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Monday, January 19, 2009

Music Monday - If today was your last day

This picture is taken by Joseph where a careless bus driver hit 6 motorcyclist and 1 car at Sungai Ara. It was reported that 1 person died but another story I heard 2 died. Scary scenario is you could see kid's dolphin helmet and another adult normal helmet under the bus. My sister put a video regarding this accident here.

After writing about “Are you ready to get married?” I’m thinking of writing about Music Monday instead. I’m afraid I don’t have much time if I don’t write about it now since I’m pretty free now.

What about this time? What am I going to write about? This is my second time for Music Monday and I choose a simple topic for killing out Monday Blues -- “If today was your last day”.

What is in your mind?

When I told mom about this, she asked me why lately my blog is full with wretchedness and melancholy. She prefers something astonishing, something gay (do refer dictionary if your vocabulary is limited) or something mouth watering. I told her, it’s not about sad story and things like that, but it is about we human tend to take things for granted. We neglect it when it is with us or belong to us, but we will miss it or craving for it when it is not around anymore. It can be thing or creature. After all it is simply human’s tendency.

After reading Zara’s blog, this question keeps haunting me day and night. At the same time, it motivates me not to take thing for granted and spend quality time with people that I love.

Imagine this, you have a lot of people around you who care and love you so much but with good excuse like busy working you tend to neglect them and focus only at works. Then, one day God tells you that today is your last day. What do you want to do?

Share with me your thought.

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  1. That news sure is depressing.. I can't bear to think of leaving my loved ones behind.

    Taking things for granted is indeed human. We just have to remind ourselves that we aren't immortal and we should make peace with whatever issues we have, towards God, our family and loved ones, friends, enemies, etc..

    But honestly, this is the reason I can't bear to argue with anyone for long.. You never know how much time you have left.

    Your post is a great reminder.. not to mention that the song choice is excellent! I love it! :)

    Happy Music Monday, Faisal!

  2. Shemah - You are fast! :) Yes Shemah we never know if tomorrow never come. We should not take things for granted. I always keep this in mind (is it the reason why I keep telling the one I love "I love you"?).

    Glad that you like the song :)

  3. I agree with Shemah.. this is a great reminder Faisal.. thank you.. sometimes we are so obsessed with chasing the future .. that sometimes we forget to appreciate what we have for now..

    Have a great Monday and don't be so sad ok.. enjoy each day as if it was your last and don't wallow in sorrow over something that you can't change...

    Cheer up ok!!

  4. scary! in a blink of an eye, you can be gone forever!

    there was an accident near my uni not long ago.. i think i blogged about it

    from that time onwards, i always think before i cross the road lol
    i usually hv the tendency to cross like ayam LOL

    but you know.. it's always the malang tak berbau sort of thing that could happen =(

  5. suituapui7:29 AM

    There's a song by Tim Mcgraw, I think - Live like you were dying...We shoudl make the most of the time that we have, do all the things we case tomorrow never comes.

  6. Ehem! If today is my last day....refer to my post for the thought. haha..

    @Suituapui: I like that song of Tim Mcgraw too, but I settled for this Nickelback instead to post it up in my blog.

    Have a great Monday!

  7. I think if today was my last day... I would be okay with it. There are still a lot of things in life that I haven't done yet, but I would be fine with it. It would be very sad, but I know that the soul lives on eventhough the body is dead or there truly never is a last day after all. :)

  8. yes, people do tend to take things for granted. We just start noticing how we needed or depend on it when we lose it.

    Honestly, I wouldn't want today to be my last day. So many things I have yet to achieve. But if it were to come to that, I guess I would accept it wholeheartedly.

    wah, such a long comment! ;P

  9. hiduplah kita pd hari ini
    seumpama hr ini adlh hr terakhir kita bernafas di bumi Allah...

    ~life is too short to be ordinary~

  10. that's da reason why we need to appreciate all of da thing's in front of us,and do take nothing for granted..

    Tapi atas nama manusia tak mungkin kita mampu jadi sempurna sebegitu..

    kalau hari ni ialah my last day,i've got nothing to say..because we never know when da time will come..

    ntah hapa aku merepek pun aku tak tahu..tetiba kepala aku jadi weng dan kosong.tak taw nak komen apa.


