Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Traditional massage

Before I go to sleep just want to share about what had happen today. Ok, I woke up and I had this backache. I couldn't move at all. Nothing much in my mind other than going to the private hospital. Mom wanted me to see doc at the clinic first before consider to go to the private hospital. I just agreed.

After a while I could walk, and took shower and got ready for meeting the doc. Bro in law wanted to take me there. I agreed. Afraid that I will bang some other cars because it seems like I couldn't move much.

Met the same doc like yesterday at Penawar Clinic. The one replaced Dr Akbar. I didn't care much. Told him bout it and that was it. He showed me some pictures in his laptop and he had no problem with me looking for traditional massage. He said its just muscle pain. I asked him whether its related to slip disc and he told me no. Then he told me about thousand of people outside if we do MRI he could promise me that half of them got slip disc. You got what I mean? (that was exactly what he said to me). Meaning slip disc is just a term for it. Slip disc can only be detected by MRI. Whatever... I didn't really like him anyway. Not that he wasn't friendly, but just the way he checked was too mild. You know... its like this is not my clinic. When its time to go home, I should go. This kind of attitude... I don't know. Maybe just my stupid instinct. Then he gave me 2 types of painkillers and that was it.

Went back to the car and my bro in law drove here and there searching for traditional massage. Do you realize that its pretty hard to find traditional massage in Penang? I mean real traditional massage. Not the one with whooker around! You know... old man with great skills?

Then after some help from colleagues, we found one in Permatang. My friend Takdir had suggested me to eat pill from pharmacy (is it remitend? don't know the spelling) rather than make it worse with traditional massage. Bro in law wanna do massage too there, so I just follow. Reached there and we had to wait almost an hour. A family was there for the massage too.

Then when it was our turn, we had to take off our clothes and only wore sarung. The massage was really painful. Hard to describe by words. I wanted to scream but I closed my mouth tightly. It worked... After he had done with me, then it was my bro in law's turn. He got accident before and he suffered more than I do. He screamed!

After the massage, we went to petrol station then straight to Pak Husin for our late lunch. Yes it was 4.30pm. I was starving and its not good as I had sensitive stomach since the food poisoning. Ate then went home. Took shower as my whole body was full with oil from the massage.

Tired. Aching. Then... I didn't take the painkillers as after the massage he gave me 2 pills for the nerve. So, I didn't want to mix up everything.

Woke up at 9pm. Felt fresh a lil bit but the pain was still there. Touched that part, still pain. Frown. Mom bought nasi goreng but I have no appetite. Ate a lil bit then took my pills and here I am. Chatted with few buddy on YM and replying SMS on cell.

I need to get well soon as I have meeting on Christmas about next year plan and will be in Muar on 26th. I cannot cancel the plan as hotel already booked and bus ticket already bought. Sigh. God please help me :(

P/s: You have made up your decision. We are not going to meet anymore. Enjoy your vacation with the love one. Ciao.


  1. Aduh, pity u admar.
    Hope u get well soon.
    But I knew how it feels during massage time, eww !! Geli + Sakit + stunned (mcm2 ada)

  2. ann - its ok. what to do... i hope i will be fine by tomorrow. or else... mood swings!

  3. Anonymous8:49 AM

    After massage, usually will feel pain for a few days. For faster relief, try Chinese acupuncture. No pain at all...until you're better then you'll feel the agonising pricks!!! - SUITUAPUI

  4. Get well soon! And enjoy the Holidays!!!

  5. i used to hv the same experience with 'lazy' doc (the spelling is correct, not lazy dog). But i just accept with no argument.

    actually we should find other doc, i guess, since it is possible (like u said) some doc are there to 'makan gaji' only, without the feel of social responsibility. Imagine if he/she is a surgeon?...!

  6. hope da makin sehat n bertambah sehat after mengurut nih..=)

    xpe, sakit tolak tepi bile dh nk enjoy..so enjoy dlu...=) mne tau d muar terjumpa *tukang urut* yg lg bgus kan...?

  7. get well soon faisal..muda2 lagi dah sakit pinggang...sian dia...err yr last sentence in your post...u tell who?

