

  5. Wah sad news, same like the whale who trapped somewhere nearby Gaya Island in KK last time. Now it's a shark pulak. Huhu

  6. ann - yeah ann its a sad news. this shark is as big as whale.

  7. yes sad to see such a beautiful creature got wasted like that.

  8. drsam - yes. to think about how painful she was before dying really got me watery eyes.

  9. it was a catfish faisal..i'm sure of it ..if other type of fish surely it died already...!

    yes ..this story has reminded me the story of the dugong...u remember or not? the dugong was happily been taken care of one good family and the 'fish' deparment took it away...then it was found dead few days later...i cried when i read the so sad...

    and this time it happenend again...i pity the whale shark...nobody's fault i guess...but i couldnt see animals, plants or human being killed..but every day we heard of this news on tv...why human such a cruel species?

  10. Hopefully, Jabatan Alam Sekitar, Sahabat Alam Malaysia and others need to do something about this case.

    demi kemaslahatan alam sekitar kita..

  11. waliz - yeah. human got brain but most of the time it seems to be otherwise.

    about the catfish, i was pulling your leg :P it might be "penunggu" or something :P

    hussaini - ya betul. i hope so. for this case i think its either they have gone so far from where there are allowed to go or the shark has came to close.

  12. agreed. but me is more radical. like durin iraq war i was like ok, if wanna die just die. xde perasaan. but if i saw cat by the longkang of the pasar borong i'll be at the edge of cryin ahahhahaha

    highly recommend Helen The Baby Fox. movir for animal die harts

  13. sigh....

    that reminds me of the great Dugongs!

  14. lately byk news about whale tersadai, tak ke?
    hrmmm... does that mean something?

  15. she's really beautiful and unique!

  16. romie - alamak. that's cruel :P i can't see anything dies including flower and butterfly. so i don't want to get attached to things that don't last (ok tak kata² dipetik oleh sara dalam prison break?)

    cabaikering - yep. dugong pun sedih gile. i maki² je pihak berkuasa yang konon pandai sangat!

    adila - not in malaysia kot?

    farah - yes. very!

  17. Anonymous7:19 AM

    whale sharks feed on small fishes and plankton.

    They can be found in waters near sabah, but to be seen near penang is something rare.
    They are harmless to humans , some divers claim them to be playful even.

    I was lucky to meet an alive one in one of my dives

    The fisherman should have cut his rope and free the fish away..
    blardy fool..bring it back to shore to die.

    ops..sorry. ranting away :P

  18. wicrap - suppose the shark was injured by the blade under the boat? you saw one when you dive? omg! i would be peeing in my tight if i see one!

  19. Anonymous8:10 PM

    thanks for dropping by my blog.
    i m no revolutionist, just trying my best in everything..

    to tell the truth, i was stun when i saw it.
    but some of the divers went out to chase after it to get a better glimpse. terror ya?!

  20. wicrap - hope the incident that happen to crocodile hunter won't be repeated :P

    i always afraid of the darkness in the ocean rather than on earth :)

  21. Whale Sharks near Penang is not something rare. Even Mantas have been spotted near Penang during the migratory period. Whale Sharks and Mantas have been seen during dives off Phuket, Richelieu rocks, and the southern most I have bumped into them was near Hin Paed Mai (8th Mile rock) between Koh Lipe and Langkawi.

    A couple of years back, a Manta was caught in the net by fishermen off Penang, while a Whale Shark died after it got hit by the bulbuous bow of a container vessel that was making a port call in Penang.

  22. John - Oh God. So you have seen them in the sea? That is scary. It will scare me to death! So I guess the news just make it big issue?

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