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Saturday, January 23, 2010

Breaking Dawn


Oh yeah!

This is the ending. I mean, official ending even though Midnight Sun has been spread around. I haven’t read that piece. A chapter.

I heard, because of the leaking, she chose not to continue.

Meyer, be reasonable. You know how many copies of your books have been sold. So, don’t make it complicated honey. Just do it! (Alright, now I make it sounds like a Nike ads).

This 756 pages, thick, book has 3 chapters in it. Divided into 3 which are stories about Bella, Jacob and back to Bella. If you read Eclipse, you’ll understand that these two books aren’t like the first and second book which focus on Bella only.

Nephew called me snail. For taking ages, to finish this book.

Who cares? Look, how many people at my age, read thick book like this? Now, I’m proud of myself.

The story began with Bella marriage from Eclipse, and their honeymoon at an island named Isle of Esme. A wedding gift from Carlisle to Esme. There, a lot of thing happen. Like, Edward unintentionally gave bruises on Bella. But he was pretty strong that nothing worse than that happen to his lovely wife. Bella appetite increased day by day, and they notice after few days it went on that way. This part was boring. Seriously. Until they realized that Bella was pregnant! I was quite shock with few facts like, is it possible a vampire can get erect since he has no blood? That was what I think when reading and watching Twilight and New Moon. But in this book, I know why he always resist. Also, how could Bella carried a vampire’s child? After all, it’s fiction aye?

Second chapter, it was about Jacob. Who was still running away from the fact that Bella is going to be a bloodsucker soon. Or sooner than he expected. He was still wish that he would kill Edward at the wedding. Then, he returned home. There was a gathering between the pack. A meeting, to be exact. Jacob had been informed by the pack that Bella was very ill, and nothing else in his mind was Bella’s blood was suck off, too much. He was mad, and plan to kill the Cullen as soon as possible. His decision was declined by the pack, a decision from the Alpha – Sam. He wasn’t listen and still go straight to Cullen’s mansion to kill them all, at least kills Edward. When he reached there, he was shock that Bella was still alive, and fighting to survive. Not because of her, but because of the baby. Weird baby. The baby was killing her from inside, as the baby was half human and half vampire, she (Oh! ya it was a female weird hybrid). She drank blood! Jacob cancelled the plan and instead of thinking about killing them, he turned to be helpful. Then, he went back to tell the pack about what exactly happen. It was not a good news of course. But for Sam, it was a worst news ever. He decided to kill the child. Even though they have to go through Bella and the Cullen. It didn’t matter. Jacob, was against them again this time. On Bella’s side, of course. There, they started to argue. Jacob claimed his right as an Alpha which actually suppose to be his position, a leader, an Alpha. Sam didn’t want that, which lead to a decision, abandoned the pack. Not Sam, but Jacob. Jacob went straight to the Cullen’s mansion but not long, Seth and Leah joined him. The story went on until Bella gave birth. Bella almost die, when she delivered the baby which forced Edward to use the last resort, gave her his venom. I like this part as shape-shifter (hey, the pack are not werewolf but shape-shifter like some other places they might turn into a hawk or tiger, as werewolf can infect others like vampire and they turn into one on full moon), Jacob’s pack were close with the Cullen.

Back to Bella, she still in pain. Burned with venom that had been injected to her heart by Edward. After hours, she managed to open her eyes, and realized that she was already one of them. She got great skills like to avoid human blood smell, even though it was impossible for newborn vampire. Never happen before. Then, instead of that she was also a shield to all mind skills, including his lovely husband’s skill. The skill she got since she was a human. The baby, was named Renesmee. Jacob changed it to Nessie, which the baby liked it, together with the whole family. Bella was mad at first, but then more mad when she realized Nessie was imprinted for Jacob! Edward took Bella out for hunting. She started to adopt vampire ability, but she learned them fast. Not long from the heart thumping moment, Jacob made a surprise. He told Charlie that Bella was fine and can be visited. Another surprise was, Jacob phase in front of Charlie! Bella was mad and attacked Jacob but he was fast and accidentally bumped at Seth. He got some cracks and disjoints. Charlie visited Bella at the Cullen’s mansion. He was still in shock with Jacob confession. Few weeks after that, Bella, Jacob and Nessie were out in the jungle, hunting some animals. Bella was shock to see Irina, part of Cullen’s family lead by Tanya who live in Denali. She was still mad at Bella with the Laurent’s death. Then she just disappeared. Everybody was so shock when Alice told them that the Volturi will come for them, for Renesmee.

