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Sunday, January 24, 2010

Angelina Jolie betrayed Brad Pitt?


For Angelina Jolie, a new week means a new affair rumour. This time though, tabloid magazine InTouch reportedly interviewed an ex-employee of the Waldorf-Astoria in New York – a hotel Brad and Angie have stayed many times over the past three or four years. Anna Kowalski, a former maid at the hotel, claimed that she witnessed Angie having long visits from a “tall, dark-haired man — who was one of her dialect coaches from (her movie) Salt.” This is getting interesting

According to Ms. Anna, who has worked for Brangelina on their numerous visits, Angie has been having an affair with the man over the summer, when Angie was staying alone at the hotel while shooting her movie Salt.

“She would see the tutor while a bodyguard stood entrance at the suite,” said Anna. Anna also added that, after one late-night meeting with the tutor in mid-July, Anna personally saw what looked like evidence of a night of passion, and she claimed that it was the reason why she was fired in December – for not getting out of the room fast enough.

“The room was a disaster,” she explained. “There was water all over the bathroom and empty vodka bottles everywhere. Every towel had been used. And over five dozen cattleya orchids were scattered around the room, and there were the tops of the flowers in the tub, with candles.

“The bed was covered with black rubber sheets, and there were sex toys on it,” she added.

(Source: MSN)


  1. wow wee..did she actually done it? mmm..that's celebrity life, i guess..

  2. kniedaz - but that surely break Brad's heart into pieces.

  3. cahaya - can't be sure though. but she could sue them if it wasn't true.

  4. Who cares? :p To me...she is just another celebrity.

  5. tekkaus - boo hoo. she is my idol! despite seldom involve with scandal, she always do charity.

  6. u r right faisal, i like her coz she's sooo into charity..

  7. kniedaz - yep, including adopt some kids around the world.

  8. Angelina Jolie is getting old, I think I prefer Jessica Alba now : )

  9. Sometimes we can't believe what is written in the papers or even online. Whether it happened or not is none of my business : )

  10. I'm just waiting to see how long Angelina and Brad can stay together. I'm amazed they actually are still together for this long! LOL!

  11. foong - jessica alba is cute but not as solid and full of character like jolie :)

    i agree. but, it's fun to read them :)

    well, i always think they are the perfect couple :)


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