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Saturday, January 02, 2010



I watched this again last night. Erm, I’m not sure how many time I’ve watched this, but it never get me bored. Never.

Someone watched it, seriously. Kept laughing and smiling, even crying. That is how I define serious.

I could repeat some conversations in this movie over and over again. It’s like I watch this movie everyday. I like Yasmin’s movies so much, but sadly, she is gone. How I miss her badly.

Well, to those who already know the storyline, just ignore this post ok? Do you know, some people do not have time to watch it till today. Yes, I was as shock as you when I heard someone said to me “I haven’t watched this movie yet, can we watch together?”. I could only reply “Jeez, you kidding me aye?”

Here the plot (source: Wikipedia):

19-year old Ah Loong (who also called himself "Jason") is in charge of a stall selling pirated VCDs. Contrary to the stereotype of his social standing, Ah Loong is an incurable romantic with an unlikely hobby: He loves to read and write poetry. Quite content to carry on being the Romeo of the slums, Ah Loong's life takes a sudden turn one day when a Malay schoolgirl, Orked, arrives at his stall. She is in search of films starring her favorite actor Takeshi Kaneshiro. Love blossoms between Orked and Ah Loong, although there are social and racial pressures that stand in their way.

In the end, Ah Loong is involved in a motor vehicle accident while Orked is going to England to pursue her studies. It is not clear if he lived or died until the sequel, Gubra which shows that Jason really did die. After the credits finish rolling however, Orked is shown wearing a wedding ring sleeping beside Jason, who also has a wedding ring. In Mukhsin, Jason and the adult Orked are shown to be living together. However, the adult Orked is not called by her name in this scene as the young Orked is.

Plot end.

I was curious and confuse too about its’ ending. If he has died, who answered the call? Here is the script I found in Yasmin’s blog. Click here.

I’ve watched Gubra and Mukhsin. Seriously, I couldn’t tell that all of ‘em are connected.

imageI miss her.


  1. love this movie so much....;)

  2. ko tau kan,memang sentuhan yasmin ahmad ni ajaib sesangat..

  3. yep. ko dah tonton muallaf?

  4. Ha, you know what, I watched this at the cinema (I seldom watch Malay movies in the cinema except for Puteri Gunung Ledang and this one, I think)

    Oh, actually I went to watch Jangan Pandang Belakang too cos I'm a horror fan and just wanted to know what's all the hype about - it wasn't scary to me at all! C'mon!

    Seriously, the local movie industry must learn how to do horror movies like the Thais do.

    OK, back to Sepet, I even got myself a DVD for this show. It's a nice show.

    I also don't understand the ending, so did he die or not?

  5. Oh, now I also remember I watched Pontianak Sundal Harum Malam in cinema! So looks like I have watched quite a number of Malays shows in cinema, haha!

    Actually, I watched that just to see how Maya Karin acted as pontianak, surprisingly a few weeks later, I bumped into Kavita Kaur (who's also in the movie) in a lift! Too bad it's not Maya Karin I bumped into! Haha!

  6. But better not - don't want to bump into a real life pontianak! LOL!

  7. So have you watched Muallaf? I did not watch it cos too busy watching Avatar (watched it twice one without 3D and the other with 3D) Haha!

    Probably I'll just get the DVD for Muallaf : )

  8. foong - i've watched this movie, i think for more than 5 times. perhaps.

    oh man! i think you watched more malay movies than me! i don't like to watch them in cinema because most of the time i can watch them on astro. cheaper, indeed!

    who wants to bump into pontianak! jeez! lol.

    i haven't watched muallaf, but i plan to watch it this coming wed :)

  9. I don't have Astro!!!

  10. Honestly....I haven't watch this movie yet. Some of my friends told me it was lame and too draggy...that's why I was put off I guess. :p

  11. tekkaus - it has a reason why it won an award in asia movie festival :)


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