Saturday, August 23, 2008

First time meeting blogger

I met a blogger called Suituapui on Thursday night. Actually we planned to eat dinner together but sadly I couldn’t make it and only available for supper. So sorry Suituapui!

There was another blogger who went together with me to meet our friendly blogger from Sibu (Suituapui is from Sibu in case you don’t know) -- Joseph another Penang’s blogger.

Suituapui stayed one night at Cititel Hotel so we decided to sit, drink and chat at the Indian Muslim’s restaurant (Jaya) just opposite the hotel. I did ask him whether he wants to eat or not since Penang is very famous with its foods but he wanted to have a drink. In my mind I wanted to take him to Kapitan’s Tandoori but maybe next time? I hope you will come again to Penang and if possible in weekend so that I have more time to take you around.

We talked a lot about foods, works and blogs of course. That is what blogger do! It was nice to meet other blogger instead of meeting only in cyber world. We stayed about 1 hour and a half and we moved. Joseph and I had to go back since we work the next day (Friday) and Suituapui needed some rest too as he needs to be at the airport at 5am!

I was very excited as it was my first experience meeting blogger. Hopefully I can meet more blogger in the future @adil

Oh okay... the picture is not centered. So Joseph said...

"Can you see him?"... thanks to Jaya's waiter @kenyit

Till later.


  1. LOL.. You know what? I think I want to meet you if you will do a post about me like this. Hahaha.. So many links over and over again. It's really good for the mentioned blog you know. I will even drop them a visit after I finish typing this comment ;)

    Hurmm.. I am not sure what should bloggers talk after they meet. About blogging? What is it there to talk? Job? The only reason why I still alive is because I am not talking bout studies outside the work's field. hahaha...

    what should I talk about... What should I talk about... Gosh, may be I am too shy to meet someone who doesn't ever meet before but knows me a lot.. Huhuuu

    Hey, am I the first commentator? If I am, Horray! hehe

  2. lol... sure i will put as many links as possible. i usually write a long post and this time its a short one... so give me more time for linking them :)

    hmm we can talk about fuel, politic or anything else... fashion? lol. it can be anything... its like you post i comment and i post you comment... sharing ideas and opinions. sharing is caring remember?

    hehe yes you are the 1st commentator... and you haven't slept yet? OMG!

  3. shooott!!!i should be the first blogger that you've ever met!!now i've blow my own chances!!haha

  4. hehe... there is always tomorrow :)
    nanti lah kita jumpa dgn ej di chilis! hehe okeh?

    p/s: entah sempat ke tak.. dah nak puasa

  5. faisal:- owh festaim ya.. kira ok la tu. ada gak sesi beramah mesra ngan blogger.. hehe

    sy sangat tetin gin nak kumpul reramai blogger penang neh. asyik tak terkumpol

  6. pembetulan tetin = teringin


  7. Oh wow! That's cool! It would be fun to meet a fellow blogger. Hope someday I can! It's nice to talk about the same stuff you do.

  8. Anonymous8:46 AM

    I have met a number of bloggers...but somehow, we were never short of things to talk about and even in the first encounter, it would seem like we had known one another for years! Nice meeting you and Joseph, Faisal...but the photos!!! Eyew!! The two of you equals one of me!!! Hahahahahahahaha!!!! We'll meet again someday...

  9. haha... donno wether i wanna meet other bloggers or not.. shy guy ma..!! Cititel?? dulu slalu pekena sup kt stall depan tu..

  10. Anonymous9:28 AM

    Yes, mohd kamal...there's a very famous sup kambing place down the road. Btw, faisal, I've finished drafting my post about this...but I think I'll publish it tomorrow. Got on eup already so let that one get the comments first. LOL!!!

  11. I can imagine how fun it was to meet another blogger.You already have something in common which is blogging:) I haven't met one yet - maybe in the future when I am not very shy anymore;)

  12. Meeting bloggers ??? Aktiviti yang menarik la Faisal... Nanti cheq pi Pinang jumpa hang boleh ??

    Anyway.. i usually tak cakap banyak for the first time jumpa the bloggers tetapi dah dua tiga kali .... memang dah kepoh... he he

  13. hey! i wanted to meet u someday too! bilalah hubby nak bawa g penang ni? hehe. i never been to penang before.

  14. wow isn't that cool or what? it is really nice to meet new bloggers and that makes them new friends too.
    its really nice to see you did it, well, i do hope to meet some bloggers here in NY too... but i have to make sure that they just live near in my state.. that way i wont be driving hours just to meet them...

    as for your comment: that motorbike is not for sale but i've seen other vehicles men, its pretty much expensive...

  15. Anonymous12:44 PM

    lol! like bluecrystaldude has said, lets meet up lol xD

    meeting a blogger for the first time, hm hm. arent u nervous or scared or or ? hoh

  16. Ahhh...finally you meet two bloggers at one time. Good eh?

    Hmm...when I meet fellow bloggers, we normally skip on the blog thingy. We normally talk about something else outside the cyber world, something that is only you-know-i-know kinda thing, exchanging stories or ideas and one's experiences which are not shared in that detailed in blogging world. That way, you will have lotsa ideas to post up next, something that you can relate to. Meeting one blogger will give you lotsa opportunity to meet other fellow bloggers too. They become your close friend without you even noticed.

