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Thursday, January 28, 2010

Camera: Compact or DSLR?


I have difficulty, curiosity about what camera to buy.

Compact or DSLR?

I like taking pictures, but when I think about the size, I think compact is handy.

Then, I look at pictures uploaded by some friends and bloggers. I think DSLR suits me.

Starting this year, I’m going to start my journey of life. Meaning, I’m going to enjoy myself, have fun, experience new things at other people’s countries. At least, other people’s state. So, it’s good to grab this opportunity, to snap some good pictures for my memories.

I still have some gloss papers which I got them when I bought my 3-in-1 printer, which include printing, scanning and photocopying function. I had used all the functions but I haven’t tried photo printing on glossy paper, yet.

Just now, I’ve discussed with some of my colleagues and they advised me to buy DSLR, instead.

The next question is about which brand to buy?

Some bloggers suggested Nikon. Colleagues suggested Canon.

I got this link from colleague (Firdaus).


I know some of you might have knowledge about it. Can you give me some suggestion and advise?


  1. im no expert but they say either u get Canon or Nikon..u choose

  2. kniedaz - that's why i can't decide :(

  3. sama ja situation kt kan...hahaha...but i'm going to expand my photography skill..:p cik dh ada compact camera(canon)...n now searching for DSLR n most probably brand NIKON D3000...x kisah lah brand apa pun..janji dpt ambik gmbr n worth it..tu yg penting..klu faisal baru nk decide then cik were suggest go to DSLR too..hehehe...nanti p lah survey..kat QB ada selalu dia org camera exhibition...

  4. With a slr, one can really be creative with the functions avaiable for you to shoot in (in addition to the standard shooting modes available on a compact). If you're not going to be serious with photography, I would suggest trying out a compact or perhaps Canon's G10 instead of jumping into purchasing a slr.

    Both Nikon and Canon are popular and good brands. It really boils down to your preference and budget.

    Hope this helps :)

  5. norjan - yes, i think so too. better straight buy DSLR instead of compact. i think i can learn new things with DSLR and who knows i can gain some money too as my side income :) all liability if can earn, it's asset :)

    i think i will go for Canon. maybe D450 or D500 :)

  6. mei teng - thanks for the great comment :)

    i'm so into Canon now. just that haven't decided D450 or D500 :)

    what say you?

  7. Might as well get the 500d since it's the newer model compared to the 450d. I am using the 450d.

    If I have the budget, I would get the new Canon 15-85mm f/3.5-5.6 lens to go with the 500d body. This means you might need to pay more since this wouldn't be the standard kit offered by retailers.

    You can check out retailer prices for the camera that comes with the kit lense. Alternatively, can also check out, a reliable online camera store. I bought 2 lenses and some accessories online.

  8. mei teng - 500D is very expensive right?

    i surveyed the site you gave me and found this:

    do you think it's cheap? sometimes, i'm a bit scared to buy thing online.

    i'm thinking of buying 450D and instead of spending on 500D i can buy more lenses.

    what do you say?

  9. I bought my 450d (with kit lens) for about RM3.3k in 2008 and now prices have gone down. Check around with other retailers to see if you can get better prices for the 500d (with kit lens). Better to get the newer 500d than the 450d although the difference might not be extensive. The 18-55mm kit lens is very basic and good enuff to play around with. You can always upgrade later.

    A good advice is to upgrade slowly and don't rush. Otherwise, you end up with regretful purchases.

  10. i like dslr, u can really go creative. though its big, but its in trend, evrybody has it. so its not weird bringing it around.

    oh mine is canon, D1000, basic, lol. actually cheapest haha, but the functions are all there and fun! so far i love it :)

    though all of my frens use nikon. i decided to use canon, and i think i like it better than nikon. oh btw, its light too haha

  11. faisal,
    kalau nak beli 450D then nak eli lens pun bagus,tapi takut hang menyesal nanti sebab model 450D tu model lama,sat lagi pakai sekejap jaa dah rasa nak tukar yang baru..i think body come first,beli body yang best terus..Lense tu datang kemudian kalau ada rezeki lebih..because if Body dah power,then lense apa apa pun boleh pakai..maksudnya functionnya tak terhad..but it's a bit pricey la kalau nak Body DSLR yang bagus..bajet hang berapa?