  11. If I knew that I was going to die on that day I would definitely tie lose ends - set the paperworks in order, tell my family I love them very much, apologize for everything I've done wrong, make sure all are settled so that I don't have any last regrets. And after all is said and done I'd stay with my hubby until I go :) Haha it's quite an ordinary answer, sorry.

    You should watch Stranger Than Fiction. You might like it. It deals with the topic you're talking about now :D

  12. If today were my last day, I'd want to be able to spend it with my family of course and I'd make sure that they'd be okay without me...

  13. Then again, I'd also wouldn't know how I can do that, I guess no one can really be prepared when it comes to death...

  14. Life is too short for drama, so let's be happy and live our life the way God wants us to... :D We can never tell when we die, but at least even if it were a sudden death, if we lived life to the fullest then at least we'd be able to say at least we went with a blast... :D Be happy Faisal! :D

  15. My heart and best wishes to the family whom lost their loved ones.

    since loosing my Dear Mother, I live each day with it the thought of "What if". I have two small kids, and they are my MUSE. I make sure they know this. I do not want to go on about living life.

    I can share with you what I do for my kids.
    We talk about death, we talk about life choices. I have a book in where I fill it whit their favorite recipes, memories, everyday sayings etc... I have also created videos, talk about stages in their lives.

    My Mother has taught me plenty and she continues to do so.

    Living Life and loving every moment of it! :)

  16. It's not that I don't care. But, when the time comes, I will follow my instinct. :)

  17. :) great post..if today is my last day..i'll cherish every moment in my life with my loved ones..

    life is life to the fullest..start to enjoy with all the small little things in life..the raindrops, mum's nagging, the traffic jam..the moment with your loved ones..


    Have u read Ps I love you?

  18. I agree we should always live like today is our last day. Then only we will really treasure what really matters and appreciate all those around us.

    People are so busy with their career, making money and their problems, they tend to forget about the little joys of living, and they tend to ignore their loved ones.

    If today is your last day, won't you want to make the best of every minute and every second? Would any minor problems trouble you? Would you be worried about making money? Would you make sure you get to spend as much time with your loved ones as much as possible? Would any arguments or disagreements matter anymore? Would you forgive those who've wronged you? Would you worry what others think of you? Would you procrastinate?

    I don't think so. So yes, live everyday as if it's your last day. Then you will really live life to the fullest! : )

  19. LJ - Do you think this post is a poignant post? :) I don't laugh but I do smile a little bit for some solid reasons.

    Yes this is a great reminder for all of us. I hope we cherish every moment we can with our love ones around :)

  20. Adila - OMG! Cross the road like ayam? I can’t imagine how ayam cross the road anyway lol. Ok this make me laugh! It’s pretty hard to make me laugh you know!

    I agree with you Adila that ghastly thing like accident can happen in a blink. It doesn’t matter if we have good road ethic or not, still driving on the road or even walk across won’t promise that you will be alive after you are away from the road.

    p/s: I am afraid of flight the most! Maybe too much of Final Destination haha.

  21. Suituapui - "If tomorrow never come" by Ronan Keating if I'm not mistaken is cool too. My director was discontented this morning and I really hope tomorrow never come. So I want to be stuck here and there is no morning haha!

  22. Zara - That is such a short comment and that is so not you! Haha. Yes I have read about it and I hope this post is not listed as plagiarism blog! (Remember I asked permission earlier hehe).

    P/s: not dare to fool around with lawyers! Lol.

  23. Rozella - If it happens to us and there is no regret after death I suppose? So let leave the regret to those who didn’t appreciate us when we were alive! Haha. Good advice?

  24. Cik Siti - Hehe I love long comment. You haven’t seen Zara’s “long” comment I suppose? I called her novelist lol (no hard feeling Zara!).

    Yes, I know I have less regret than “someone” who loves me than the real lover but keep inside the heart which makes me feel I’m the second best always.

    Ops! That is a simple drama through comment from me.

    Let’s tell them that we love them!

  25. Masni - So kira kena la tajuk blog dengan post ni? :)

    Betul, saya setuju sangat bahawasanya kita perlu hidup dengan sebaik mungkin kerana hari esok tidak pasti.

