Thursday, January 17, 2008

life made simple

Today is last episode of my favorite program Life Made Simple. I have followed this series not from beginning but still at the early episode. It was about Ah Wong who is handicap [he is perfect with physical but his brain is like a 7 years old kid] loved a woman named Ah Fung. Ah Wong had a father who is a millionaire but left him and his mother since Ah Wong was still a kid. Then they met again after 20 years. It's a long story to put here... but you can visit the link here.


  1. I didn't know you like to watch Chinese dramas too! haha! Yes, I watched this show before - it was shown on TV some time back. But before this, there was a related TVB show starring the same two lead actors and actress also playing the same characters but in the olden days setting. That show was even better and more funny and touching than this one! It's called Square Pegs. Read about it here : )

  2. hehe not just chinese drama but you will be surprise that 95% of my friends are chinese. lol... and all my ex were chinese too! :P cup of tea hehe.

    whoa! this look nicer. i love the theme song too! i even ask my so called lover to sing to me every time we meet :P


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