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Sunday, January 04, 2009

Prison break

prison break anyone? i'm not sure how many of you have watched this but i really like the storyline seriously. the storyline is simply superb. you know series like prison break and house md really make me thing sometimes, how brilliant the producer or the one coming out with this idea. i don't know. simply amazing. with algorithm, terms, chemistry, physic etc. just very catchy. at least catch my attention. i'm watching house now after finished this prison break weeks ago. next should be numbers? (need someone with good hearted to send copies hehe).

ok. whats good with prison break? i don't follow any series on tv and i prefer to wait till the series finish and buy the series instead. like what i did with heroes. haven't watched any of the season 3 episode tho. i wanted to buy this series and been asking around about it. most of the shop and stall sells only season 2 and 3 which they told me there's no more season 1. so i wanted to buy season 1 and i was lucky enough when my colleague emailed me and wanted to lend them to me! i mean all seasons from 1 to 3. thank god. i was so happy. it took me ages to finish them anyway. you know, 1 dvd got 4 episode and there are 5-6 dvds for a season. its kinda cool when i changed my behavior then all in sudden i found out that scofield behave like me :P you know, like you talk only importat thing and keep yourself in silence most of the time. so that you can think more than talk craps.

i like the chemical formula in this movie. the strategy and even the confidence in scofield. it helps me in daily life too. it might not work with you, but it is for me.

roughly, season 1 is about how to escape. season 2 is about running and season 3 is about escaping again from the next prison. i like the quote "prison is made to be broken". haha. how true? crap. do you really think you can break a prison? but the storyline is amazine :) the fact? its like watching spiderman. do you really think spiderman exist in this real world? same goes with movie. you know, hero always win. enough said.

in this series we can also learn about love, friendship, loyalty and family. great stuff to be wondering about.

you should watch if you haven't watched it. there is no such thing as too busy :P its just the matter of you being lazy alright? ;)

till later.

p/s: thanks amru!


  1. I watched the first couple of episodes, but I'm more into HOUSE. I love that show! Do you watch it?

  2. Anonymous9:01 AM

    I had watched the season 4, but I couldn't stop laughing when you said you are like Michael Scofield, boasting urself as good as him is purely exaggerating. An intelligent person like Scolfied surely would have been very humble and would not boast himself like you do

  3. I really like Season 2 for this series....Energetic...

    But now, it's too bad my idol Brad Bellick died..huh

  4. Hey.. i tak lazy tau...but yeah limited time to watch all those TV series... but mmm maybe during this coming CNY ... i can spend the whole 4 days leave doing the series marathon ..ha ha

  5. Anonymous11:18 AM

    Not into TV. My friend downloaded whole episodes from internet. I never bothered to watch. The last tv show I loved and watched was...Ally McBeal, I think...or The Nanny! LOL!!!

  6. Prison break yang season 1 dulu tengok..tapi bila dah berseason2 ni memang malas la nak ikut lagi..walau apa pon.CSI tetap jadi pilihan utama..

  7. I don't like to watch series. Miss one episode, sudah tak faham dah cite! So normally I watch CSI (Vegas), Chuck, House + few others.

  8. I don't follow this series anymore, not because I dont like it, but because I keep missing the episodes so at last I got frustrated and never have followed it anymore. Besides, it's difficult to get to watch TV with these 2 kids at home, they are always watching what they want. If I watch the TV in my room, they would wanna watch TV in the room too. if I watch the TV in the living room, then, they both will follow me to the living room. LOL so, of course I gave up! :)

  9. btw, you should have come to Syabil's birthday party- I personally invited you right? :)

  10. Anonymous12:52 PM

    house is better than prison break . :D

  11. I'm HEROES fan ~
    I got prison break's from season 1 until (forgot) and I simply take it from a friend. Never watch it just half from the 1st episode of season 1. Then until today I don't even manage to finish it because haven't continue to watch it yet.

    But after I read your blog entry here, I think I should watch it too till the last season I had.

    P/s : Eh, yesterday I tried to open your "dance with me" entry" But I can't. What happened?

  12. Usually i won't watch any series on tv as i hate they end the show during the interesting part and to be continued by the next day:(
    Anyway, i will try to get Prison Break from friends if they have or download from the internet if available since it is recommended by you :)

  13. Dah tgk sampai season berapa ni? I like PRISON BREAK rather than HEROES. Storyline dia dah xde bahan. So, dah merepek² dah. Yang ini amik kuasa dia, yang itu hilang kuasa, trap dlm masa lampau. Aiyak. Ridiculous!

    But PRISON BREAK okay je. In season 4, Gretchen said they fabricated the whole thing because Sara escaped. They don't have any collateral. And I love the beginning of season 4.

    But, where about the prison breaking out? Semua dah bebas. Huhu.

