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Sunday, January 11, 2009

Agrofert Manucfacturing Sdn Bhd - Worm Fertilizer

Suppose I write about this last night (which for me its still at night as there is no sun now :P) but I was busy transfering money to this and that account (not mine :P), some calculation and discussion with mom and dad.

Ok, I couldn't sleep early last night (same went for the whole week) with coughing and itchy throat. So, I slept quite late. After took the coughing syrup, I chatted with Achik and Diana (my ex college mate) in Skype but then I was too tired to sit on the chair and took the laptop to my bed. End up, I kept falling asleep! I was nearly drop my laptop on the floor. I decided to say goodbye and went to sleep. It was about 3am? Roughly.

Like 10am in the morning mom knocked my door. I was half awaked. Open my door and mom told me dad wanna go to the talk. I was like "What???". Murmured to myself "Oh mom, you should tell me earlier!".

I didn't want to argue. Remember business opportunity really can't be missed and sleep never important (I know its important, but hey how many hours we sleep and how many hours we work to achieve our goal? Do the math).

Drank my morning sky juice. Toilet and quick shower.

Great. I had to iron my shirt as wrinkles were everywhere. Quick ironing. Then CK Eternity on me (lucky I only have 2 bottles of perfume left at home as I always have a hard time to choose, at least now only between Eternity and JPG) and out of the house.

We reached Cititel around 11.15am and did the registration. When we went in, I was curious. I thought it suppose to be a talk? But the tables were arranged like you are having an interview or applying bank loans. Lol. Oh, ok its not the talk but its more like a meeting. Ok, not bad tho. At least they can focus on us, questioning and answering session.

After few hours (6 hours to be exact?), my mom and I joined. Yes of course with some considerations and a lot of discussions between me, dad and mom.

After signing agreement and did the payment, we drove out of the hotel and seeking for foods! We were starving. Remember no breakfast (I ate 2 slices of bread with marmalade) and lunch. I took my parent to Hameed Soup. Dad and mom with ox tail soup and me with vein soup. Lol I know sound weird, but you better try! Then dad ate the nasi lemak. I ordered beef murtabak to share with dad and mom. The foods were yummy :P

Lets pray the project will be a great success ;) A good beginning for 2009 I hope.

p/s: Anyone live in or near Puchong? Please email me at


  1. suituapui7:53 AM

    What project?...I'm very wary aboout these things they do in hotels - hope it's not one of those fly-by-night kind of thing. Hameed Soup! Most famous for soups in Penang, I hear! So-so lah...and quite expensive.

  2. project??u should have transferred the money to my bank acc..

    now i have to do the tag?

  3. suituapui - its good. you should try it ;) variety of foods there too.

    well, actually this thing is still new and those peoples who already know about worm fertilizer keep the secret among them. yeah, who want to reveal the business secret right?

    because of the world demand, they have problem to deal the fertilizer and they need investor (actually the long term plan is franchise) to help them.

    have you heard about agrofert? well, there is no website or blog regarding it but we will go to puchong to see the farm by ourselves.

    well, all business has risk and i hope this is not skim cepat kaya hehe.

    inah - hehe no forcing. if you want to do, then do it :)

    transfer the money to you? hehe. i don't have much money tho.

  4. hmm... i wonder how much u invested in this worm farm..

    LoL.. all the best tho..

    geez.. your parents are so into it also... tht's rare.. hehe

  5. jard - er, not much tho :P yeah my parent is supportive.

  6. Hope everything went well dude. :) Puchong is nearby je. Why? You want to confirm the place ke?

    I belum sempat rasa sup itu. :(

  7. cahaya - yes i want to confirm the place hehe. leh ke?

    sup tu sedap tau ;)

  8. bro, solat subuh ke tak? miss tido takpe. miss breakfast takpe. never miss solat!

    anyway, good luck with your biz. insya'allah murah rezeki. once succeed jgn lupa bayar zakat hehehe

  9. Hey, does anyone tell you that you and your mother share the same smile? Hehe..

    worm fertilizer? I heard about worm (yeah, right) but I don't know anything about it's fertilizer. Even animal need a fertilizer heh? Hehe

  10. Anonymous4:01 PM

    you certainly triumphant

  11. Skim cepat kaya or not..all business are risky. But you won't go anywhere without taking any risk. Good for you. I wish you all the best.

  12. young businessman in the making! I hope this project will turn out to be a huge success for you and your family.

  13. cayalah.... keep it up!!!

  14. emmm... worm fertilizer... i alway heard bout it.. my fren also do the same biz.. good project, hope u success....

  15. good luck buddy...if u work hard u will get the fruits of ur labour...

  16. Congrats! I hope everything works out for you! :)

  17. bro,

    Wish you all the best in you new venture.

  18. am not throwing cold water. but just be wary, k. and may this succeed :)

  19. selamat maju jaya :) dah berjaya nanti, jgn lupa belanja i ok :D kekeke

  20. lelucon - tak succeed pun zakat kena bayar. pahala dapat tax exemption pun dapat :)


    bcd - its fertilizer is much better than goat and cow ;) suppose you are the chemical guy? :P

    fahmi - hehe thanks :D

    ismail - yep agree. biz is about risk. if we are not willing to take risk, then better don't involve with biz and love the company you work now hehe.

    farah - i hope so too. lets pray farah :)

    meo - thanks :)

    zuhaimi - thanks. i do hope this project will be a good start for me in 2009. i got good start in 2008 and i already have a plan for 2010. just follow my flow hehe!

    waliz - agree with you waliz. if we want to be success we must erase the word lazy and tired in the life dictionary :)

    rozella - yes rosie. i do hope so too!

    drsam - thanks dr! i hope everything will get smooth till the end of 2009 :)

    quachee - i understand that this must be a great risk to take. but i will be in kl soon. to make the full payment and see the worm and fertilizer by myself. will go again for free course too :)

    miza - insyaallah. doakan i ok? :)

  21. JPG and Ck perfume ..mmmm
    Why not try my fave,Paul Smith Story for your next ll love the smell..he he

  22. syukur - ah ok! :) will give myself a try then.

  23. I live at Puchong. =)


  24. skull - hehe let you know when i'm there!

  25. Anonymous2:57 PM


    tumpang lalu yer.

    Faisal, ader aper2 progress ke pasal invesment worm fertilizer tu?

    da dpt duit ke ? huhu

  26. Wsalam.

    Saya cancel sebab tetiba dinasihati oleh beberapa kawan pasal contract farming ni.

    Duit saya burn sebanyak RM2k macam tu akibat dari pembatalan perjanjian ni. Katanya... lah.

    28% daripada 7k. Bayangkan... banyak kan?

    Tapi malas fikir, so tengah tunggu duit dikembalikan. Dari tak dapat langsung kan? :)

    Ada join ke?

  27. Anonymous6:09 PM

    haha.. tak join lagi..
    baru usha2 aje.

  28. Oh. Hati-hati dengan contract farming, tak berapa selamat sekarang ni. Member di ofis ada join lembu, tapi sampai sekarang tak dapat apa pun. Modal 5k.

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