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Sunday, January 24, 2010

Food, is back again.

Haha. It has been a while since I blog about foods, right? Do you miss it? Ok, let me try this and see the response. Or maybe I should just upload in Facebook since people there like it so much. True? :P

Today (I might post this later than the exact date as I got so many post in draft :P) 23/1/2010 I went out for window shopping and of course eat-all-I-can session.

After sent my car to the workshop at 7.30pm (I slept the whole day, it has been so long… since I became pig, last :P), I left my car there and Keith picked me up. We went to QueensBay Mall for window shopping and dinner. That’s the original plan ;)

First, dinner of course, as I didn’t eat anything the whole day. Just simple lunch that mom cooked.

Here, we go…

230120104519 Orange Tangy (right spelling eh?)

230120104520 Hungry eh?

230120104523 Chicken Sang.

230120104524 Breast, Mediterranean rice and corn.

230120104525Drumstick, old chip and potato salad.

230120104526 Burp~

Then, we did window shopping at Topman, GAP, Seed and Padini. There was no Chinese New Year sale, yet. So, we went to Borders. I couldn’t find Maximum Ride sequence :( Saw the 1st book but not like the one I got, hard cover. They only sell the paperback which not my cup of tea. Anymore? LOL. Also, I found Wizard and Witch by Patterson too, still the same, not hard cover. Damn. Oh ya, I saw someone with someone there. Hmm, I better mind my own biz though.

Around 10pm, we went to Coffee Bean. Keith craving for the coffee LOL. It was pretty crowded. We ordered these:

230120104527Can’t remember its long name, whatever choc cheese cake.

230120104528 Ice blended Black Forest.

230120104529My favorite latte.


I was full. I mean, very full! Full of cream. Now, it sounds like Dutch Lady full cream LOL.

Great day, I’d say. Until my foreman told me that my car would take 3-4 days for repair and service. As many major problem occur.

3-4 days? Jeez! Almost same problem with dad’s car I guess, which cost him about RM3k!

Crossed fingers. 


  1. i like the chick sang, light and yummy!

  2. Nando's meh? Lama tak pegi. Chicken Sang looks yummy. Will try it someday.

    omg! car trouble? Hmm. Car always a liability, right? Macam layan BF je nak kena pamper. Kalau tak meragam sana sini. Adoi.

    p/s: Eh, my friend said, slightly before CNY, normally barang akan makin mahal. So mmg takde sale. Betul ke?

  3. dtg sini terus lapar tgk mende2 tu semua..

  4. the cake looks yummyy..kinda like it..huhuuh

  5. cahaya - yep, chicken sang tu memang sangat sedap! :) you should try!

    yep, car is liability tapi nak kena repair juga, sebab melibatkan keselamatan nyawa :( tadi dah tanya, dalam RM1k+. sigh.

    eh biar betul cahaya. tak best le kalau tak ada sale. tak nak shopping :(

  6. cikmemy - haha. jangan kata cik memy je, saya pun dah kembali lapar!

  7. wahidah - yep sangat sedap. sambil minum latte dan borak-borak :)

  8. ijad - sangat sedap ijad :)

  9. I have to concur what CAHAYA said. Looking after our car requires more TLC than your BF/GF. And they can cost us $$$$$ too.

    Is that Keith?

  10. drsam - hehe. yeah, hate to see money decreasing in my account :(

    yep, that's keith.

  11. Yeah! Here we go again. Food posts from you. LOL :D

  12. tekkaus - can i be a flogger? :P

  13. choc cheese cake... *drools*

    i'm so gonna get choc tomorrow! (too malas to hunt for choc cheese cake hehe)

  14. adila - i thought you are a good cook? *wink*


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