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Monday, January 26, 2009

wash car

Ok today is public holiday (yes we have 2 days off till tomorrow). So I have been lazy (with cough still attached to me) with book and coffee. While reading, I smsed some of my Chinese friends with Chinese New Year greeting. I hope they like it and could bring a smile on their face.

Family went out to a wedding. I wasn’t feeling well. So, I decided to stay home and rest. I watched TV, read Amber Spyglass and enjoyed my black coffee.

TV was boring. I wanted to take my car to the car wash nearby. I knew the long queue is waiting for me as its public holiday and worse the car wash is not opened. Ok, take off my shirt and left only shorts, I went out and washed my car. It was long time ago and I couldn’t remember when the last time I washed my car.

Then Ajil smsed, telling me he is online. Chatted with him via Skype till 11pm. There was a lot of thing to talk about and to discuss. I hope the plan works.

I am not productive today but at least I got some rest. Is there any suggestion to get rid of coughing instead of telling me that the cough syrup is good?

What did you do today?

P/s: I want Yee Sang!!!


  1. I ate Yee Sang~ hahah jgn jealous yer:P

    btw, why don't you try Dequadin Pastilles [recommended = LEMON]

    it works for cough as it soothes and refreshes the throat~

    and if possible, stop consuming coffee for a while, that will definitely helps in speedy recovery~

    have a great CNY break!

  2. msrahah - mesti la jealous! no one invite me for CNY lah :(

    dequadin? hmm will buy later, what about any other traditional remedy instead of that sweet thingy which needed me to suck :(

    hmm ok ok no coffee. but it has been so long since i drink it and i have to avoid orange too :( i love orange. boo hoo.

  3. alamak sedih lah plak, if u nearby, i can drag u to be my driver and u can enjoy yee sang too:P

    ohh traditional remedy ek? ader brani ker?!?

    air suam2 tu minum byk2~

    if u have pure honey, then add up honey [about one spoon into the water] drink it~

    ader org siap suruh perah limau nipis...up to u lah, which taste u can bear with~

    too bad!
    i plak keje makan limau jer, rase2 dah almost 2 boxes dah jadi mangsa i hahaha

  4. Minum banyak air lah, Faisal! :D

  5. Anonymous5:41 AM

    Ya, Ajil told me u were washing ur car. Chinese - no sweeping, no cleaning, no washing on 1st day of Chinese New Year.

  6. dequadin pastilles is good..yeap..make sure its green :)

    have a great holiday :)

    drink lots of water..air suam yea..bukan ice water :P

  7. tak penah pun amik cough syrup tu .
    kalau dah terok sangat baru amik antibiotic ke ape benda tah .
    yg pasti bkn cough syrup . :DD

  8. heheh..
    I didn't even feel as if it were a holiday! ;P
    asyek duduk rumah je kan.. haha..
    a lot of housework to do.
    especially since my brother came back.

  9. msrahah - hehe how i wish. so that mean, i have to wait for next year to eat yee sang :(

    i've been drinking lots of warm water but maybe i will add honey later even though its not "pure" honey which i bought at the store.

    limau nipis? last time mom used to make limau nipis with soy sauce. the taste? omg! hardly describe :(

    but if its for the good, why not kan?

    aisha - omg! you can speak malay??? now you impress me!!!

  10. suituapui - ah great! now only you tell me :( grr!

    inah - har! you tell me green and msrahah told me yellow. which one? lol.

    i hope the cough go away soon :(

  11. berrykisses - tak pernah? omg. eh try tanya your parent lah advice. dorang kan doc :P

    recently dah ambil antibiotik :(

    penguin - hehe. what did you do? cook? or just cleaning? :)

  12. For the cough....take antibiotic Augmentin will be fine apart from the cough mixture ...
    And while washing car topless, make sure no paparazi around dude coz you are a celebrity blogger..ha ha ha !
    Nanti jadi pulak Makhluk Tuhan Paling Sexy.. he he

  13. i ate yee sang tooo... hehehe

    ok apa basuh keta sendiri... boleh mandi2... ahaks

  14. syukur - haha! nobody knows me le :P i took antibiotic and finished up the whole bottle of sedilix. its getting better but not totally :(

    monkey - whoa! i want!!!! :( mandi2 dekat luar tu? alamak!

  15. yee sang, sedap ke? xpnh mkn pn...

  16. malasnya u ni..ingatkan basuh kereta sendiri...dah take off shirt tu..apa salahnya basuh kan kan...seksi nih!!!kalau i lain la kena pi basuh car wash..