  26. Axim - Hmm. If today was your last day and you got nothing to say? Say "I love you" to her! :)

    Or you going to count days and seeking for the "last date"? :)

  27. MilkberryStranger Than Fiction? Oh ok maybe I can get a free copy through youtube. That is such a sweet thought to be spending your time with your husband until the last breath. I guess you guys simply can’t be separated at any circumstances. How I wish I could have this kind of relationship. God bless!

  28. Anne – I guess I will do the same too with family and the love one. This is getting scary though in the middle of the night thinking about this!

  29. Anne – That is why we must do whatever we should do as tomorrow never come! Isn’t that lovely if everybody does the same thing :)

  30. Anne – I agree. But isn’t it life full of dramas? Hehe.

  31. Laura – I tried to talk with my mom and family about death too but we end up with quarrel or a frown on face simply because they try to avoid sad conversation like this. So, instead of talking about this with them I’m glad that I have this blog to share my thought. At least I won’t see a frown on anyone’s face.

    You have learned something precious in the past and I’m glad that you share it with us about this. I want to start what you are doing now and I hope it won’t be too late for me to do so.

    Someday, even if it’s not me, maybe these things can be viewed and read to reminisce the good old days.

    Thanks a lot Laura.

  32. Laura – Oh by the way, your name remind me of a song “Tell Laura… I love her…” it is my dad’s favorite!

  33. Cahaya – It’s not about the time but it’s about you must start doing good thing everyday and put in mind that “today was your last day” everyday :)

  34. Inah – I like this part “life is life to the fullest..start to enjoy with all the small little things in life..the raindrops, mum's nagging, the traffic jam..the moment with your loved ones..”

    I hate traffic jam forthrightly. I missed grandma’s nagging and I do not want to miss mom’s nagging for sure. Raindrop is beautiful and in a way, I think its romance.

    I haven’t read that book Inah, soon I hope as too many books in mind and I don’t think I have much time to cope hehe.

  35. Foong – Yes, I would procrastinate :P

    Life needs balance. It is like a stool with 4 legs -- love, wealth, health and faith. You can’t lose any of them or else the stool will fall.

  36. yeah after read this post..

    it make me appreciate what i have now..

    certain time we dare to take granted of whatever things dat we want to..

    live life to the fullest...

    nice choice of song.....

  37. Wahidah – Yes you are right. We must always appreciate of what we have now and do what we should do as if “tomorrow never come”. Glad that you like this song :)

  38. LOVE Nickelback!!!!! I just got this CD for Aurora, she loves them as well!

  39. takutnya..sampai 6 buah moto kena langgar. driver bas tu ngantuk apa

  40. Yeah! But still, I can't think of any. Or it's so much, that I can't even say it. :) Ntah!

  41. oklaaaaa...aku maafkan kau.

  42. Tammy - Hope you and your daughter like this song too :)

    MummyShafie - Entah. Driver tu lari lepas langgar! :(

    Cahaya - Then don't say it :)

    Green Apple - Aku juga maafkan dikau :P

  43. i'll regret for sure...

    haha..tapi Insyaallah teja xwat that teja xpyh la mnyesal kan...

  44. teja - hehe nanti sure nyesal gak :P

  45. ERRRRRR..



  46. axim - lor nape lak? jom swim PISA!

  47. have a great dear new friend

  48. Thats horrible! I hate to see accidents, it leave me feeling sad thinking about all the possibilities.

    I am your top commenter? wow, and I thought I hardly jump on blogs to leave comments. REally hard to find the time nowadays, not just to hop but to also update my own space.

  49. isha - you have a great day too :)

    farah - yeah i hate to see accident as well :) especially the one flooded with blood :(

    haha yes farah, you are still the queen! i have limited time too but i don't know why am i so busy all in sudden. lol.

  50. u know this statement is good to live life the fullest. ive gone thru some exercise on this.... and there's really a lot we want to do.

    there's so many dreams to accomplish, and at the same time to be thankful for all that we have - and letting the people we love know :)

  51. Quachee - Yes pal. It really motivate us to appreciate time and people around us :)

  52. life is unpreditable. It is good to treasure it.

  53. Coolingstar - Yes... life is unfair don't you think?

  54. "If today was my last day" -
    I wish I could knew about it ;)

  55. bintang - yes everybody wish to know about it before the time comes :) but i think better if we don't know about it so we won't be so sad :)


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