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Thursday, January 21, 2010

Slumdog Millionaire


Ah! I know, it’s and old movie. You can call me outdated. I don’t mind, but honestly, it’s a very good movie. Indeed.

I watched it last night. Late night. Around 11.30pm, and you don’t have to wonder why I have panda eyes and keep yawning every 5 minutes.

The storyline is perfect and the scene is smooth from each one to another. Genius!

Started with the investigation with accusation from the host, that the guy, Jamal lied in a reality show “Who wants to be a millionaire”.

The flashback was very nice; starting with the poor life two young boys named Jamal and Salim. The scene shows us how poor India is, and lack of proper education.

It was a heart breaking, when I watched the fighting between Islam and Hindu (that is why I hate when we start to touch religion and race issue in Malaysia, believe it or not, if it doesn’t cure, it will surely bring chaos). One of the Hindu rebellions, hit the mum on the head with a long metal. Jamal’s mum died, instantly (I was like “Oh my God!”). She managed to see them coming and screamed quickly, for Jamal and Salim to run and safe their own life few seconds before she got hit. Oh, they were playing in the water that all women use for cleaning the clothes.

With a great heart thumping moment, they ran as quick as they could to save their life (Oh ya! They ran once before, chased by the airport guard because they were playing at the airport runaway).

They managed to find a place to hide. There, they met a girl named Latika.

The next day, a guy helped them. He brought them to a place looks like an orphan kids hostel. They even thought the guy was a saint. I could guess that, the bright smile on their face won’t last as I know how they sell kids in India and Thailand. Even we have few syndicate in Malaysia!

They took out kid’s eyes with hot spoon right after they used sedative on them. Only those who could sing good. So that they can earn more. Poor thing to watch though!

The Three Musketeers managed to escape, Salim, Jamal and Latika. But when they ran into a train, Latika couldn’t grab Salim’s hand (I assumed that Salim purposely did it) and left behind into the bad guys hand.

Salim and Jamal started to live in the train. Bad way. Stealing food and belonging, even selling them.

Age grew, and they found Taj Mahal. Same way with living in the train, they steal and be a tourist guide there. They made a lot of money.

Until one day, Jamal decided to go back to their hometown, to find Latika. His soul. Salim did not agree at first, but then defeated with Jamal’s decision.

They went there, and found Latika at the prostitute area. She was a dancer. They were happy but not for long. The bad guys came. It was a shocking moment, when Salim got a gun and shot the bad guys leader.

The story went on with Jamal works at the phone company, Salim with gangster and Latika lives with Salim’s leader.

Jamal wanted to save Latika, anyway. So, he decided to join a reality program “Who wants to be a millionaire”.

Back to the beginning.

Salim helped Latika to run away from the gang and he killed the leader, but of course got killed by the gang too.

Latika met Salim at the train station and they happy life begins.

Seriously, I seldom write the whole story like this, rather than copy it from Wikipedia.

If you haven’t watched, don’t wait. Ok?

By the way, I got this DVD from a sweet blogger: Jard The Great.

Thanks dear Jard.


  1. lalala..keciannya kat dia..x apa lah lambat pun janji tengok kan...mana tau in future org dok ckp psl movie ni kt yg x tgk dok nganga ja..hehe me too panda eyes now...dh lah baru pas mkn heavy meal ni..alamak tdq lah pasni...

  2. norjan - haha, baca ke post ni sampai habis? or baca separuh jalan je.

  3. Ngam kan? Best gila.

  4. cahaya - haha! best sangat.

  5. lagu jai ho pon best gak =)

  6. Anonymous12:56 AM

    BTW, try GPS jammer to disable all secret devices in your room or at work.

  7. cite yang mmg best pn..bberapa kali gak la tgk..budak tu bijak n bgus! nak jd mcm dia..agk2 leh ke..? cme yg dkt last2 tu mcm bergantung pd luck setiap org..

    p/s: sori, lme x singgah..cuti kismes ritu ade g penang..smpat jmpa axim je kjap..=)

  8. dashing - yes! i like that song :)

  9. ixora - wah! datang penang jumpa axim je? :( sedih betul.

    yep, best kan jadi genius macam dia!

  10. Told you I enjoyed it, didn't I? : )

  11. foong - yes, foong. i should agree with you earlier :)

  12. dh tgk..mmg besh citer ne

  13. wahidah - sedih pun ada kan :) alangkah best kalau kita boleh menang duit banyak tu :)

  14. I have watched this a long, long time ago lor. :p

  15. tekkaus - hehe i know it's an old movie :P

  16. baca smp habis lah...n i've watched this movie b4 k...storyline dpt fhm..:p..

  17. jan - wah! baca buku slumdog??

  18. bkn baca buku...baca entry ni lah..:p pening dah mamat ni...cik pun tgk dvd...this movie was year back...eheheh...

  19. jan - haha! as i said i know it's an old movie :P

  20. hehehe....x apa old movie pun x apa janji cik dok ulang b'puluh kali transformer..hahahah

  21. jan - whoa! berapa puluh?


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