    Just wait and see. Season 4 blom tamat. Hehe.

    p/s: I heart PRISON BREAK. Make me nervous bila diorang escape last time from Sona. :)

  14. tammy - yes, i'm watching episode 3 of season 1 for house md. er, tammy do you have crush on the main actor eh? lol :P

    anonymous - see. now you got me wrong. is it possible for you to read that part again? if you were my silent reader, please refer to the post that telling about there is no old me. i've changed. change here means i'm not talkative anymore and its a good thing to do as i have more time to think rather than talking crap. got it?

    so i'm not saying that i got big brain like him in the series but what i want to say is the coolness of him like not talking much and think before doing something.

    i'm not saying i'm brilliant and hardly find the part i'm boasting or bragging about it. sorry if i've made you think so ;)

    p/s: are you the same person who left comment at dr syukur's blog?

    hussaini - i like season 1 the most :P omg! bellick is your idol? mind to elaborate on that part?

    syukur - hehe :P since you wanna spend the holidays with series. which series would it be? don't tell me house md or grey anotomy :P its already full of medical terms in you brain. no?

    suituapui - the nanny? brook shield right? and ally mc beal is good :P she was so clumsy hehe.

    hoodedlicious - csi memang best tapi bukan csi miami. yucks :P semua dia je hebat. boring tol hehe. pb season 1 memang best. season lain ok juga sebab the way scofield thinks memang superb.

    - hehe i tak ikut di tv cuma beli dvd je. senang! kalau ikut di tv memang tak akan faham sebab confirm asyik terlepas this part and that part :)

    farah - yes i could imagine how they keep following you here and there. hehe. when i was a kid i do the same. its good to watch tv with mom company. instead of watching tv, we can also talk to mom.

    farah - yes farah i'm so sorry couldn't make it. my friend from australia came. very sorry.

    berry - house is better? hmm. still depends :P or maybe because your parent said so :P

    ann - yes i love heroes too. i watched season 1 and 2 and season 3 is still showing. so i will wait till season 3 finish and just buy the dvd. i don't like to wait episode by episode on tv :P

    you should watch prison break ann. it has different story line but i'm sure you will like it.

    p/s: oh i have posted it but then i think i shouldn't.

    keith - its a good series. trust me. i want to borrow your dvd when i'm done with house.

    cahaya - heroes season 1 and 2. prison break season 1-3. nanti leh la beli season 4 bila dah habis tayang hehe.

    har? sara escaped? so the head wasn't hers? i always think that the head wasn't hers.

    its like that. remember season 2 is about running? so the season 4 should be about running before season 5 they are locked up again hehe.

    p/s: sona is a stupid prison compared to river fox. i miss to see river fox's environment hehe.

  15. best woo.. wa pun suka gak bro..

  16. Faisal,
    U r from Muar, right? Mind telling me which part of Muar?

  17. nanti nak beli lah series prison break kat bt feringgi...nak tukar citarasa pulak...tq

  18. aku baru dpt tinguk Heroes season 3.. hehehe...

    prison break coming soon..=p

  19. nr - hehe dah tengok semua season ke?

    nite garden - er, i'm from penang. my auntie lives there :)

    elle - yep. best tau :) nanti dah tengok tolong update ye :P

    jard - hehe. different category tau :) sure you like them both.

  20. wahaha..aku tak punya banyak masa nak tengok siri Prison Break ni walaupun aku minat jugak..tengok season 2 jer..yang season 3 dan season 4 tak menyempat nak tengok...banyak dvd kat umah aku tersadai menanti giliran untuk ditonton..tah bila nerkesempatan..

    nanti aku nak cuti 3 hari semata mata nak habiskan siri dvd di rumah boleh ker??haha

  21. axim - 3 hari nak habiskan semua? lebam la mata! haha. aku dah try 2 hari habiskan 1 season. memang pening kepala sampai nak muntah! haha. maybe sebab tengok melalui laptop kot.

  22. wait till u reach season 4. i can say this is the best series ever. but i hope they dont fall into the trap of trying to pro-long the story to maximise the franchise. the story has to end...

    hope it wont be like lost... cos it made all of us lost after season 2.

  23. Yeah u are about some girlie series like Desperate Housewives or Sex In The city...ha ha will be FUN ..ha ha

  24. zewt - so i heard. lost was good at the beginning and end up sucks for the season 2.

    i will wait till the season 4 ends and will get myself a copy! hehe.

    agree with you. the series shouldn't be long. heroes should finish soon too.

    syukur - desperate housewives is cool! the boobs! ops.

    i also like 6 feet under. ever watch that one?

  25. I hate Sona. I harap diorang been locked up kat US later on for the next season. Ada ke next season? Haha.

  26. cahaya - sona looks yucky. prefer river fox.

  27. i pun layan prison break...
    season 4, tak sempat beli lagi...slalu beli kat nite market jew...huhuhuhu

  28. yue - kat bt feringghi murah! i pun malas nak ikut kat tv. tunggu abis je terus beli dvd. senang! :)

  29. wow sounds great! :)


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