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Sunday, January 25, 2009

An Amazing Story

To those who have followed my blog either bloggers or silent readers surely knew that I won a book give away contest last year (click here and here). I got the book a week after I got A Mighty Heart by Mariane Pearl (click here). So, while finishing that book my colleague wanted to read this An Amazing Story by Carlo Gabbi after reading it’s synopsis behind the book. I agreed and lend her the book for a week. I managed to finish A Mighty Heart in a week or so and continue reading this book. To me I like the beginning of the story and the climax is in the middle of the story. I don’t really quite like the ending as it is a simple happy ending while the jungle part is quite boring.

The beginning of the story is awesome with Dolores struggling in her life at the age of 14 or so living with her mom and step father who is a sex maniac. Instead of having kinky sex with his wife, he is also a pedophile. He took Dolores for a bath everyday and end up he asked Dolores to satisfy his sex desire by making him shoot his load without sexual intercourse until one night he raped Dolores by an incident.

Dolores ran away to Australia with her dancing team. After a while she found out through a friend that the manager had manipulated them for his own benefit. So she quitted and she wanted to go back to Brazil where she belongs but she has no money left. Last resort, she accept the job to be a prostitute. Dolores knew with her beauty she could attract any man easily. Yes she was right and she became a hit within a month. The purpose still the same, she wanted to go back to Brazil and start a new life.

When the time was getting near, she tried to explore Australia more, relaxed near the sea and enjoyed the wonderful scenery. There he met Thomas and the love started from there. Dolores had low self esteem as she knew she was just a prostitute and not like any other woman who has good job and better life than her. But Thomas insisted to know her better.

When the time comes, she went back to Brazil but at the same time missed Thomas a lot. She started her new life successfully.

Thomas couldn’t live without her and seek for her in Brazil with a great plan. The plan was exploring the Amazon forest. From there the love became deeper.

It is not fair if I tell you the whole story including the ending but I must say that Carlo Gabbi is a making-love best writer. The best part I like about him is the way he describes the love making beautifully.

Thanks Jossette for this great gift.


  1. gosh..u're making me dying to read the book :)

    hope can find it here :)

  2. Inah - Hehe it will take you into the blues... I guess this is your cup of tea!

  3. That review was addictive! LOL! Yeah true, I agree with you on the boring ending where they go adventuring in the jungle.

    What's interesting is that it could be a true story but the author wouldn't reveal it. It'll remain a mystery to us readers.

  4. Josette - Do you know what I think? I think Bill is actually Carlo Gabbi. Remember only Bill can write beautifully articles? :) I don't know but I have the feeling that Bill is him.

  5. Anonymous8:51 PM

    i wanted to look for the book until i read this part ,

    Carlo Gabbi is a making-love best writer . The best part I like about him is the way he describes the love making beautifully.


  6. Berrykisses - Haha I think it is not suitable for you :P

  7. Anonymous8:56 PM

    i know . ;D

  8. Berrykisses - I didn't put age limit as I'm afraid there is no age limit on the book cover too :P

    I don't want to overwrite writer's right :P

    Maybe you can see the previous review about other books or wait for me to finish the one I'm reading. Its fantasy if you like this kind of story :)

  9. Anonymous9:06 PM

    Okay .
    Mana-mana pon boleh . :D

    Bila dah start sekolah , dah tak sempat nak membaca pun .
    Penat sangat bila dah balik umah . Hehe .

  10. Berrykisses - Hehe tu baru sekolah. Bayangkan kerja sampai malam baru sampai rumah. Tapi masih sempat baca buku. Tak ada excuse ye! :)

  11. Anonymous9:18 PM

    Tapi kalau kerja duduk lam bilik yang ber aircond . Kat sekolah panas , kena beratur lagi semua .
    Kalau ada latihan rumah sukan lagi la . (>.<)

  12. ahahaa..bagus..cerita sket..then yg selebihnya biar pembaca tertanya2..baru ada keinginan nak beli buku ni kan.. :)

  13. LOL@Faisal! You only like the love scene? I wish you'd tell us the ending because you are good in summarizing this book.

  14. Berrykisses - Hehe nanti bila kerja baru tahu. Masa tu mesti rindukan persekolahan. Sekolah 7.30am - 2pm kan? Latihan sukan pun tak sampai berbulan-bulan :) Kerja pula, 8am - 5pm tapi jarang le boleh balik tepat 5pm sebab bos macam-macam perangai :)

    Teja - Ya. Kalau cerita semua, buat apa pembaca nak beli lagi kan? Semuanya dah tahu :)

    Aisha - Carlo Gabbi describe it beautifully Aisha on the love part. Other parts were just fine.

  15. yep..betul tu.. :)

  16. Teja - So, bila Teja nak baca buku ni? :)

  17. ahaha..bila org tu nk bg pinjam la..haha..bleh?

  18. Teja - Har? Hahaha alamat?

  19. r u serious?haha..teja g amek kat sana la..

  20. Teja - Gi amik? Datang Penang ke?

  21. :)
    Insyaallah...kalo xda halangan...

  22. Faisal,
    The story was really interesting.
    She wanted to have new life, start afresh.
    Have a nice day.

  23. Teja - Ok :) Let me know in advance.

    Coolingstar9 - Yes. She was lucky to have someone who really love her and could treasure the love deeper together :)

  24. the part of making love from that book sometimes sounded scary..ha ha
    but yeah a story like this tells us that love conquers all....Love makes someone change ..for the better i guess !!

  25. syukur - yes. sometimes we are tend to think that love is just something light. something not as important as money and career. but we are wrong. love is something as important as the rest. in fact, very important.

    well, he describes in detail you know :P my blog will be 18sx if i write with his way :P

  26. I am OK with that 18SX label... i am an adult..ha ha ha

  27. syukur - hahaha i know but i got some underage readers too :P


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