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Thursday, January 14, 2010

Hey, old man.

This morning, when I reached office; my friend were talking about a very sad incident.

A dad. A son.

I read about it on the front page of one of the local newspapers.

“Ayah Pengacau”

Just the title.

Still confuse, I asked them what was that about?

“It’s a very sad story!” said Zakaria.

I went on read more about it, and yes, it was a sad story, indeed.

“It’s a reply to yesterday’s newspaper” said Zana.

She told me the whole story. (Read: here & here).

Have you read them?

How could a son did that to his father? His own-blood-father?

In Islam, a son who is married, the priority is his parent. Unlike, a daughter, which the priority is to the husband.

Otherwise, parent is always parent. Our parent.

What’s the different between human and animal? Yes, you’re definitely right, a GOOD BRAIN not a MALFUNCTION BRAIN.

To the son, sorry to say:

“You are son of a bitch!”

Not your father’s or your mother’s.



  1. karma bro..nanti dia rs la bl dia dah tua nanti....totally son of bitch (juga not his father nor mother)

  2. hana - macam dalam iklan dalam tv dulu tu kan?

  3. agree with hana
    dia ada anak nanti..dia akan rasa balik...

  4. Yes, read about it. That's really horrible for the son to do such a thing!

  5. oh my!kt skolah i lorh...

    bongok pnya anak...xkenang budi..da senang, buang mak bapak...nnti anak dia wat kat dia balik..maybe lagi trok..baru padan dgn muka dia!

  6. deus - dia dah ada anak, seperti tertulis di dalam suratkhabar :)

  7. foong - how sad, isn't it?

  8. teja - emma, time tu maybe dah terlewat untuk dia menyesal.

  9. Salam & hi..
    Lama tak singgah but now, here i am..
    geram bila baca berita tu..ada ke dia kata bapak dia memang suka hidup merempat?? what a nonsense & lame excuses...
    tunggulah bila anak2 dia pulak buat kat dia macam tu..

    p/s: rindu kat arwah abah..huhu

  10. Kniedaz - betul tu. allah maha adil :)

  11. memang macam kacang lupakan kulit si anak tu...

    Ada Apa Dengan Hanis Zalikha

  12. eyriqazz - betul tu! geram kan baca news tu.

  13. Yeah! I read it too. Damnn pathetic huh? :(

  14. singgah jap... bsoan2 datang le sini

  15. sharing - bosan je datang? :(

  16. art - manusia ke binatang?


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