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Monday, January 26, 2009

Music Monday - Huang Hun

It isn’t great when you have so many songs that related to you lately. You simply have tons of songs to put in your blog for Music Monday for their own stories! Maybe that was why I didn’t want to get involve at first lol.

Today is Sunday Jan 25 and what the heck am I waking up so early? Its 5am in the morning and the only friends that are available for a chat via YM are those who are not living in Malaysia. I did buzz a few.

After few considerations, I will write about 3 songs and make them a scheduled post. So I won’t have a spinning head anymore about which should be first, second and so on.

Let’s start with Huang Hun.

This song is pretty old but it has its schmaltzy value. Someone who was dear to me dedicated this song even though knows that I don’t speak or read Mandarin (even though I took Mandarin class when I was 22), Cantonese or even Hokkien.

The song is beguiling and without understand a word I could feel the sorrowfulness by listening to it. I could easily have soggy eyes every time I listen to this song.

It was a long time ago.

At the age of 27 (I know I will be 28 years old this year, you don’t need to jog my memory), I seek for its meaning. Now I know why the song was dedicated to me. I guess it’s not too late to summon up my old memories?

Here the direct translation I took somewhere on the net:

Huang Hun

guo wan zheng ge xia tian
After the whole summer,

you shang bing mei you hao yi dian
my sadness still did not improve.

kai che xing chi zai gong lu wu ji wu bian
Driving my car on the vast, boundless roads,

you li kai zi ji de gan jue
I feel that I’m getting out of touch with myself.

chang bu wan yi shou ge
The song that I could not finish singing,

pi juan hai sheng xia hei yan quan
Left me so tired that there are rings around my eyes.

gan qing de shi jie shang hai zai suo nan mian
It is inevitable to get hurt in the realm of love,

huang hun zai mei zhong yao hei ye
No matter how beautiful the dusk is, the dark night must follow.

yi ran ji de cong ni kou zhong shuo chu zai jian jian jue ru tie
I recall that you said, “Goodbye” with a tone of steel,

hun an zhong you zhong lie ri zhuo shen de cuo gan
I had a delusion of being burnt by the sun in the darkening dusk.

huang hun de di ping xian
The horizon at dusk,

hua chu yi ju gao bie
Drew out your line of, “Farewell.”

ai qing jing ru yong ye
Love plunges into eternal night.

yi ran ji de cong ni yan zhong hua luo de lei shang xin yu jue
I still remember the tears falling from your desolated eyes.

hun luan zhong you zhong re lei shao shang de cuo gan
In the confusion, there is an illusion of being burnt by the hot tears.

huang hun de di ping xian
The horizon at dusk,

ge duan xing fu xi yue
Severed happiness and joy.

xiang ai yi jing hui mie
Love has already been destroyed.

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  1. Eh?
    you can speak mandarin?

  2. Ann - I took Mandarin class before but for some reasons I couldn't speak (thanks to my Chinese friends who only speak Hokkien and to her that didn't want to teach me Mandarin for insecurity that I will grab another amoi).

  3. hehe.. Happy Chinese New Year to your readers too :)

    I am enjoying my holiday in the comfort of my home. God, I really need a long vacation. This new semester has been eating me inside out. tsk tsk.. Hey, I just noticed that you too are joining MM.. Lady Java must be super happy! (hope she read this) hehehe

  4. macam lagu farish - haruskah diuji hehe

    nice one though :D

  5. Happy New Year to all! For its fun to follow the Chinese New Year Calender and traditions.

    This is beautiful and the lyrics - they are so moving.

    Thanks for the translation :)

  6. Happy New Year to you, That song sounds really sweet and bitter at the same time.

    I am new here. How do I join?

  7. salam holiday bro faisal tewww..

  8. Love following the translation. So interesting!!

    Hello from Minnesota,

  9. mmmmm....reting yourself to a lot of songs lately....ha ha definitely not too... anyway..i dun really listen to chinese as i am bad at pronouncing the languange.

