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Friday, January 29, 2010

Happy Thaipusam


“It’s Thaipusam tomorrow mom. Hopefully we won’t be late to work” I said.

“Hopefully…” mom replied, anxious.

When we reached town, we could see the bad traffic. Bad traffic jam!

“Jeez! Mom, do you think we can make it?” half scream.

“Believe in yourself Abang” a short reply, still looking at the cars around us.

I managed to send mom to the office about 8:15am (our office hour is from 8:30am-5:30pm). She smiled.

“Drive safely, son”.

I drove carefully but fast to the office, used the usual route. Sadly, when I turn to Kapitan’s road; it was not only jam, but blocked by traffic police men. The whole road was full of the MPPP’s lorries (those lorries that collect garbage at your house) which for sure to clear all the coconuts on the road later.

I got stuck there about 15 minutes and I reached my parking at 8:30am. To save the time, I ran to office from parking and reached office 8:32 sharp. Damn!


I want to wish Happy Thaipusam to all my Indian readers, bloggers and friends. 


  1. Enjoy life! This sort of thing make Malaysia unique right? Oh! Happy Thaipusam to all too.

  2. hehe..once in a while, we got stucked at the traffic & then wished we went out early that day...but how do we know its going to happen...?^_^

  3. dak wan - i like it even though it made me late to office today :D

  4. kniedaz - i went out earlier than usual akak, but still late :)

  5. ahaha..what to do...paling geram kalau lewat 1-2 minit je...huhu

  6. kniedaz - betul tu akak. macam tadi, lewat 2 minit je :(

  7. hepi thaipusam bro
    esok bawak kavadi tak

  8. deus - uik. lepak rumah je!

  9. i stucked 1 full-hour in front of batu caves. sigh!

  10. erksss...sakit nyilu jek molot zie tgk pic tuh ah...gerun wehh :D

  11. cahaya - 1 hour? :( bosan kan?

  12. red - haha, zie... letak bius kot?


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