  8. kalau mengurut ni kena cari orang yang betul² pandai taw..nanti tersalah urut lak

    cepat sembuh yer!

  9. suituapui - yes still feel the pain but the part that made me couldn't move has gone! i never try chinese acupuncture. mind to do it for me? lol.

    jade - thanks jade! great days ahead :)

    lelucon - omg! surgeon? i will run away from the operation room! lol.

    ixora - ar? "tukang urut" di muar? lain je bunyi. haha.

    waliz - bukan pinggang :P sakit belakang je. er, last sentence? someone yang keji keke.

    mummy - ye akak. doa kan lah ye. hari ni pun dah semakin pulih.

    cendawanintim - xie xie :)

  10. Anonymous10:18 PM

    Get well soon . :)

  11. Get well soon k..Ad dulu tak pernah mengurut..then lepas lenguh2 kaki sampai pinggang aritu try diurut firsttime ngan kampungnye massage..sakit tapi tahan je laa..but lepas je dalam one week sakit lenguh seme ilang..badan jadi sihat dan cergas rasa legaa sangat..rasa freshhh sgt..alhamdulillah lenguh2 yg lama seme dh hilang..last 2 weeks sakit bahu ..lepas diurut 2 days lepas tu ilang sakit..alhamdulillah again..So skrg Ad dah selesa diurut bila sakit2 urat ni..rasa legaa sangat...memang berbaloi dengan RM20 untuk dekat 2 jam diurut seluruh badan..Buat cawat je ngan kain sarong..hehehe..

  12. lah backache ker?? siannya..salah urat ker...get well soon kay

  13. bro.. how are you now? I know how it felt of the back ache. hope u will get well soon. if ur back ache still did not go away, give me a message by email at kerd_019@yahoo.com, I know someone who might help u by traditional massage, but in Perak la.

    the person might help u by massage, but yang menyembuhkan Allah Taala jua.

    Get well bro.

  14. salam..that traditional massager gave u pill for nerve? errrk sound scary. I suggest you go and see specialst for proper consultation. Its no poin to see GP, nothing much they can do. If u see specialist, they will conduct proper investigation and it is worth it as compare for u to pay GP and also massager but nothing happen. Pain killer just temporary pain relief and it wont cure. If you still suffer you better go n see specialist ok. Urut2 ni sesilap bole make it worst..no better

  15. I hope you get well soon, faizal. Massage is good, but if it does not take care of the pain, you really must go see a specialist, not a clinic doctor.

  16. Anonymous12:02 AM

    Still with back ache friend?
    Tersalah urat maybe,
    Once you in Muar look out for Pak Ahmad Abu.
    Pandai massage orgnya. 15 minutes aje for him to fix the problem.

  17. berrykisses - thanks :)

    ad - ye ad. urut tradisional memang bagus. faisal pun dah dapat rasa semakin ok sekarang ni. dah boleh gerak banyak dari hari yang mula-mula sakit tu. faisal kena pakai sarung je. tapi half way dah jadi bogel sebab dia nak urut 1 badan. nasib takde photographer masa tu lol.

    wahidah - sakit belikat. dah semakin ok dah. thanks :)

    faizal - its getting better now. thanks for the offer :) i agree with you, kita berusaha yang menyembuhnya ialah Allah.

    arsaili - agree with you. but luckily the pain is getting lesser and i can move now. thank god. if it was not ok after 2nd day suffering, for sure i will go see the specialist. i know, its dangerous to simply go for massage and take pill that we didn't know how it was made. it looks like ma'jun to me but he told me its for nerve. hopefully nothing bad.

    foong - agree with you foong. yes, if its still pain, i will go see the specialist.

    ismail - now its getting better. or should i still look for pak abu?

