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Thursday, January 22, 2009

750 free WiFi hotspots for Penang in two years

GEORGE TOWN (Jan 21, 2009) : Penang will have up to 750 free WiFi hotspots in two years’ time despite protests from various anti-WiFi groups about the potential health risks of exposure to radiation.

RedTone Group MD Wei Chuan Beng demonstrates the internet
connection through the Free WiFi Wireless@Penang project to Lim
and Ooi. Looking on is RedTone CEO Lau Bik Soon.
Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng, who launched the Wireless @ Penang Penang Free WiFi test drive with RedTone-Hotgate at Komtar on this afternoon, said the state government has evaluated all evidence before continuing with the project.

"All evidence point to the fact that WiFi is safe. If not, we can’t send our children to universities too because all universities here have WiFi," he said.

Lim also said he and Jelutong MP Jeff Ooi are exposed to WiFi 24 hours a day as they have four WiFi hotspots in Komtar and in their homes.

"If WiFi is harmful, Jeff and I will be the first to get fried by radiation."

Redtone-Hotgate Consortium set up a promotional booth in Komtar for the public to test the free wireless internet services provided jointly by REDtone Telecommunications Sdn Bhd and Hotgate Technology (M) Sdn Bhd. Free WiFi booths are also set up at two other pilot sites at Queensbay Mall and Bukit Jambul Complex and the booths will be open for three days starting Wednesday.

The booths are located at the Komtar main entrance, the lower ground floor of Queensbay Mall and the ground floor of Bukit Jambul Complex.

Redtone-Hotgate Consortium will install up to 25 hotspots by the end of February and coverage will extend to 300 hotspots, including the mainland, by March 2010.

(Source: SunDaily)


Honey, I support your effort to make Penang the most high-tech and IT oriented compared to any other states but why there is no WiFi at Penang International Airport?

*scratching my head*

It is embarrassing if foreigner found out about this hon…


  1. Wow, good lah you, Faisal, so many wifi hotspots coming up in Penang. Hope you don't get fried! LOL!

  2. bila nak start pree nih?

    aku tak larat nak bayaq dah...


  3. best la kalau ade yang free . :DD

  4. nak kena pindah ke penang ni..hehehe

  5.'s a good news!! more reason on updating ur blog whenever and wherever u are :P

  6. maybe the 1st of the wifi will start at the airport?

  7. wakakaka... faisal tak abis2 lagi dok meratuih pasal tak dak wifi kat penang airport... tak pa, hope nanti depa bubuh laa kat situ nooo...

  8. Wahh abguiih laaa ada wifi byk tmpt..senang laa semua rakyat... bila laa nak wifi seluruh bandar kota bharu ..hehe..

  9. wah bgs ni sumerrnya bgss

  10. What's the difference between WiFi and wireless? Sorry, it's probably a stupid question isn't it.

  11. A short note this time:

    Enjoy the free things while you can :)

  12. lucky you! i think penang is really quite fwd looking :)

  13. Foong - Haha I hope so! My friend asked me yesterday "Will you terminate your account with Streamyx" and I replied "Of course not, unless the speed is faster than Streamyx" :P

    Cabai Kering - Haha ala lepak saja di kedai mamak. Order kopi secawan online sampai lebam! :)

  14. Berrykisses - Free selalu best kan? :D

    Masni - Mari, mari... ramaikan ummah! :)

  15. Inah - Alamak! Haha yeah but if the connection is as slow as a snail, I rather not writing anything lol.

    Leon - Haha they must...!!!

  16. Ej - Haha tu la. Malu tau kalau orang luar tau airport kita takdak internet!

    Ad - KB kena tanya ketua menteri sana le... Tuan Guru :)

  17. Wahidah - Free memang bagus! :)

    - Same thing :)

  18. Zara - I still believe that "There is no free lunch under the sun". Someone dear to me told me that.

    Quachee - Welcome! :)

  19. Got such radiation thingy meh? Wah that's sad!!
    Anyway you're soooooooooo lucky because gov gonna launch the wifi spot in whole penang
    They're gonna be dead.

  20. aku pi mnggu lepas lepak kat grand cotinental kejap ade kejap tade..

  21. Ann - Lucky Penang is just a small island :)

    McJunior - Tak stabil lagi tu :) Baru lagik...

  22. I think having more wifi is good. It encouraging surfing.

  23. Coolingstar - Yes, so to those who are not affordable to pay for Streamyx package can use this free wifi :)

    P/s: If its fast enough, maybe to those affordable ones can save some money too!


Thank you for the comment.

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