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Monday, January 05, 2009

Dance with me

i was curious. i was puzzled. my brain ran wild.

i took the chance. once in a lifetime.

i must prove that i do love her. that was what in my mind. nothing else. not even thinking about her husband. 4 years of relationship. but... it was just about me. and her.

i didn't know. what was right. or what was wrong.

i called the cab.

it would take about 45 minutes to reach. school holiday. the traffic was bad. i had not much time left. my heart beats faster than usual. sweat on my forehead. i was nervous. very nervous.

i paid to the driver. it should take me about 10 minutes to reach from where i ran out of the cab. i started to run. sweating? i just didn't care. ran with my bag along.

when i reached. i still could hear the music. it should be my turn at anytime. i took a peak at one of the ballroom doors. i saw her. long hair. watery eyes. i guess she thought i won't be there. be there for her. to dance with her.

it was the instinct. she knew i was there. she turned. she saw me. she smiled. i smiled back. but it wasn't a good one. i didn't know whether i should smile or i should cry instead. my heart went wild. the beats went fast. hardly breath. took a deep one.

time flied. with few blinks i was ready. held her hand in front of thousand of audience. i looked at her. she did the same.

the music started.

we started to dance. the way it used to be. the way it should be. through our pain. our memories. our feeling. hidden. ecstatic.

the audience were flabbergasted. applauded.

... all in sudden she fell. no music. no sound. we were just in silence. she looked at me. watery eyes. i could feel how frustrated she was. very frustrated. i stopped. walked to her and murmured.

"get up. its not about winning. its our time. lets dance. i wanna make the floor red..."

she smiled. took my hand and we started to dance again. it was not a classical music. no. it was just "hero" by enrique. it was great. i felt great. i knew she felt the same.

the dance ended. she looked at her husband. telling by her eyes, "what i want is to dance, please don't take it away". she looked at me. i looked at her. deep. i avoided being emotional.

and now...

here i am. all alone. should i smile?

Hero - Enrique Iglesias


  1. dream or imagination?

    sweet :)

  2. inah - its a mixture. from movie, real life and imagination. i hope its not too wild ;)

    i'm thinking of writing about one night only but i'm afraid it will be too wild and obscene.

  3. mmm...interesting...
    u do have a "thing' with words..

  4. kniedaz - thanks. the thing just comes occasionally. glad that it does attract your interest ;)

  5. suituapui1:25 PM

    So dramatic...and romantic. Some people live in their sweet memories all their lives - that's what keeps them going!

  6. Anonymous1:27 PM

    Btw, you search Hold Me by Whitney Houston and Teddy Pendergrass and listen. Real sensuously sexy it!

  7. suituapui - we live with hope. without hope we can't survive. don't you think?

  8. suituapui - oh ok. maybe i can use the song for my next short story ;)

  9. Caught in between, it seems. :) Of reality and fantasy. Of yesterday's hope and tomorrow's miracle.

    Or simply a story that caught my attention. And you are good at it. :p

  10. zara - glad that you like it. life complexity i'd say.

    you are definately right about Of yesterday's hope and tomorrow's miracle.

    thanks for the compliment anyway ;)

  11. i thnk this one sounds believable. well, ppl and emotions. they do tons of things with them. they're incapable of lots of things without them. i enjoyed reading this. =) well, my jade sequel is out, mr faisal. come and see. *^^*

  12. best gler, rasa cam real jerrr..

    erk, real ke nie? =)

  13. Are you one of the contestants who hv missed to be in "Sehati Berdansa"?

  14. ahh.. so romantic !

    "get up. its not about winning. its our time. lets dance. i wanna make the floor red..."


  15. Make the floor red with what? Sound very real but at the same time there are these dashes of fiction! Anyway a good sweet write up! =)

  16. true story ke ni?

  17. Wow! Are you into romantic writing? Your title reminds with me of the song "Sway" sung by Michael Buble. Something like this....

    When marimba rhythms start to play,
    Dance with me,
    Make me sway.

    Like the lazy ocean hugs the shore,
    Hold me close,
    Sway me more...

    : )

  18. Anonymous5:22 PM

    erkkk .. not sure what to say .
    its good though !

    bila tengok title 'dance with me' , teringat lak lagu dance with my father .
    sangat sayu .
    huhu .

  19. hi cahaya.. u look cute.. boleh kenal???

  20. hanna - nani, i like the way of your writing lah. very mystical like those fantasy book i've read. i wish i could use great words like you do :)

    cik ijau - hehe. tak real :P tapi ada part yang real. har?

    drsam - sehati berdansa kalau dah macam ni confirm kalah terus kan? :P

    dayah - ops!

    tekkaus - hehe some part should be left out mysteriously :) thanks :)

    cahaya - nope. tapi some parts are true :P

    foong - hehe that is creative! i like that song too. hmm thinking of the next one. be prepared! lol.

    berry - dance with my father? huh? lagu apa tuh?

    arep - scandal ke? lol.

  21. Great writing, Faisal. I enjoyed it.. As some of your commentors mentioned before, a mixture of reality and fantasy.. But they still portray true emotions that we go through..

    Will there be any more of your short stories for us? :)

  22. Anonymous9:46 PM

    Lagu lama , by Luther Vandross .
    Best jugak la .
    Hehe .

  23. salams faisal :) baru nak this fact or fiction..hehhee. makes very good reading :)

  24. shemah - next is one night only. it will be a lil kinky and wild. be prepared! hehe.

    arep - haha! *speechles*

    berry - hehe. nak dedicate lagu ke ni?

    bunkerangs - hehe mix akak. fiction dengan reality. which is which, is for me to know and for you to find out haha!

  25. u should taking literature subject dude!


    or u can help me doing my master paper later hahaha

    nice story line btw!

    happy new year

    have a great year ahead!

  26. msrahah - er me? literature? omg. sounds so not me lol. i'm not good with words just got some wild imaginations. that's all.

    happy new year too! a fruitful one i hope :)

  27. hey, the story is kindda good. Kudos!

  28. wow nice story (^_^)

  29. Dunia realiti or fantasi ni faisal?

  30. dramatis sungguh! hehehe

  31. lama tak singgah. skali sampai crita romance la pulak... honestly i don't prefer this kind of romance story. But the way you write quite good i think, got a style.

  32. helmi - thanks! ;)

    etavasi - hehe thanks pal :)

    mummy - campuran hehe :P

    rosie - hehe drama kita ke? :P

    lelucon - so, you don't like any fiction either? :P

  33. aku dah baca nih smlm.. tapi tak terkomen.. hehehe..

    nice + simple + noncomplicated.. but intense.. haha..

  34. fairy tale? or true experience? should you smile? NO! should you cry? maybe! :) hahhahahahaha

  35. Wow, very impressive writing!

  36. love the song. love yr writing!

    interesting - she looked at her husband!

  37. jard - haha otak mereng memang cerita straight forward je :D

    farah - hehe its based on fiction and er... real life maybe? :P i'm not smiling and i'm not crying. i'm a man with no emotion currently...

    tammy - hehe thanks!

    quachee - yes, she is trapped. between me and the husband. ops!

  38. ha ha ha
    What a pitiful HERO ??

  39. syukur - hehe ;) sorta!


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