  10. BCD - If the vacation is too long it can suck your brain juice out, you know? Lol.

    Yeah, she was happy when I mentioned about you and Rosie invited me :P

    Adila - Haha Farish tiru lagu ni. Sama macam lagu Melayu tiru lagu A4 boyband Hongkong tu :)

    Laura - Glad that you like it :)

    Beth - You can type in your name in the blank and you can post about anything together with a song from anywhere (most people use Youtube). Oh btw, you must put the direct link to your post :) Hope you can join this great fun!

    En_me - Happy holiday en_me :) Jalan-jalan ke?

    Speedycat - Glad that you like it. I hope the translation really help :)

    Syukur - My pronunciation is bad too! Lol. But doesn't stop me from listening to Chinese song. Maybe I have many Chinese friends around me and I always attracted to Chinese :P

  11. alwiz attracted to chinese..hehehe

    hurm...chinese song tk dgr sgt la...kalo korean or japanese song ade gk la dgr..hehehe

  12. wahidah - hehe :P tambah2 yang mata sepet dan mulut kecik2 tu. yum yum :P

  13. Wah best lagu ni siok...
    hehe boleh karaoke di blog faisal lah

  14. etavasi - suka ek lagu ni? hehe jom nyanyi sama2!

  15. eh eh so sad nya this song and so deep the meaning.. i hope everything is ok with you ya...

    Happy Monday and Happy "Niu" Year!!

  16. LJ - hope the link is ok by now hehe :) yeah deep meaning... indeed!

  17. lagu ni pernah dengar dulu... tapi lupa kat mana... best jer muzik dia tp tak tau plak dia kisah putus cinta punya lagu...

    sesuai ler untuk jiwa kacau cam aku.. hahaha

  18. luffy - haha ya. maybe dengar version melayu kot? yang farish nyanyi tu "haruskah diuji" :)

  19. Hehe. I think, it's normal. When you're sad, all the sad songs suddenly related to you. Same goes when you're happy.

    I like the one I've heard in a movie. Soothing. :)

  20. cahaya - which movie? :)

  21. x penah dengar pun lagu nie...tapi sedap gak !!!

  22. zuer - hehe lagu lama ni :)

  23. Lovely song here. Thank you for providing the translation. I can feel the emotions in the music. Happy music monday to you. :)

  24. daisy - happy music monday daisy :) yes, i know most peoples/readers in my blog don't speak chinese. so its unfair if i don't put the translation :)

  25. hahaha i baru sedar ni lagu tiru time youtubing last nite!! hahahaha

    btw, to vote..

    VOTE for me

    HOW to vote?

    haha mencapub at ur comments kjap :P

  26. adila - ok ok going to try again even tho its pretty confusing :P

  27. hey Faisal, why such a sad song?

  28. I hope you're doing great Faisal and Happy Chinese New Year! :D

  29. ane - hehe er... maybe i was in that mood when writing this post :P

  30. ane - hehe i'm ok just cough lil bit. happy chinese new year! :D

  31. Nice one...keep doing things like this...hehehe...bye.

  32. isha - hehe thanks! :)

  33. are u still taking classes? would have loved to speak mandarin with you... ! :)

  34. zewt - haha no more. it was a 3 months course and i took it when i was still in college :P

  35. Hi Faisal,

    I am really impressed when I read this post. I mean I didn't know you actually do listen to some Chinese songs. This song is very nice and it was in year 2003 when I first heard it. Time flies.

    Sheng Loong.

  36. sheng loong - hi. hehe i like chinese song a lot :) you will be surprise that i have more chinese friends than malay.

    yes this is an old song but i like it so much. i think it can be evergreen too! :)

  37. wow this is super! reminds me of uni! haha. btw, we are one year wiser! :)

  38. quachee - wiser? hehe i hope. i always change old with wisdom :P

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