  18. Huhu. What's with that 'P/s'? Sebok je kan Cahaya ni.

  19. cahaya - er, saja drama sikit :P

  20. Eh drama ape? Boleh tahu? Ke tak leh? Again, sebok je Cahaya ni kan?

  21. cahaya - haha drama minggu ini. dia pergi berjumpa si dia. i nak pergi membawa hati yang lara. ada plak nanti tersiar short story lagik :P

  22. hmm. Alah. why always us je yg bawa hati yang lara. tak bestnyer! I love short story. :)

  23. so sorry on behalf of that doc.

    so very unethical.

  24. dear faisal
    sorry to hear that you are in pain.

    Yes the doctor is right, it's because of the muscle, but I know it's really painful. And the doctor shud inform you what's really happening to ur body for u to understand what to do.

    Searching for traditional massage sumhow better than you go for physiotherapy in hospital. Usually u will feel pain for few daysvbecause of the pressure being put on ur body with the hands of the so called tukang urut.

    Actually that tukang urut is trying to release ur muscle yang bersimpul which cause u pain. But u need to undergo 2-3 session of massage to get better. Scientifically we call it muscle stiffness. It is due to the wrong positioning of sitting, using PC and so on which is under the so called body mechanics.

    For home remedy, you cud buy Ice bag from the nearest pharmacy. Just apply anytime u feel pain. and rest urself on bed. Or u can by perskindol spray (yellow bottle) to spray at the painful area anytime u're in need. It gives u fast relief.

    Ur family member surely cud give u by giving light massage, and they can use perskindol cream. Just massage at the area where they feel sumting wrong, rasa macam ade bengkak etc.

    Usually this muscle problem wont occur unless dah lama u salah duduk atau badan berada dalam posisi yang tak betul spt time2 guna PC, typing, sleeping, etc.

    Btw, kat mana exactly the pain is?

    If u really wanted to, u can go for physiotherapy treatment at private hosp to relief the pain. They will give u either hot pad or ice bag. then proceed with ultrasound if needed, and other few treament to help ya'.

    anything, just ask me kay :)
    or consult ur physiotherapist

  25. Anonymous1:22 AM

    Have a safe trip..and have fun!

  26. cahaya - hehe tu le kan. asyik2 kita je... boring!

    drsalam - hehe sorry no cure :P its ok lah. i'm already immune to this kind of people :P

    as - seems like you are the best doc here at the moment even tho i know you are just a doc to be. hehe. but who cares... you help me with so many information and i really appreciate that :)

    now the pain has gone. and thank god for that. the massage really help too! hehe. you were right!

    thanks again for the info... ;)

    zara - hehe thanks :)

  27. glad that everything's fine ;)
    sorry jarang bg komen kat sini, sebuk dah start classes skang :D
    btw im not doc to be, but i am in the medical field, inshaAllah :)

  28. as - hehe for me you are still my doc ;) study elok² k?

  29. Hi, i found this blog while sufring looking for tukang urut in m'sia. 6 mth ago, i got pain in my neck after playing golf. Since the pain never go, i did mri last week and turn out that i have bulged disc ( slip disc).
    I know this problem wouldn't go away forever unless we do operation and no guarantee will cure for long.
    If any of you guys have info of good tukang urut that has experience on helping early slip disc, really appreciate to email to me. Really hard for me to get one since right now i'm working in Dubai.

  30. recently my friend asked me about pak yen but sadly when i tried to call pak yen, couldn't get through anymore. maybe he changed the number. it's hard to get good tukang urut here in penang too, i mean in the island but bunch of them in the mainland. if you want, i can get someone to find one and include the direction as well. let me know ya

  31. oh, by the way, i don't think slip disc can be cured by massage. i got a friend who suffered this problem before then end up, he did the operation and now he is in good shape for any sports.

  32. Fisal,
    If you don't mind, can i have email/contact of your friend that had surgery?
    You can email privately to me if this can't be mentioned here.
    I've plan to fly back to m'sia next month to find good tukang urut or any opinion for this slip disc problem.

    I also need to know where the operation took place, which hospital.

    Appreciate your help.


  33. i will ask him tomorrow at work, he was admitted to Gleneagles Hospital before.

  34. Anonymous4:51 AM

    this is very good for you, ybg :)

  35. anonymous - you mean the massage?

  36. Anonymous7:10 PM

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