  17. sebenarnya ubat batuk tu tak menyembuhkan pon . okay , maybe boleh hilangkan batuk sekejap tapi nanti akan stat batuk balik . so batuk jela , sooner or later batuk tu akan hilang . :)

    ayah cakap , makanla madu . :DD

  18. well, yours not a black car so dont really have to wash that often. i have decided to wash mine myself too.

    is yee sang considered halal though?

  19. fzalah - sama lah tak pernah makan pun hehe. tapi nampak macam sedap je :) seronok gak try culture orang kan.

    elle - hehe basuh kereta sendiri le tuh elle :P meh nak tolong basuhkan. kalau buka baju charge extra sikit haha!

    berrykisses - oh makan madu ek? tadi ada gak campur air suam dengan madu :) cakap thanks to ayah ye :)

    zewt - hehe well, imagine this... a silvery car looks dirty (which you telling me that its not black and won't look so dirty). don't you think the dirtiness level of my car is reaching the max? hehe.

    about yee sang, it suppose to be fish salad right? the tv host was malay tho, so i suppose its halal :)

  20. tapi kita tak penah pun makan madu . haha . jangankan madu , vitamin pun tak makan . :P

    okay . :D

  21. berrykisses - haha habis tu bila batuk makan apa?? nak tahu gak rahsia anak doc :P

  22. batuk ? tak makan apa-apa . batuk je , then lama-lama dia hilang sendiri .

    tapi alhamdulillah , memang jarang batuk . :)

  23. ubat paling mujarab..ais..


    try la..

  24. berrykisses - ar? tak makan ubat apa pun? uik macam mana pulak tuh.

    teja - ais? alamak! bu keyi!

  25. ala , bila kita batuk-batuk dengan sendirinya bacteria akan keluar . kalau dah lama tapi tak jugak sembuh , tu maknanya ada penyakit laen . ;P

  26. berrykisses - oh. nak buka mulut luas2 lah. maybe bakteria tu besar kot.

  27. hah ! tau xpe . bukak besar2 xyah tutup lagi . haha .

    p/s : nape tiba-tiba tukar layout ? ;)

  28. berrykisses - hahaha!

    er layout? ok tak? hehe. saje je. yang lama tu macam kecil sangat.

  29. kecik ? what do you mean ?

    btw , oklaa . simple and neat . :D

  30. berrykisses - er, space tu kecik. macam terhimpit je rasa :D

  31. macam dia pulak yang duk dalam post tu . haha

  32. berrykisses - memang lah tak tapi rimas gak :P

  33. Anonymous10:40 PM

    waaaa... lma tol xnyibuk kt sini...
    penuh punch card bln ni.. huhuhu...
    lma dh xcti.. next saturday bru rest jap tu pun p hiking under maksak.. ahad kojo lg.. bln 3 bru honeymoon... btw, hav fun dude =)

  34. anonymous - eh sape ni? hiking under maksak? wah!

  35. Anonymous11:13 PM

    lol... xkan org admin xtau? bkn baik dgn PPN ka? tapi rasanya org tu xminat kot, nanti nk kena pakai bio oil 1 bdn lak.. huhuh...
    hm... maleh nk display nama. silent reader sonang.. dh lama xbukak, skali bukak berpinau mata nk baca..

  36. anonymous - eh? baik dengan ppn? pening. yati ke ni?

  37. cuci kete??? me dh lama la tk cuci kete..nk kena pi cuci kete esok nii

  38. wahidah - hehe kereta faisal dah macam badan lembu... haha tu yang basuh juga :P

  39. Anonymous11:18 PM

    huahuahua.. ni yg besh org xkenal.. poning yo pokcik? makanla xtiv fast.. untuk kelgaan sepanjang masa..huhu.. rasanya xminat outdoor kan? sb tu depa xtanya kot.. tapi kalau berminat nt akan di usul kan utk di emailkan kepada smua..

  40. anonymous - rizal ke krai ni? bab2 sukan ni hang pa la kan?

  41. Anonymous11:22 PM

    uikssss.. slh tu bro...jauh menyimpang.. sapo2 jo la pokcik.. janji bahagio.. kimslm kat org depan ye.. huhuhu..

  42. LOL@ Faisal! Yah, saya belajar Bahasa Indonesia tahun 2002. Saya masih ingat tetapi sudah banyak juga yg saya lupa.

  43. anonymous - har? adoi la. sape le plak ni.

    aisha - oh. no wonder hehe :) impressive aisha! :)

  44. cantik keta..bila nak bawak akak ronda² ni

  45. mummysyafie - hehe keta buruk je akak! nampak je cantik dalam pic :P

  46. mesti aku berjangkit dari kau ni kan...huhu..matilaa statement menuduh..

  47. axim - haha... malas cuci kete gak ke?


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