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Monday, January 25, 2010

Nothing much to do today…

Oh ok. I woke up around 11am. Man! I know, every Saturday and Sunday I feel so lazy. Working like crazy 5 days a week give me great impact, I suppose.

Then, I got sms from mom, reminded me about meeting with Ah Seng (quite confusing as he addressed himself as Leong but no one knows any Leong there but Ah Seng!). Shit! When thinking about this, I become stressful. Money again, of course. Yesterday, paid for house car park RM750. 10% and 5% from the whole amount RM5k.

So, I met him around 1pm. My car was jacked higher than me, to show me all the leaking :( Here and there. Including timing belt and absorbers. Jeez!

He told me the cost should be around RM1k+ roughly. I just nod. He also said, the repair needs about 3-4 days. I nodded again.

Then, I went to town for lunch with Keith. Ok, I know you readers, love to see food pictures. Don’t you?

240120104533 Starter: Papedom with curry.

240120104534 Apple juice for me and Air Asam for Keith.

240120104535Deep fried squid.

240120104536 Steamed egg.

240120104537Mantis prawn.

240120104538 Stingray curry.

Overall, the foods were so, so. We both agreed.

Then, went home and nothing much to do. Just watched TV until 9pm and read book for a while.

Around 12, I was hungry again. What to cook, fast and simple? I bought Cintan Mee Goreng Indonesia (my favorite :P) last week. So, I boiled the water and put the noodle inside. Put the noodle only in my plate with the flavors. Drank my chocolate milk. Burp~

Now, I’m here writing something for you to read.

Off to bed! Nitey nite honey.


  1. Hahaha :D Eat not enough is it? Then in the end have to makan instant noodle. :p

  2. bika guna kete ne mcm tu ls faisal..kdg2 itu la rosak inilah rosak..duit23...hahaha

  3. tekkaus - haha the food was for lunch. i'm sorry for my tummy.

  4. wahidah - sedih kan? tapi kereta ni dah berkhidmat selama 10 tahun.

  5. buat akue jadi lapar tgk ne ...huuu

    salam lah yer 1st lalu sini

  6. steamed egg? i never heard about it..sedap ke?

  7. e - hehe saja je post pasal makanan. rasa-rasa ramai yang suka pasal makanan ni :)

    selamat datang.

  8. kniedaz - not my favorite hehe!

  9. I like to wake up late on Sundays too, but sometimes I wake up very early and go and drive on the empty roads just for fun! Haha!

  10. Car repair? Very costly!

  11. Food so so only? So the cintan mee goreng tastes better eh? : )

  12. Your Sunday sure looks very "lepaking" Haha

  13. foong - haha! that's crazy. i never try driving on the empty road before. i'd stop by at Kayu Nasi Kandar for poori! yummy!

    yeah, very. but what to do? :(

    hehe foong, you should try cintan mee goreng indonesia. it's so good!

    yes, but i spent most of the time in the house :P

  14. Penang Nyonya food? Looks so yummy, I'm hungry now, LOL!!!

    We have a place here called Gulai Penang which serves similar food. Must go there soon.

  15. haha...meggi + student... memang tak dapat dipisahkan...;)

  16. kanesh9:56 PM

    the cost waspricey?

  17. the prawn n curry.. sgt tempting nak mkn jugak!! urghh!!

  18. terra - eh you got gulai penang there? i doubt it taste the same :)

  19. najiah - haha, ni student tua!

  20. kanesh - which one? car repair or food?

  21. adila - hehe makan ek kari pari?

  22. kanesh8:30 PM

    thefood :)


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