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Monday, January 05, 2009

Meet Ej

i hate to write when there is no inspiration :P so when i keep it too long it will just faded away. which also not a good thing to do. so here i am writing about blogger meeting again (again is not a good word tho since i only met 3 bloggers which mean 2 bloggers last year and 1 for this year).

this time i met the famous ej.

i'm sure that many of you know her better than me. some of you got my link from her. i know that too :)

actually the meeting arranged by her and my sis but since my sis was so shy (yeah right!) so she insisted me to join the meeting. fine then since i wanted to meet ej for so long but just didn't manage to do so, YET.

the venue was georgetown white coffee (as much as i thought it would be not much different from the old town white coffee just with different brand) introduced by my sis. so i drove there on my lunch break.

parked my car at prangin mall (ej asked me about why did i park there as there are many others closer ones, what about i'm not good at seeking places for parking? :P) and walked to komtar to meet my sis at the 3rd floor.

then we met ej at the entrance (don't blame me for being late, i was stuck in the bad traffic but sis was still in the office when i reached there! huhu). sorry for being late anyway.

then we ordered our foods based on the mouth watering pictures in the menu. i ordered hainanese noodle, sis with hokkien noodle and ej with plain rice and seafood curry. ej complained that the seafoods were little and most of the ingredient was the tauhu aka taukua (soy). which she is not a big fan of soy lol.

then she ordered rojak (mix fruit with black sause on top of it -- chilies, peanuts and shrimp paste) and toast with kaya and butter. not enough with that, she needs dessert -- ais kacang.

i never doubt that she can eat a lot tho based on her blog and the foods pictures. she is a real floggger! (suituapui, stop calling me flogger lol).

the meeting was great and the foods was fine. i hope to meet her again soon! ;)

p/s: off to clinic. diarrhea since yesterday... su ail kenari's fault? boo hoo. thanks ej for the treat. next time the bill is on me! ;)


  1. wohohoh...kalau tau nak join jugak..nanti kita mesti kena jumpa..dah dekat ni tapi tak jumpa jumpa lagi kan..haha

  2. axim - ha tu la! ej cakap ari tu jumpa axim pun sebab nak pass cake. kalau tak memang tak jumpa lagi la jawabnya! nanti elle pun nak join sekali. haha confirm lagi meriah!

  3. suituapui1:23 PM

    How many bloggers have you met? Now...who's the flogger? Wah...met lady blogger, makan so much! Met suituapui...minum only. Kesian! Hahahahahaha!!!!

  4. suituapui - i met 3. you, ted and ej. see i even follow the sequence :P

    she loves foods lah. plus, we were not hungry remember? lol.

  5. hehe... kita bila nak jumpa ek???

  6. bestnye makan². you wanna be a flogger?

  7. next time meeting i wanna join !
    lalala ~

  8. i'm drooling for the ice kacang :)

  9. jard - hehe set time and place. weekend paling sesuai lah ;)

    cahaya - me? nope. i want to write more short stories. even tho i'm not good at writing and my words can posses anyone, still i want to cry my lung out through stories ;)

    dayah - yeah right!

    inah - hehe i didn't try it because i got some sore throat symptoms haha!

  10. u wrote a nice one for 'dance with me'. I loike!

  11. cahaya - haha. just imagination. nothing much. glad that you like it.

  12. the food looks real yum but sigh, unfortunately i can't really eat anything except soup and bubur rite now cos i'm sick :(

  13. rosie - just for few days and you will be good. i suppose this is the first time you got chicken pox? because i will get this once in a lifetime :)

  14. hahahaha flogger katanya... :p

    wahhh sorry, baru sempat nak komen nihh... hari ahad tu pi kl laaa... last night baru balik... lotihh...

  15. ej - hehe bukan kah? bila pulak nak jumpa elle ni? susah betoi kan. haha.

  16. well at lest we already met..hehe

  17. axim - haha. yep yep!


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