  12. mei teng - ok. i'll survey 500D then :)

    you gave me great info, thank you and i really appreciated it.

    my colleague just bought 450D and now he is planning to buy extra lenses.

    since he is buying canon, and i like canon, might as well buy canon. so that we can discuss and try & error together.

    i'd need your advise from time to time as well :)

  13. art - oh yeah. i saw that too. i've decided to get a DSLR for myself.

    now, is survey time. i need it before may 2010 :)

  14. why may? lol

    im still learning, lotsa things i dont know bout the cam, pening

  15. axim - betul tu. so, aku plan nak beli 500D then.

    aku tak letak bajet. bagi aku, plan nak yang mana, then kumpul duit secepat mungkin :)

    ko pakai D90 ke?

  16. art - hehe i plan to go somewhere :) i won't reveal where until i reach there! :)

  17. faisal,

    aku pakai D60..aku dah menyesal sekarang ni sebab aku tak beli D90..instead aku beli D60 dan beli Telephoto lens..kalau beli D90 tak dapat nak beli lens so aku go for D60..hasilnya sekarang aku dah macam nak tukar kamera yang lagi better..huhu

  18. axim - oh... aku akan ikut cakap ko. so, aku akan beli 500D.

    lepas ni boleh la lepak-lepak belajar snap kan :)

  19. sile buy DSLR bro!!! 100% sokong. leh zie jeles tgk pastuh...hahahaha. Zie dari duluuu dok berangan nk ade DSLR kooo...cian aku weh :P

  20. red - eh ingat zie dah beli :)

    bro plan nak beli before May ni. doakan ye...

  21. For me, I will choose DSLR Camera because you will get new experience with taking photo technique which you can't get from compact camera. and Canon is my choice because the color and tone that come out from Canon is much more natural than Nikon, BTW, it's only my own opinion. :)

  22. widepaper - great! i really want to buy Canon. which canon model are you using?

  23. they said the best one for beginner either canon 500d or nikon d90. but i'm not sure. i'm no expert.

  24. xreti bab ni sume. tp leica nmpk cute. hehe.

  25. compact sng bwk tpi kalo nk compare ngn dslr, kpuasan amek gmbaq mmg ngn dslr...xrugi kalo bli bro~~

  26. Fisal bro. A DSLR will give you more choices in expanding your photography horizon and creativity (features, accessories, choices of lenses etc) as compared to a compact. I just bought a 450D myself after using a not-so compact Nikon coolpix for quite sometimes as my first digital (I bought Nikon because of its swivel feature). The extra money for 500D will only give you an extra HD videocam capability over the older 450D.

    The fact that I've been using a 35mm camera (EOS 5) for the last 9 years and still using it, a testament I like Canon very much. Personal preference.

    p/s: The Bali shot (and Kerachut trip) in my blog for example, I used 450D. Good for traveling as it is so 'compact' and easy to carry around while traveling.

    Good luck in your photographic quest bro.

  27. i am not so into photography... i am not very particular in choosing its brand hehe
    btw what DSLR stands for?

  28. i beli Sony je... for beginner saje2 nk tngkp picca...

  29. cahaya - i heard that from friends too. i'm looking forward for Canon 500D.

    what about you cahaya? looking or not interested? :)

  30. teja - oh baru teringat! ema pun ada satu kan? :) ingat lagi, waktu tu ingat nak snap pakai handphone, terus batalkan niat tengok camera ema canggih sangat :P

  31. drsam - oh. axim suggested me 500D as it's the latest and much better. i'm new in this and quite confuse about the functions too.

    doc, you said 450D is so compact. what about 500D? suppose almost the same size right?

  32. blue - DSLR = Digital single-lens reflex :)

  33. dyla - sony ok tak dyla?

  34. Hurmmm.....good choice!

    I have Sony A200 for DSLR and Canon Ixus 100 IS (compact one).I love both...

    Sony Alpha is meant for beginner. Very easy to use and friendly. Functions and commands are understandable compare to some other brands.....

    True...Canon is still the best...

    Now, the choice is yours...

    ***selamat memilih :-D

  35. ahaha thanks for info faisal...
    by the way in regrards with handling all my blogs... hmmmm actually i really don't know... sometimes i just turn very moody, writing articles for my blog the whole day.... and besides not all my blogs are personal... most of them are sticking only into one central theme so it would be easier for me to think for the next post....^^
    thanks for visiting me

  36. wan - hmm. i've decided to buy canon. just need to do some survey before buying it. i don't want to regret at any cent :) the choice is between 450D and 500D :)

    hope, i'll make a right choice.

  37. blue - seriously, you're lucky to have so much time to write a lot :) it'll improve your way of thinking and creativity too :)

    how i wish i have so much free time too.