    This is the power of blogs. You like? I looiiikkke...... :)

  17. hurm....kalo jumpa kt penang hr tu mesti jd 1st blogger yg jumpa gk kan..huhuhuh.....

  18. your first time? i tot there's plenty of blogger in Penang... and saw them commented in ur blog....errr... lepas ni kena buat gather2 dgn blogger penang lah ek?

  19. That's pretty cool. I don't know any other bloggers in real life except for Shemah (who I have known for ages!) Plus, her sis Syura and her bf Rafiq.

  20. Faisal don forget to include me if u set a gathering 4 pg bolggers...hua.hua!! aku x sabaq nak blik raya.. kain baju dh siap dlm beg..

  21. Lindosh – Ala… buat lah nanti lepas Raya nak tak? Saya join! Confirm hehe :)

    Aisha – Yes it’s a great feeling to meet someone who you only know through cyber world and talking about so many things enjoying the food at the same time and the laugh :)

    Suituapui – Hehe yes… you are the first blogger who I met. I hope to meet more blogger in the future :)

    Ah come on… picture lies remember? It was a great pleasure to meet you. Remember you have to be my tourist guide when I go there!

    Kamal – Ala aku pun shy shy cat jugak tapi beranikan diri jumpa hehe. Ya depan tu masih ada sup Hamid :) makan dengan roti sangat sedap!

    Suituapui – Hehe I’ve commented on that one… you better about nice things in Penang or else… hehe! The seafood in Penang is delicious and fresh compare to other places in Peninsular Malaysia :) ah you must come again… I want to take you to many other places!

    Jade – Meet me in case you stop by at Penang airport. I’m so near to the airport! :)

    Dr Syukur – Hehe sama la kita… pemalu… takpa nanti kita bawak Ej… dia sebagai duta blogger Penang dan dia tak la shy shy cat hehe. Mai aja bagi tau ok? List siap-siap apa nak makan

    Mango – Alamak never been to Penang before. Rugi! You should. Let me know if you come to Penang ok! Sure you won’t regret hehe… love your new ATC and I put it on my blog!

    Nova – It is so cool to meet other blogger in real life :) Hope you found some bloggers around your area too.

    The motorbike looks so cool. Maybe I can get one too! hehe.

    Fara – Jom! Hehe where to meet and date? I was not nervous at all but when driving to meet him what on my mind was what topic should we talk about? But nothing to worry as blogger is creative enough to choose topic and laugh together!

    Zara – Hehe the power of blog dah macam ayat RPK lak. Yes I couldn’t agree more to your comment as 100% fact! (mana boleh argue dengan lawyer kan :P). Yes, I’m looking forward to meet more bloggers in the future.

    Yes agree with you… when talking about something else we can get some ideas about what to post next. But mostly foods lah! Hahah now I’m hungry :P

    I loike!

    Wahidah – Ya betul hehe ada la beberapa orang yang tak jadi jumpa di atas beberapa sebab contohnya Wahidah sebab dating dengan Geng Myvi aktiviti pack sangat, Ej pulak sebab clash dengan time wayang, Nurin sebab kawan dia cancel last minit nak jalan2 cari makan di Penang dan ada beberapa orang lagik. Ala… don’t worry ada jodoh jumpa punya… hehe.

    Rush – Hehe nak buat tu yang penat. Dah le tak kenal ramai blogger Penang macam mana nak handle kan? Kalau ada orang yang sudi handle memang datang nye lah :) Duta Penang Ej kot hehe… nanti nak suruh dia buat :)

    Rozella – Don’t worry one day you will meet some of them… as planned or accidentally :)

    Kamal – Apa kata ko handle nak tak? Hehe aku mesti join!

  22. Always my pleasure to meet blogger friends. Hope to know more not only from Malaysia, but from around the world too. Guys & gals, it's rocking time!! Heeyyaa!!

    How bout next Saturday, 30th of August afternoon, gathering at Starbucks Queensbay Mall?

    Semua dijemput hadir ^_^

  23. uik... cannot simply invite like that ler... must organize properly... plus next week i have to take my car to the workshop again for absorber and timing belt. negative cash flow huwaaa!

  24. Anonymous7:27 PM

    Wah! This Joseph...dah cuba sekali, nak mahu lagi!!! Hahahahahaha!!!!

  25. Salam...first time???, lorrr....shy2 cat kah???, next time more bloggers u will meet...salah satu cara juga untuk kita lebih mengenal dunia dan erti hidup....

