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Friday, January 22, 2010

Are you really, a needy?


Hey, people.

What do you think about those who called themselves beggar? Are they a true beggar, I mean a needy? Or they just plain lazy. Do not want to work, but earn with people’s money.

Dignity? Nada.

People’s perspective? Do not care.

Job? No education as an excuse as everybody has Diploma and Degree.

For me, they are lazy. Since, they are complete.

Why I write about this? Just now, someone, a stranger came into my office. No one around, so I had to attend him (Damn, did he knows 1-2pm is lunch break?).

Encik, boleh bagi saya RM5. Saya ada masalah kewangan” he said.

Pergi tingkat lain, ok?” I replied.

Tolong lah encik…” more craps from him.

Saya tiada duit, sorry” a weird smile, I gave him. Crooked one.

So, guys… what do you think?


  1. it's hard to say
    everybody has their own circumstances

    but i do agree with the lazy part

    tbh, i've been trying to find a part time job myself
    and.. it's not as easy as it seems haha
    so.. i guess beggar too have jobs that they wanted? i mean, being picky in what kind of job to apply for

    so generally.. if beggar that looks absolutely healthy; ie can work; it might be they're lazy, emotionally distress maybe? or.. the most important bit is.. they are beggar!
    would you give them a job while they don't even have a place to stay in, no right clothes (let say clean clothes) to be wear during interviews and such

    i don't blame beggars to be lazy
    it's more of us, looking down on them, instead of helping out?

    it's humanity sort of thing
    someone begs you for money, you'll give in out of pity but they'll beg again another time
    and it then annoys you as you work hard to get the money

    ...i'm not sure what i'm trying to say here lol

  2. adila - well said dila.

    but for me, they are complete. meaning, that they can work to earn something. doesn't matter if it's just cleaning plates at stalls, cleaner at offices or anything, as long as they can earn some money. if it's not enough, then it's our responsibility to help them, if not much at least a little bit.

    what i see here, they prefer easy money rather than hard work. seriously, if i see a handicap people, i won't think twice to give them some money. but not to those who can walk straight and yet ask for mercy.

    should i give them mercy? how i wish i can give them a talk about human and how to use our body for living. i don't mean prostitution of course :P

    actually, many people realize about this situation.

    if you say they don't have house to live etc. what about trishaw men? do you know, most of them are homeless? :)

    just my 2 cents.

  3. i just give them d money if i have it.coz ntah la..malas nak pikir.biar la niat dieorg sumtimes kalau i rase deyal lazy nth2 dieorg btol2 needy tp i tau rmai yg suke amik kesempatan ats sikap prihatin rkyt malaysia nih eheheheh

    4me i let myself clear bout my niat.niat dieorg tu hal dieorg i malas pikir heheh pemalas sungguh i nih hee

  4. dashing - apa yang saya fikir ialah, jika kita mengggalakkan lagi aktiviti mengemis ini, ia bukan sahaja buat kita rasa annoying malah ia juga akan memaparkan imej buruk kepada pelancong asing.

    ada kawan saya dari luar negara, terkejut melihat ramainya pengemis di Malaysia memandangkan negara kita merupakan negara dunia ketiga :)

  5. hahahha..kalo pegi indon lagi rase cm rimas gile.but gud point.kite xmau jadi indon pulak kan hee

  6. dashing - harap-harap tak ramai di Bali :)

  7. Hmmm..yeah..kalau yg betul2 tak upaya bolehlah dibantu tapi kalau tgok yang lelaki dengan badan yang sihat dan cergas baik tak yah bagi jer..Tapi kalau nak bagi jugak niat dengan ikhlas dapat pahala..eheh..
    Kalau dia menipu tu dia dengan tuhan lah kan..hmmm

  8. ad - eh ad, tak tidur lagi ke? :)

    hmm, betul tu ad, tapi bagaimana hendak banteras? di Malaysia, jika seorang mula, akan bertambah kaum yang seangkatan untuk mendapat pendapatan mudah.

    siapa tak mahu, kalau setakat buat muka sedih dan minta duit?

    bagaimana pula dengan niat, tidak memberi wang demi menaikkan martabat bangsa dan agama? supaya mereka lebih rajin berusaha dan mempunyai daya saing.

  9. hey! thanks for reading my blog! welcome!

  10. puppy love - no problem mate :) thanks for visiting too.

  11. i hate beggars yg cukup sifat tp jadi peminta sedekah. pegi la keje

    rasa nk tampar je bile dtg kacau makan haih!

  12. art - yes, that is another thing i hate about. beg for money when we are eating! how annoying right?

  13. yes, i used to giv money to beggars when I was younger. But as I grew older, reality kicks in and I learned that it is stupid to giv money to beggars coz most of them are fake. This goes the same for associations asking for donation by the roadside. They ask u to donate but they want a fix amount of e.g RM25. If they ask for any amount I will consider. But still I hate lazy beggars who are capable to work.

  14. sedekah dan doa. semoga duit kite dpt pada yg hak.

  15. i believe you guys give out the collected zakat at some point, maybe it was wrong timing.

    i think beggars are those who have lost hope, completely.

  16. chris - i feel you. that is exactly what i feel. how could you step on your own dignity for the sake of easy money. some of them even funny, i gave money to a guy near fort cornwallis, as he claimed that he had no money to eat. so, my friends and i gave him some cash which could make him smile. we were happy. the happiness didn't last long. we saw him bought a bottle of beer! first, he is a Muslim. second, used our money for beer???

    i felt like beating him, but i learned a new thing anyway.

    another case was a foreigner who always come to my house. ask for money and show us a letter. end up he came to our house everyday!

    you can find them, a lot, at gurney hawker stalls and also near jetty.

    do you think this is what tourist wanna see? :(

  17. meo - kena fikir jalan yang boleh buatkan peminta sedekah ini semua fikir. kalau tak panjang pun, sejenak.

    patutlah Malaysia kena import pekerja asing, salah satu sebab, orang tempatan lebih gemar minta sedekah dari bekerja. pelik betul.

  18. zewt - few month ago, a guy came to my office. brought a letter along with him. asked for money, of course.

    you know what?

    the letter is fake, when my staff called his wife who works at jabatan kebajikan. the number on the card never exist too.

    when he asked the guy again, he ran away.

    yes, we pay zakat, but it should be given too a real needy only. not to those fake beggar.

    do you some of them can even threatening you?

  19. Sometimes I feel like I wanna "cekik" them. :p

  20. tekkaus - haha let me help you!


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