Oh, to know the ending, you must read this book. I don’t want to be a total brat, spoil everything or even spoon feeding lazy ass like er, you?

It’s a worth buy and time to spend. Seriously.


P/s: Nadia, I think I’m going to be like you confuse about how is Eclipse’s ending when we watch the movie June this year. It happen to you with New Moon, which gave me a great laugh.


  1. can;t wait for Eclipse on the big screen ! ye haaa ... love the sequels...

  2. Nice blogsite. Congratulations. I'm impressed. And good book review too.

  3. syukur - me too, can't wait to watch it this June. i find that Breaking Dawn is the best which most people including Jacob thinks Eclipse is the best.

  4. ocean - glad that you like it :)

  5. lol, i dont like the ending of this book :(

  6. art - hehe. why? you expected them to fight? do you know there is another book should be released but because the chapter 1 had been spread around, Meyer was upset bout it and decided not to publish anymore! :(

  7. i'm lost already. huhu.

  8. cahaya - haha. do you read the book?

  9. yea i know, midnight sun, we have to wait till she wants to write again

    and yes, no fight boring =_=!

    but the last part, bella and edward, thats sweet haha super!

  10. art - how i wish they would fight too :P i know for sure, volturi would lose!

  11. erm.. i think there is a wrong part from your synopsis.

    *bella attacked jacob and accidentally bumped at seth* not because of the phase-changed in front of charlie, but it's because the jacob's imprinting-thing on renesmee.

    #forgive me if im wrong.

    eh2.. did jacob changed his phase in front of charlie? OMG.. I forgot already.. haha..

  12. ms alia - well if i'm not mistaken jake told her 2 things. one is he phased in front of charlie, second is he is imprinted with renesmee :)

    correct me if. i'm wrong too. but the second one, make bella went wild.

    glad that you read the whole post. i know many of the commenter didn't :)

  13. I had read midnight sun and it was really great!!.. It's so cool to know what are the cullens especially edward really thinks of human.


    i love the 2nd part when bella turned wild coz of the imprinting. Jake was too much. He's kinda desperate And I was very glad that Edward got amused with it. hahaha..

    *xdpt mak, anak pown jadi la*

  14. alia - i haven't read midnight sun :) now focusing on alice hehe!

  15. yeah.. chaiyok..
    go on reading..!!!..

  16. alia - what about you? what are you reading?

  17. now, i'm TRYING to finish reading my VAMPIRE DIARIES novel. Have you ever wathced it at cnn? it's a drama and totally differs with the book.but still, both are cool;book+drama.hehe..

    and also, im trying to finish reading Night World. Its not only about vampires, but also includes witches and werewolves. 3 stories in one book. A very very thick one.. huhu..

    and one more, the house of night book... hahaha..

  18. alia - oh! sounds cool :) i found Witch & Wizard if not mistaken from Patterson.

    i still got 18 books to go, which i bought them at sales :)

    guess, i should read them first before buy new ones! haha!

    p/s: i'm done with alice in wonderland, now with the second story, looking-glass house :)

  19. whoa.. that's cool!!..

    well, i love vampire novels only. haha~ that's y i have that vampires foundation blog. but still, it has been a long time for not updating it.

  20. alia - no wonder :) i'm into werewolf haha!

  21. Anonymous10:47 PM

    nice post. thanks.

  22. anonymous - glad that you like it.


Thank you for the comment.

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