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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

So, why we must kill our own species?


I got a sms while I was waiting for my turn. As usual, I was at badminton.

“Hey, can we meet for a discussion tomorrow at 6pm?” Linda said.

“Can’t make it in weekdays honey. Weekend is always available.” I replied.

Suddenly, I didn’t focus on the game. Not to the sms either. My eyes were still on the cell phone, but my mind flied.

“Fang, do you know that she hates you? She even wanted to kick you out of the group once.” a question, more likely a confession.

I was shock. My eyes didn’t blink. The question from Felicia really stung my heart. Badly.

I asked almost immediately “Why, Felicia?”.

“You depend on her too much. Asking her a lot of questions, and not independent at all.” more words that could break any heart into pieces.

“She must understand that I’m not from the same office like her, I’m an outsider Felicia!”

“I know that, but…” she sighed.

“Just ignore her, Fang. Will you?”

“Yeah, it’s nothing actually. No hard feeling at all. If I know she is like that, I won’t join the group at first place” I replied with regret.

“Ah! Come one! I never met any hardworking guy like you. You still have us. She is nothing and in fact, we don’t fancy her much.” she persuaded.

“Oy! What are you dreaming about!” Lan shouted at me.

Oh, it was my turn. I smiled.

I know that human is hard to predict. Some, can act good in front of you but stab you with a knife behind your back.

We are human after all. So, why we must kill our own species?

Start from that moment, I didn’t sms her or share any info with her anymore. Just one wish, I want to beat her in exam! That’s my promise.


  1. Gud luck bro
    u can beat her in exam

  2. pergh... terkantoi die.

  3. pergh... terkantoi die.

  4. deus - thanks for the support :)

  5. competition is good :) of luck hun!! :)

  6. Good luck on the exam! :o)

  7. kanesh8:29 PM

    i didnt expect this to still happen in uni@@

  8. human is like that..aja2 fighting da' best k

  9. { lama tak singgah kat sini...hehhee }

  10. It happens. Well, you go and kick her ass in the exam ;)

  11. felicia bawak mulut jugak. if she really care, tak yah cakap. now u sure rasa tak best kan? so it seems like sama je faisal. human hard to be trusted. better not.

    and you go with the flow je for the rest of it. lepas abis sem ni, jgn group sekali dengan diorang.

    beat both of them in exam. :)

  12. inah - yeah :) thanks dear.

  13. tammy - thanks tammy :)

  14. kanesh - weird thing is, all people in the story are adult and already working :)

  15. wahidah - sakit hati kan? :)

  16. yanie - orang tu sombong :P

  17. terra - sure i will :)

  18. cahaya - the group is good. cuma seorang tu aje. entah kenapa emosi sangat. yang sedih, dituduh dependent. kalau kita kerja di universiti tersebut lain ceritanya kan?

    tapi tak apa. tak marah dan sedih pun. cuma belajar lesson yang baru :)

  19. mntak je ngn lect x yah wat grupim.. wat sorg2...

    pape pn, bes of luck bro!

  20. xora - kalau tak buat dalam group dia kasi kosong je :(

  21. owh..nsb bek mse xora jd tutor ritu xde lak students wat cmni..kalo ada pn Xora bagi peluang kt students tuh..takpe la bro, pape hal pun, buat bahagian bro..janji settle n buat yang terbaik dlm exam..

    insyaALLAH, doa slalu..DIA akn tolong kita..aminnnn...=)

    da, namo sedey2...=)

  22. xora - entah la xora. dah malas nak fikir :( biarkan je la.

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  24. anonymous - eh, really?

  25. Anonymous5:23 PM

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