    Have a great weekend bro :)

  26. suituapui - haha dia memang macam tu...

    wanhidayat - salam... hehe ya shy shy cat... setuju... ramai kawan blogger = ramai kawan.

    have a great weekend too (",)

  27. ad hoc gathering is the best gathering. If organized properly sure many ppl give excuses cannot go... plus, 1st time gathering just for ice breaking, no need meeting for many hours.

  28. hehe... ice breaking... shy shy cat wor :P

    i cannot make it this week... as saturday need to take my car to the workshop again... if you do... snap some pictures yah! ;)

  29. Btw, y no mentioning about the age thing? hmm

  30. hehe.. just to inform my fav team Kedah beat Selangor 3-2.. Idup Ijau Kuning!! Pulun Kedah Pulun..

  31. joseph - uwek! *vomiting*

    kamal - haha lepas ni dah takleh import... how?

  32. joseph - eh... 30th! tomorrow is not 30th... hehe i can make it ;)

  33. best gk kalo wat gathering all bloggers yg available kan..aper lg plan la..chewah...

  34. OKAY..thanks for keep coming back to my page though the ads are way too much.. well, as i don't have anything to get a source of income on my own i decided to take advantage with the pr that was given to me, my mistake is that i didn't took care of it that's why it was gone too soon..

    true, the reason why i blog is to share my points of views and thoughts to everyone...

  35. salam.. tak nak join gath ke..

  36. salam...wah seronokkan jumpa kawan blogger

  37. Hey Faisal! Sounds like u guys had a great session!

    Thanks for stopping by my site. I didn't know you're in Penang, never been there can u believe it? ;)

    Hope u're having a good weekend. :)

  38. Anonymous3:02 PM

    Wow, its a nice activity to meet bloggers. Hopefully can do so..

  39. Wahidah – Hehe tu le… tengok le macam mana. Dah nak dekat puasa dah pun… boleh buat gath berbuka puasa le kot :)

    Nova – Nova, if you want to make blogging as part of your income… I suggest you to visit Yarok’s blog. He is a millionaire blogger. He has a lot of information to share and it is free. Hope you can gain you PR back and make some money out of blogging.

    Ijad – Salam… nak join tapi kecil-kecil dulu kot sebab nak biasakan diri dulu :)

    Arsaili – Hehe ye memang seronok :) Selalu jumpa blogger tak?

    Mariuca – Oh my! You should visit Penang. It is one of the Malaysia’s wonder hehe. They called it Pearl of Orient and it is famous with its food! If it happens that you visit here someday… let me know okay? *wink*

    Heart to heart – Yes you want to join if there is one in Penang?

  40. Faisal, if I'm there, I'll definitely let you know. I'd love to meet you and Hidayah skali.. :) After all, my husband is from Penang... but dah menetap lama kat KL. So we barely get a chance to go back.

    So anyways, if you plak datang Sabah, make sure you let me know ya? I might even drag that shy rozella to meet up! hehehehe... :D

  41. shemah - hehe drag rozella if it happen i go to sabah! i did not know she is a shy woman :P

    suituapui told me seafood in sabah is really finger licking good but expensive! hehe my sis has been there... KK i mean and she told me seafood is awesome! hehe i wanna go there :)

  42. go go ! do a gathering !

    i'm sure it'll be the greatest ever ! :$ :$

  43. dayah - lazy to handle! lol...

  44. that's great! blogging makes us know more people and make more friends too. I have only met one person- Trinity and she's in Bandung, Indonesia.

  45. haha.. never met a stranger blogger in my life yet. i wanna see cute girl blogger can ah? huhu

    btw i bet someday we might came across each other on this small island.. maybe its queensbay who knows..

  46. farah - oh... hehe so you haven't met many bloggers yet same like me! :)

    myadlan - ah lets choose a date and time! easier lol... tomorrow i plan to go to old town and qbay mall... wanna join? need to get something for my niece ;)

  47. faisal..bila nak jumpa akak lak?

    mai lah putrajaya erkk..

  48. mummy - hehe insyaallah... kalau sampai putrajaya sure saya call akak... hari tu masuk putrajaya nak keluar balik ke highway sesat! asyik pusing2 tempat yang sama sebab signboard letak tepi sangat dengan simpang ke highway :(

  49. Anonymous12:45 AM

    Meeting the blogger? erm,saya dah 3 kali jumpa blogger. hehe.

    The best meeting ever was with Nono. She's so friendly. First time jumpa pn dah macam lama kenal.. tapi saya ni susah skit nk jmpa org.. sbb saya tak ramah. hahaha

  50. ixora - tak ramah? hehe saya ramah kalau kenal org tuh... kalau stranger malu sikit :P

  51. Anonymous1:01 AM

    kalau kenal.. saya malu skit je.. kalau stranger, saya malu banyak. hahahhaha

  52. ixora - le... mcm tu le plak hehe... so bila nak jumpa neh?

  53. Anonymous1:21 AM

    nak jumpa? jumpa sapa? huu..

  54. ixora - jumpa ixora la :P

  55. then ask Joseph to handle :D

  56. dayah - hehe you & joseph arrange together :P


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