  38. the hype now is four third digital cameras. compact, yet full function of a dsl ... nice :)

  39. me & hubby got Canon a beginner, not bad lah...ada sembang ngan member yg into photography, he said it doesnt matter what brand u have but u have to master the one u have & experiment with it a lot..additional lenses is a bonus but for amature its just a matter of practice & learning to used all the mood for the right picts...(that's what we heard & hopefully learn..hehe)

  40. yimster - which brand?

  41. kniedaz - oh akak! you got the same one like my colleague.

    i got 4 colleagues with dslr now. those who i know own it.

    1. canon 450d
    2. canon 400d
    3. canon 1000d
    4. nikon d3000

    do you think i should get 500d akak?

  42. From your list, klau nak dpt 450D baik amik 500D je lah. difference is more pixels on the 500D, video capabilities and a few other things lah.

    Olympus E-P1 or E-P2
    Panasonic DMC-GF1

  43. mmm..if u got the money i dont think why u should not get it..go with ur heart! (and the best advices u get..hehe)

  44. yimster - doc sam said the different between 450d and 500d is just the video function.

    what else?

    what do you think about 1000d?

  45. kniedaz - my friend keeps telling me it's expensive and i just need compact :(

    but learning new thing is always good, right?

  46. I think it was generally the video and extra pixels that differentiate them. Body is your priority and should try to get the best you can.

    1000d is not bad for a budget DSLR but I would suggest at least the 450d if you're comparing these two.

    sony alpha is very dirt cheap and value for money lah

    do you need DSLR? this you have to ask yourself why do you need such a canggih camera. if it's all set to auto and just click the button, then a compact can do the same too and give good pictures at the same time

  47. yimster - colleague told me that 1000d is very light too. but he suggested me at least 450d like you said.

    sony alpha isn't a good one and not so cheap too, based on keith's experience. he's using sony alpha at his office for event, and no idea why his office bought that one instead of others, let say, canon.

    i think i need dslr. if i want automatic one, i'd rather stick to my handphone camera. nothing much i can learn though. furthermore, i might as well, just borrow from dad if compact is necessary :)

    i always love to learn new thing.

  48. Faisal, that is BS when people claim Sony alpha is no good. There are so many good critiques that claims everything is no good but cannot substantiate what's bad with it. Cakap senang lah. Hey, I would also recommend Olympus but would you buy it since its not a well 'known' brand compared to Nikon/Canon?

    There is no such thing as a light DSLR. Want light, go for compacts and you'd be amazed what some compacts can do, almost a full fledge DSLR with full manual controls.

    Your handphone camera is crap no matter how million pixels it can stuff. No way it can ever beat a cheap compact lah. Beginners go with D60/D3000 or 450D/500D. Cant go wrong there. Start learning about basics, aperture/ISO/metering/etc.

    Nikon has stability built on the body, Canon on the lens. Hence, canon lens can be a bit pricey with the stability option (IS)

  49. yim - eh, you sure about the last part:

    "Nikon has stability built on the body, Canon on the lens. "

    as many said otherwise?

  50. I could be wrong but I know canon is on the lens, perhaps Nikon is too, have a google. But i am sure sony has it on the body :)

  51. yim - colleague argued with each other on this matter, which i kept myself shut since i know nothing.

    i can't wait to get one and practice ro3 :P

  52. lantak depa lah. do your own research and then decide yourself based on your needs. they can give you advice and their experience. its not just the camera that makes a pretty picture :)

  53. yim - agree, a person's creativity and knowledge are more important. i mean a person behind the camera is the priority.

    but... at least i know what i need for myself, and listen to some advise from those who already own it.

    my colleague firdaus said, once you ask people's advise, you will be in dilemma.

    haha, i'm in dilemma now. but glad that you guys willing to help me out... :)

  54. read up and seek advice in and hopefully it will help you, unbiased.

    happy hunting! :)

  55. Oh and the irony is, every ali, ah kow and mutu wants a DSLR but i see them shooting full auto 99% of time. what gives lah. a good compact can do the same nowadays. gaya ada, kemahiran elek or poci :)

  56. yim - thanks for the webs :) will decide and choose thoroughly.

  57. yim - haha. hopefully i'm not one of them.

  58. and btw, i always like to convert my liability to asset.

    ... if you got my drift :)

  59. i understand, go slow. kumpol, jgn tak kumpol tuh, big investment if you ask me. harap2 jgn hangat2 tahi ayam k hehe

  60. mindset kena betul dan kena disiplin hehe :D


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