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Thursday, January 28, 2010

Why people put their hand out of the window while driving?


Do you realize that some people always put their hand out of the window while driving? Doesn’t matter whether they’re smoking or simply do nothing, but showing off their fat big hand.

Do they think it’s cool?

Or, sexy?

Whenever I see that, I always wish any vehicle will hit the hand. But then, it’s too late for a lesson?

… and do you realize that most people who do this, are lazy and always drive as slow as possible on the fast lane? (the most right lane). I call them self-centered.

I simply hate them!


  1. Seriously, I really hate slow people driving on the fast lane. So kiasu of them. I don't care about the hand thought.

  2. I've been facing 'Sunday morning driver' years already. Sometimes, I work on weekend. So driver2 waktu pagi weekend yang paling slow. And not to mentioned, keluarkan tangan. Rasa nak potong je tangan diorang tu. Haish!!

  3. dak wan - do you realize most people who put their hand out of the window are those who want people to know who driving that car. in other word, showing off.

    i'm so curious, why do you open your window when you can enjoy the aircond? human is weird sometimes, isn't it?

  4. cahaya - i know few cases, i mean accident caused by careless driver who put their hand out of the window. most of them, lose their hand.

    but, why they never think about it?

    nowadays, we have to go out like 1 hour earlier than usual time to avoid those irresponsible drivers. sigh.

  5. ..cuz it seems cool kot? haha

    or maybe cuz tgn diorg berpeluh? haha

  6. adila - lol. do you agree with their action?

  7. I also wonder why they do that! When I was small, my mom always teach me not to put my hand outside the car window in case it got hit by a passing vehicle! I guess their moms didn't teach them that! : )

  8. it was annoying to look at those who put their hand out of the window while driving..(yeahh..i wish someone hit that hand..hoho)
    For those who are driving slow on the fast lane, is just stupid...cant they use their common sense before doing that? menyampah!

  9. foong - haha that's harsh. i guess so foong!

  10. kniedaz - i feel you akak. stupidity is infinite :(

  11. bukan lah...
    diaorg keluarkan tangan coz they have a MAJOR wet-spot kat baju & they're trying hard to keringkan the ketiak ;p hahahahahaha!

    i on the other hand, hate ppl who slow down their vehicle just to light a smoke ;p blerrrgh!
    they think they look so cool but i just hope that the car will blow up the moment they flicker their lighter ;p hehehe *nasty smile*

  12. insomniac - omg. that's cool! eh i mean cruel :P

    how i wish it really happen!!!

  13. Wello there, Faisal!

    My wild guess is that..sometimes, they put their hand outta window merely to feel the air and wind passing thru their enjoy it so to speak. Maybe they dont intend to show off, maybe they are not lazy, or maybe they just wanna act cool.

    Btw, not all drivers loved the idea of using air-cond, me especially, unless when its raining.

    Oh, I hate the slow driver on the fast lane too.

    Happy driving! ;-)

  14. zara - what about they do so in the noon? i mean, it's not breezing at all don't you think? :)


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